A Look At Entrepreneur Isabel Dos Santos’s Mission To Improve Educational And Employment Opportunities For Young People

Aspiring entrepreneurs often research a successful business leader and attempt to emulate them. One of African top entrepreneurs, Isabel dos Santos, is someone that many aspiring entrepreneurs admire.

Setting The Foundation

As a child, Isabel dos Santos studied abroad in The United Kingdom. Dos Santos says that she was interested in science and technology. Dos Santos chose to study electrical engineering at King’s College. Studying electrical engineering helped Dos Santos develop her expertise skills, which would benefit her once she became an entrepreneur.

The Power Of Education

Isabel dos Santos believes that every person deserves to receive a high quality education. Many of her philanthropic endeavors are based around education. Dos Santos has established partnerships with different organizations to help create scholarship opportunities for students who need financial assistance. Dos Santos also strives to use education to help create new employment opportunities. Dos Santos says that a lack of employment opportunities and access to a quality education are things that African citizens have to deal with throughout the continent. Dos Santos is excited about the creation of The “Seeds for The Future” Program through her partnerships with Huawei. The program helps prepare students to compete in a competitive global job market.

Managing Poverty

Isabel dos Santos believes that poverty is a major reason why many children in Africa are unable to receive a great education. That’s why Dos Santos has launched several initiatives to help young children in Africa receive basic care and support. Improving the living conditions of young children as they start their formal education should help them become a successful person as they pursue higher education later on in their lives.

Being A Role Model

Isabel dos Santos understands the significance of her being a women in a position of power. Positions of power have historically been difficult for women to achieve. Dos Santos has made an impact in multiple fields, including finance, technology, energy, and telecommunications. Dos Santos says that there should be more female leaders. Dos Santos has helped several qualified women receive prominent positions in her own company.



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