Rona Borre and Her Impact on Business

Rona Borre is a Chicago, IL owner of one of the fastest growing staffing businesses in the country called Instant Alliance. After graduating from the University of Arizona, Borre went right to work for a large, global staffing firm where she set all kinds of records in sales to heights the company had never seen.

Then she decided to start her own staffing company from the spare bedroom of her Chicago condominium. Soon she had an office in downtown Chicago where she now dominates the staffing scene, placing mostly technological and financial professionals. Catering mostly to Fortune 500 companies, but sprinkling in mid-sized and smaller companies.  Useful link on

Rona Borre has seen from the beginning that many of the larger staffing and hiring firms miss a major piece of the pie. It is all about the relationship that is formed between the client company and the recruiter, claims Borre. She and her professional staff cement that relationship very tightly and getting to know the leaders of the client is imperative. They want to know what kind of recruit will fit the culture and objectives of the client. Then they break down all the doors to find that person.  Click on and watch Borre’s talk.

It must work. Borre’s Instant alliance shows a turnover rate of only 1% since the beginning of Instant Alliance.

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The Big Business of Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is an entrepreneur with his hand in many different ventures including Tempus (co-founder and CEO)and Groupon (co-founder)to name a couple. His education after graduating Southfield-Lathrup High School (Michigan) included graduating with honors from the University of Michigan, as well as attending the University of Michigan Law school receiving his Juris Doctor degree in 1993. Click Here for more.

Tempus was co-founded by Lefkofsky in 2016. This is a technology company that lets doctors give personalized cancer care to patients. They use genomic testing to find a patients’ specific condition to help with therapies and treatments for cancer. Tempus has collaborated with the University of Chicago, the university of Michigan and University Seidman Cancer Center in different cancer programs to help assist patients with their cancer treatments.

Eric Lefkofsky along with his wife, Elizabeth, are involved in giving back to their community. They founded The Lefkofsky Foundation in 2006, which is a charitable foundation that focuses primarily on children. Lefkofsky is involved with Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, The Art Institute of Chicago, and The Museum of Science and Industry where he is on the board of directors at all three places. He is also a part of a Chicago-based performing arts institution, The Steppenwolf Theatre Company, where he is a Trustee. Eric is also a board member of World Business Chicago, serving as co-chairman of its Technology Council. Along with these endeavors, he is also an adjuct professor at the University of Chicago.Visit 

Another idea from Lefkofsky is one called “accelerated disruption”. This is a concept for startup businesses to keep them from failing by recognizing how technology can cause challenges and how to overcome them. Some of the concepts it addresses for startup businesses include: picking the right industries to introduce new products and how to promote an idea in industry and resistance from investors as well as others.

Eric Lefkofsky has helped serve massive amounts of people with his companies and philanthropy work. He helps enhance the quality of life for others through education and improvement of human rights and medical research.

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Rona Borre, Woman in Business

The Rona Borre story is based in reality although it might seem like a fairy tale. Borre graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in marketing and then went right to work with a global staffing company where set established all of the company’s sales records period.

She left that company controlling a $30 million book of business to start a staffing company on her own terms, and in 2001 she established Instant Alliance in a spare bedroom of her condo in Chicago. It was not long until her new company was the talk of the street, as she continued to place financial and technological hires with Fortune 500 companies as well as smaller companies on the rise.  Continue reading on

It is a company who is making the break to deeper waters who need the finance and tech professionals, and there is a great demand. Rona Borre and her well-trained account executives get to know the hiring company intimately and then proceed to break all records finding just the right candidate. Borre has the interview ratio of interviews to hire down to 3:1 now and getting better.  For more Tips from her, click on

Bigger companies miss the mark when they fail to make the key relationships required to seal the deal. Borre never misses that one detail, or she moves on.

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An Inspiration To All Bussiness Women

Susan McGalla understands what it means to build a career from the ground up. She credits her upbringing for her success in business. Her father was a football coach who did not expect Susan to take any shortcuts because she was a female. Her two older brothers also challenged her to apply herself to every task she decided to get involved in.

