JD.com Launch Research Lab

JD.com has entered a partnership with Intel to launch a new research lab that utilizes the Internet of Things (IoT) to offer solutions in smart retail. This joint lab which is digitized will use media and advertising solutions, vending machines and technologies that will be used in the future stores. This lab will expand and grow the existing relationship between JD.com and Intel. JD.com is a large retailer in China, and it has a large customer base in the country. Scientists have been able to so far incorporate some of the technology at Intel with that of JD.com so that they can analyze the customer traffic as well as the purchasing habit of the individuals. JD.com wants to create a personalized experience for its customers through smart retail solutions. With this cooperation with Intel, customers will be able to get the best class shopping experience and personalized shopping wherever they shop from.

Intel was very happy with taking its partnership with JD.com to the next level. In a statement issued by the Vice President at Intel, they are aware that JD.com is an essential partner if they want to develop their technology when it comes to smart retail. JD.com has always had a vision of making retail into service, and this partnership gives them the opportunity to do so. This new lab will also allow JD.com to share with other industries and retailers in their world their cutting edge technology. This way they can revolutionize the world of commerce. Other efforts that JD.com and Intel are involved with are efficient checkout solutions, smart price tags, smart shelving and brick, and mortar stores.

The main goal is that all customers have access to quality products and that they can buy what they want and whenever they want. JD.com will do this by also helping small, and big retailers modernize their stores. These two companies will revolutionize the world of shopping by using the capabilities that both companies have in data analysis. This will pave the way to a new sophisticated ecosystem in retail and allow the commercialization of products and introduce them to the global market.

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