Capitol Anesthesiologists Associates Make Surgery Bearable for Kids

When Mark Stratton, 12, started having mild abdominal pains after meals, his mother, Julie, wanted to give it a while to see if it would resolve on its own. Julie was worried that another trip to the doctor’s office could mean huge medical bills that she couldn’t pay. But after the pain persisted for two weeks, it was clear they needed to see a doctor.

They were directed to Dell Children’s Medical Center. After waiting for what seemed like an eternity, the doctor emerged with the news no parent wants to hear – Mark had a rare form of pancreatic cancer called islet cell carcinoma. “At first I was devastated”, she said. “But the doctor quickly reassured us that this was a highly treatable form of cancer”. But Mark would need to undergo a major operation, referred to as the Whipple procedure. “The thing I worried most about was the pain. They had to open him up, god I didn’t want to think about that”, she says, holding back tears.

Luckily, Julie was connected with a team of anesthesiologists from the Capitol Anesthesiologist Association. They assured her that with a professional team carefully administering the agent Propofol, that Mark would be unaware of anything during the operation.

The operation was a huge success.

“I was really scared”, said Mark. But when asked if he was in a lot of pain, he said, “yeah, but mostly when I got home and didn’t take my pain meds”.

Today Mark is cancer free and both he and Julie are grateful for the expert services of the Capitol Anesthesiology Association.

Amazing Tricks Anyone Can Try To Improve Photography Using A Smartphone

Everyone wants to produce clear and high quality photos when using a smartphone to capture events, but this desire is sometimes not fulfilled due to lack of skills or the right device settings. Photographers from across the world like Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa have come up with tricks and suggestions that have helped to make it easier for one to shoot clear and amazing photos while using a smartphone.

Some of the basic things every photographer should understand include photographic depth, how to adjust lighting and timing to create an impressive scene. Using these tricks of Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa in the right manner will help you to shoot photos that are amazing.

Understand options of the camera app
Every phone that comes with a camera offers settings and features that the photographer can take advantage of to improve photography. Some of these include the ability to adjust the aperture and shutter speed as well as motion blur to create emphasis. Some applications may prove complex while others are simple to use, so it is advisable to take your time to understand how each works before you can proceed to take your photos.

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Embrace the use of filters
Filters eliminate defects and help you to apply some effects that enhance the look of your photos. However, this does not mean you should use filters on all types of photos. The scene and other factors like lighting should influence your decision to apply filters in a certain manner. While polishing your photos, take time to try out different filters so you can compare what produces a perfect image.

Learn editing
Editing is an important aspect of photography and there are many applications that one can use to enhance the appearance of photos even when using a smartphone. If you are new to the skill, you can search online for short editing courses that may not cost you a lot to learn the important skill. For mobile users, there are applications like VSCI and Snapseed that are easy to use and ideal for editing.

About Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa
Born and raised in Venezuela, Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa has been involved in the development of the business world within the country and beyond. He also derives passion in photography and has been guiding starters on the vital skills they can apply to improve their skills at the art. Additionally, Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa heads several companies and is a respected member of the business community of Panama.

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Brad Reifler Advises Young People On The Principles Of Finance

Brad Reifler is a serial entrepreneur and hedge fund manager. Brad is the current CEO of Forefront Capital Management. He began his career in 1982 when he founded his firm Reifler Trading Corporation, a company that that engaged in the execution of global derivatives. Brad also founded Pali Capital where he served as the chairman and CEO between 1995 and 2008.

Under his leadership at Pali Capital, Brad guided the firm to over $200 million annual profits. The company had more than 200 employees and expanded across the boundaries to Australia and the U.K.

Brad Reifler advice young people on the critical lessons in finance. Here are a few points you need to learn from the serial entrepreneur with excellent track record in hedge fund management:

It is Important to budget

Just as the established businesses prepare budgets, project revenue returns, and plan expenditures, individuals need to plan for their income, expenses, and savings. You would spend your money better if you considered yourself as a business enterprise.

You are paid less than what you make

Most employees take a little time to analyze their pay stub. The pay stub will give you detailed information on what you earn and the net cash you take home. Deduction ranging from the federal government income tax, social security contributions, local taxes, health insurance deductions, etc. will drastically reduce your net earnings.

The effect of Compound Interest

As a young person, if you begin saving a little cash every month, your savings can be quite substantial by the time you retire. That is due to the compound interest earned annually on what you save plus the interest earned the previous year.

You Need a Good Credit

Student loans can be acquired from non-existent or weak credit history. You, however, need a good credit record to qualify for mortgages or other asset financing services. You, therefore, need to build a good credit history by paying your bills promptly and taking out starter loans.

How to Pay For College

If you are paying your own fees, you might need to avoid the top class private universities and opt for affordable public colleges.

Igor Cornelsen has the Best Investing Tips for New Investors


Igor Cornelsen has some tips that are going to get a lot of attention when it comes to investing. The new investor that may be looking for a chance to totally improve upon their investment habits may need to consider the benefits of the advice that Igor Cornelsen has provided. All of his years in the investment world has made him someone that could successfully tell others about the benefits of investing early.