Susan went on to work on the board of American Eagle Outfitters Inc. She was the only woman there at that time. Susan holds this experience in high regard. She believes that working at American Eagle gave her the insight to maneuver in a world that is unfamiliar to the most women. She held several positions while at the organization. She eventually advanced through the ranks and became the President of Merchandising.  For related article,  See

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Susan has since founded P3 Executive Consulting LLC. The company is a firm that advises its clients on marketing, talent management and branding. Susan McGalla is an in-demand speaker who gives thorough lectures on how women can obtain tremendous success in the business world. She has spoken at the Women and Girls Foundation of Pittsburgh, as well as Carnegie Mellon University Speaker Series for CEOs. Many are inspired by her story and seek Susan’s guidance and leadership in a very competitive industry.  Check this on

Susan McGalla never behaved like a person who was owed something because she’s a female in a male dominated industry. She committed herself the way any person should who wants to attain success whether they were a man or woman.


US Money Reserve Redesign Online Experience With Clients in Mind

Gold has long held its place among culture and society as the single most valuable tool for trade and asserting value. From the days of Mayan culture and fabled cities of gold to the copious amounts of the precious metal flowing through Europe during the 1940’s gold has held a special place among citizens and governments alike for increasing wealth and being a sound investment for future return. Gold, is in fact, the standard in which all other currencies are measured, the gold standard being more than simply just an old phrase is a true measurement used to divine the real value of all monetary substitutes.

It should come without surprise that dealing and buying gold has remained just as popular as it did when explorers set out looking to return home with ships of the precious metal. Though the days of new worlds and expeditions is long over, the pursuit and value of gold still remains. Luckily those wishing to invest in the precious metal no longer need to endure the hardships of long travels and dangerous locales to secure their fortune as the world’s largest private distributor of the precious metal has made the process as simple as ordering a pizza online.

The leader in private gold distribution, US Money Reserve Inc. recently overhauled their online presence to facilitate easier and more informed purchasing of coins and bullion manufactured with the precious metal.

The New Site

US Money Reserve Inc.’s redesign includes a completely new look for the web portal featuring new galleries for both the precious metals they deal in as well as more in-depth look at the faces behind the movement to help enrich thousands across the nation. In addition to the new look, US Money Reserve Inc. has revisited key applications within their site to better facilitate informed purchases made by their valued clients. From a live competitive pricing tool to troves of information to help potential clients not only feel secure in their purchase but able to make an investment that best suits their needs, the site goes above and beyond that of US Money Reserve Inc.’s competition to provide clients with the best experience while still holding true to the original values of US Money Reserve Inc.

Newly implemented on the website is the company’s “Client-Connect Advantage” which acts to connect clients with experts for private one on one consultations as they move forward with their investment.

To learn more about US Money Reserve Inc. and the future potential of investing in gold visit their site.

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Susan McGalla Broke Down Walls in Corporate America Unintentionally

Susan McGalla is someone that I look up to. She started her own business to provide marketing advice. She has been an effective CEO. She is a courageous mother. She is a business women that knows the ins and outs of the marketing world, and I do not know if anyone else has worked as hard to break down walls for women in the corporate world.  Check also

Ironically, I do not think that Susan McGalla set out to break down these walls. She was simply working her way up the corporate ladder. She has a degree in marketing, and she appears to have always liked the job that she was doing. This is what has made her such a power house in the industry. Susan McGalla had a passion for what she was doing, and this carried her to the top. I don’t think that she had her mind on breaking down the walls in the corporate world for the leadership in the clothing industry. This was not what she set out to do.

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I go believe that there is a level of commitment that was made to do her job well. I believe that this was the only mission that Susan McGalla had. She knew that she had to work harder than her male counterparts, and that is what she did. This is what people need to take a look at. She made a name for herself as a successful CEO, and this caused women to gravitate towards her.  Know her better, Click here.