Cornelsen knows that compound interest can be a very exciting thing if you put for the time to invest. It is one of the most promising things that people can do when they are young. It doesn’t matter if they are only putting aside small amounts. Compound interest can build in great ways. The main thing that you have to do is start early enough to see the advantages of this.


Igor Cornelsen has made it possible for people to see that there are some real benefits to saving money at an early age. The average person that gets their first job out of college are not thinking about the advantages of saving this early. They may want to get the car of their dreams. They may be interested in shopping until they drop. These young professionals are essentially tied into the concept of getting what they want because they feel as if they have worked hard. They feel like they deserved it. The end result is that there are looking for a way to fulfill their dreams through money. Igor Cornelsen has not said that young people will have to save every dime that they make, but they should start saving something. That makes it easier to save without ever thinking about it when they get older.


The best thing that investors can do is start early. The second best thing that they can do is diversify their portfolio. It is going to be easier to profit if you have taken the time to actually build a portfolio with an array of stocks. International investing, according to Cornelsen’s entries on WordPress, is a great way to diversify portfolios.  If you want to see how Igor Cornelsen has the experience to help you grow, visit his Yolasite.  Or follow the man for yourself on Facebook here:

5 Tips for Effective Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management has proven to be a large part of success in today’s business world. Organizations, as well as individuals, have learned the importance of maintaining a positive online reputation. An article posted by AllBusiness lists five important tips that can effectively maintain an online reputation.

A important general concept for online Reputation Defender review and management is to be fully aware of what is happening with your brand name. To maintain a positive reputation online, an organization must be fully aware of all information regarding the brand. This can avoid confusion in correspondence, as well as prove that all administrators are knowledgeable about their products or services. Social media accounts should also be updated constantly. At a glance in the social media world, this can prove that the organization is concerned about updating customers and other viewers with current information regarding the company. Companies that maintain an active presence across social media platforms are often more likely to receive positive feedback responses. In issues of public relations, it is important to handle negative publicity with extreme caution. As stated in the article, it is important to not respond immediately to bad press. It is important to know all of the facts in the situation, so delaying a response to accusations allows time to figure an appropriate response. This is a much better strategy than derailing or shifting blame to another part of the situation, and can ultimately create a more respectable reputation for the company at hand. Another main step in maintaining an online reputation in terms of public relations is admitting to a problem, and then committing to the resolve of the issue. Another crucial part of online reputation management is for companies to maintain interactions. Many companies use customer support practices over social media platforms to build relationships with current and potential customers. These management tips can be used to serve as guidelines to enhance a social media presence, as well as overall maintain a positive online reputation.


Brad Reifler: The Principles of Wealth Generation

You can have someone transformed by sharing the lessons below to make them learn. While sharing the message, you can discover the important principles of life and success.

Budget Importance

While companies generate budgets to plan their expenses and protect their future revenues, People need to figure out how much money they can earn and spend. Before you spend money, you must first get the money. As a matter of fact, you must regard yourself as a businessman to manage your money better. You must first understand the importance of balancing expenses and income with your prospects to help you avoid running into debts.

You Earn More Than You are Paid

Brad Reifler insists that most people never bother how much they get and spend. For this reason, they end up running into a financial crisis. Finical independence is a vital point in one’s life. You pay stubs only inform you how much you get paid including the deductions rather than being a senseless paper. For all, you must realize how much money you pay the social security contributions and the federal government as income tax. Other deductions such as health insurance and local taxes are part of your deductions. For this reason, you get paid less than you earn.

The Impact of Compound Interest

While you keep saving money as you grow, you will have more when you retire. This is real wealth saving. For the young, saving becomes very beneficial. While your saved money keeps adding interest, your real balance becomes the principle. For years, the effect of compound interest can be devastating. The pain of preparing for a substantial retirement is reduced.

Good Credit

For your non-existent credit history, you can get the good student loan. However, you can’t get a low-interest loan without proper credit. You must have a clear goal of how much you need to expand at the highest rate possible. Pay your rent in time so that you build good credit.

Brad Reifler is a serial entrepreneur based in America. He is the CEO and founder of Forefront Capital Management. He is the former president of Pali Capital Management Company.

What makes Eric Pulier a great Entrepreneur and a Philanthropist?

Eric Pulier is an American based entrepreneur, philanthropist, and author. He lives in Los Angeles California. Eric Pulier was born and raised in Teaneck, New Jersey. At the tender age, Eric had a passion for computers. At fourth grade, he had learned to code and to create software by himself. While he joined high school, Eric started a database company. The company focused on providing solutions to data storage and management.


After high school, Eric decided to do away with computer programming. He joined Harvard University in the year 1984. At Harvard, Eric majored in English and Literature. While he was still a student, Eric was a both a writer and the editor of the Harvard Crimson magazine. He also attended classes at MIT and graduated with first class honors.


In the year 1991, Eric moved from New Jersey to Los Angeles and founded PDT (People Doing Things). PDT focused on finding solutions to problems facing education, healthcare, and other social issues. The organization performed very well, in fact; it motivated him to start another company. In the year 1994, Eric founded an interactive agency known as Digital Evolution. Digital Evolution joined forces with US Interactive LL C in the year 1998.

Government projects

Eric also worked on government projects. In the year 1997, he was chosen by the President Inaugural Committee, to help in creating Presidential Technology Exhibition held in Washington D.C. Following the success of the project, Eric was appointed by the Office of the Vice-president to head Healthcare forum. The conference aimed at providing healthcare solutions through the use of technology. The project is one of the most successful that Eric has carried out throughout his career.


Apart from having founded over 15 successful companies, Eric has also invested his time and money in charity. He serves as a board member of X-prize foundation. X-prize is a non-profit organization that focuses on providing a platform where people compete in finding solutions to problems facing humanity. Eric is also a significant contributor to the Painted Turtle. Painted Turtle is an organization that deals with helping kids suffering from chronic diseases.

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EOS: The Lip Balm That Shook Up The Oral Care Industry

This month wrote an article called ‘The Untold Story Of How Lip Balm Upstart EOS Outdid Chapstick’ explaining how the founders Sanjiv Mehra, Jonathan Teller, and Craig Dubitsky (Dubitsky left EOS lip balm before its launch) revolutionized how people perceive lip balm by reinventing it from the ground up.

The article starts by talking about how companies before EOS were primarily competing on cutting costs and not on design. The founders of EOS wanted to create a design that would stand the test of time but wouldn’t be a fad or gimmick. The final product was something that engaged all five senses, unique spherical packaging that makes a nice clicking sound when you close it, a pleasant smell and taste, coming in many different colors – some even limited edition, priced at $3, and made with organic ingredients, EOS lip balm was ready to compete with other brands in the beauty isle.

The article goes on to talk about how the company invested in their own manufacturing equipment to keep up with demands of their growing business. They created a buzz about their product by targeting millennials through social media including Linked In, contacting beauty bloggers to review EOS, and promoting their product by working with celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Britney Spears, and Taylor Swift. “We became the largest advertiser in our category.” Teller says. Now according to, EOS is selling over a million lip balms a week which is more than they made in their entire first year.

If your interested in reading the original article by you can find it here.


21st Century Mortgage Support

Are you trying to purchase a home? Do you live in the Southern Dallas Area of Texas? If so, people in this area will receive mortgage benefits for over a span of five years and it’s known as The Affordable Housing Loan Program. This program is unique (in-a-sense) since most banks in the country aren’t really providing affordable mortgage coverage. The Affordable Housing Loan Program is innovative in nature, but logical in reality. Certain people within specific Dallas zip codes will now be able to find and receive coverage thanks to one of the regions premier banking institutions.

NexBank is a successful powerhouse in mortgage, investment, and commercial banking. As of 2016, the prominent banks had an estimated $3.5 Billion in assets in which $50 Million of that will be going toward loan support. Over the next five years this program should have enough financial backing to achieve the end goal of 100 mortgages per month. NexBank is also funding an extra $2,000 for closing costs. Name another bank who would do all of this without wanting some type of recognition or publicity. The bank’s financial backing will directly address the main problem which is mortgage support.

Habitat For Humanity and Dallas Neighborhood Homes will are adding their specialties to the mix as well. They are the glue that holds the entire operation afloat and together. Being such wonderful home builders and mortgage providers; these two non-profit organizations will assist NexBank throughout the entire five year process. Families residing in specific Southern Dallas zip codes will now finally get a chance to own something of their own and owning a home is one of life’s greatest treasures. Hopefully this will become a model for the rest of the country and possibly help those other deserving areas who face the same issue.

New York’s Shared Office Spaces Are Making Business Better

If you run your own business or work remotely as a customer service representative or IT support specialist, you might enjoy working from home or you might be looking for a bit of a change. If working from home in New York is starting to feel a little dull or lacking of interest, you might want to look for Manhattan offices for rent at a coworking space. Maybe the idea doesn’t sound appealing right away to spend money renting office spaces, but actually this is a very good investment when it comes to coworking spaces because these offices don’t come with leases or contracts that regular offices come with.


Coworking spaces in New York are starting to become very popular because they give workers certain benefits that traditional offices and working from home can’t give them. At these facilities ideas are allowed to be floated around freely and freelancers, independent contractors, or remote workers can hire, be hired, or meet new clients every day. They also have high quality WiFi and internet connections, as well as private office phones, fax, scanners, and printing and copying machines. Some also have lounges and billiards for play time, and some might even have gyms, spas or coffee shops for those needing to get their fix.


If you live in New York and are looking for some Manhattan offices for rent and start your business networking endeavors, Workville has what you’re looking for. This shared office space is right in the thick of Manhattan and if you’re coming from Times Square, Bryant Park, or the financial district, Workville is right around the corner from you. You can get furnished and equipped Manhattan offices for rent here, or you can use lounge and café spaces for a cheaper price. Workville gives its clients their own mail service, coffee maker access, balconies, and 24/7 building access for nights when you have to get a project done before a big deadline.