Bernardo Chua’s Success With Organo Gold

Bernardo Chua has made a name for himself in the direct sales industry. Over the years, he has channeled his energies on tea, coffee and other products that use a unique ingredient, ganoderma. Previously, Chua worked for Gano Excel.

After his success with Gano Excel Philippines, he was promoted to manage Gano Excel USA. Presently, he runs his own company, Organo Gold. The shrewd businessman has succeeded in introducing the populace of North America to the benefits of ganoderma.

His friends refer him as Bernie. He spent his formative years in Philippines. Owing to his Chinese heritage, Chua was able to understand the merits of ganoderma at an early age. The polypore mushrooms grows on logs wood. Notably, Bernie was the first person to successfully market ganoderma in tea and coffee to the world.

To succeed in the competitive market, Bernardo opted to use the direct selling business model. Using this strategy, Bernardo Chua has been able to network and sell the products to many people. This success saw him become an expert of the direct selling strategy.

In 2008, the marketing expert incorporated Organo Gold in Vancouver, Canada. The start-up company had only three employees. Today, the multi-million empire has active operations in over 35 countries. It has recruited many workers and independent distributors.

Recently, the company released a new application that will provide the public with information about the company, news and events. In addition, Bernardo provided independent distributors and retail customers with good news.

According to The Street, Bernardo Chua announced that a new rewards program known as Preferred Customers Loyalty would be rolled out. According to Chua, this program will serve as a strategic business tool for expanding his business and diversifying his investments.

Owing to his business success, different companies have rewarded him. Bernardo Chua is a recipient of the Dangal ng Bayan Awards. He has also been recognized as an outstanding global entrepreneur.

In addition, the company has been awarded with Two People’s Choice Awards for having the best gourmet organic health coffee. Moreover, Organo Gold was recognized for being the number one global network marketing company. Chua mentors young people with the objective of making them better leaders of the future.

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Hussain Sajwani Is A Brilliant Entrepreneur

Hussain Sajwani is a brilliant man with an eye for opportunity and entrepreneurship. As CEO and founder of DAMAC Properties, he is leading the luxury real estate industry into a new era where anything is possible. When Sajwani first began buying up property in an undeveloped part of Dubai, people were unsure of what his plans were. After he had sold a 38 story residential building in the sector before it had even begun construction, people were amazed. To this day, DAMAC, under the guidance of Hussain Sajwani Family, has built over 17,900 homes and has a development portfolio of more than 44,000 units all at different stages in their planning and progress.

Before building DAMAC up to what it is now, Hussain Sajwani put together many other companies and made numerous successful investments. Being known for his keen skills for picking out a golden opportunity, he also started up an investment company named DICO Investments Co LLC. There he zeros in on acquisitions, mergers, and private equities, holds minority and majority holdings in many different publicly traded companies. With portfolios in local and global markets, he continues to turn a profit by tapping into his intuition.

Hussain Sajwani cares deeply about people, and his involvement in philanthropic efforts is well-known. Not only does he promote charitable organizations and humanitarian efforts, but he puts his money where his mouth is. In this way, he has donated $272,000 to the “Yemen We Care” campaign, which is an initiative that helps to offer basic healthcare, relief, and education to 10 million Yemenis. Many people and refugees can thank him for helping them to climb out of a hopeless situation.

As a family man, Hussain Sajwani lives with his loving wife, and together they have raised 4 children. He is a firm believer in family values and hopes to pass on his ethics and moral standards to his kids. As a supporter of higher education, Sajwani earned his Bachelor’s degree in economics and industrial engineering at the University of Washington, Seattle. He also has sat on numerous boards, and among them are the Majan University College in Muscat, Emirates Takaful Company in Abu Dhabi, and JUNO Online in New York.

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Cotemar Mexico – Values That Ensures Sustainability

100 percent Mexican company, Cotemar Mexico was established in 1979, and it operates in the energy sector. In the beginning, the company was offering its services in two strategic lines namely accommodation and catering as well as specialized vessels in the Campeche Bay. Cotemar Mexico acquired the first specialized vessels for diving, maintenance, and transportation of personnel. Since then, the company has exhibited continuous upward growth. Today, Cotemar Mexico is the leader in the provision of offshore services in the oil and gas sector, offering services in three strategic lines – the third one being the construction, modernization, maintenance and engineering services.

Cotemar Mexico mission, vision, and values

The activities of the company are usually guided by its mission, vision, and values. The mission of the firm is to offer its contributions to the productivity of the oil and gas sector using its efficient processes that are implemented based on the most recent industry technologies.

Cotemar Mexico’s vision is to become a sustainable firm that participates significantly in new business segments within the global oil industry. It accomplishes this by increasing its participation in the production processes with the help of a fleet of the latest vessels, alongside fresh and innovative work methods. The values directing the operations of the company include integrity (acting consistently, honestly, and in an ethical manner), reliability, humility, and innovation.

Cotemar Mexico is among the best employers in the world. The organization uses a unique talent acquisition strategy. It has a history of attracting, equipping and retaining outstanding talents through the implementation of robust training and development programs capable of empowering and motivating workers. This approach has made it possible for the company to recruit top talents through its partnership with prominent participants in the sector.

Cotemar Mexico offers its employees a challenging work environment designed to equip every member of the organization with the right tools to help them work towards the realization of the goals and objectives of the firm. The organization rewards well-performing employees, with the ones exhibiting poor performance being put through training programs to help them improve.

The operations of the firm are usually in line with the regulatory and management rules of ISO. Its procurement and supply management transactions are guided by the strict rules and standards of the Institute of Supply Management. As far as the protection of ships and all the Port facilities is concerned, the firm ensures complete compliance with the IMO (International Maritime Organization) Code. The code assists organizations to detect threats, and act accordingly in prevention.

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Helane Morrison’s Legacy in the Legal Sector

Helane Morrison is a trusted attorney who has been focused on making sure that companies comply with securities laws. She has served organizations such as the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Hall Capital Partners, which has is based in San Francisco and is dedicated to ensuring compliance in the corporate world. She studied at the Northwestern University and the University of California where she majored in journalism and law respectively. Helane was awarded a Juris Doctor in 1984. During her years at the California Law School, she was appointed editor-in-chief of the California Law Review. In 1987, she got the membership of the State Bar of California.


Morrison started her practice in 1984 by working as a court clerk before joining the private sector in 1986. Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkina law firm hired her as an attorney in 1986 and made her partner in 1991. The law company is based in San Francisco. The responsibilities that she was offered include giving legal guidance during corporate investigations, SEC-related litigations, business lawsuits, and a broad array of securities issues. She also served as an arbitrator during negotiations between stock traders and their clients.


Helane left Howard, in 1996 and joined the SEC. She is a determined and hardworking person hence she was offered lead positions at the commission. Morrison started by serving the organization as a director of enforcement programs at the San Francisco District. She led several investigations that unearthed fraudulent undertakings in companies such as Hewlett-Packard, New York’s Republic Securities, Google, Dean Witter, NextCard, Inc., and HBO.


In 1999, the SEC promoted Morrison to act as the San Francisco District’s head. She held the office until 2007 when she left for the private sector. Her office oversaw various investigations and enforcement undertakings that were happening within its jurisdiction. The chief of San Francisco heads North Nevada, Oregon, North California, Alaska, Washington, and Montana. She was supervised by the Pacific Region office, which is based in Los Angeles.


Helana Morrison has achieved a lot in her legal profession. She is currently the MD of Hall Capital Partners. Only a few women have managed to be appointed as SEC chiefs, and they include Mary Keefe, Carmen Lawrence, and Valerie Capron. Her performance at the SEC was outstanding. She ensured that the public got sufficient information on securities laws. Morrison also acted on behalf of the SEC in financial groups, legal matters, business transactions, and in government organizations.