How EOS Has Taken The Lip Bulb Industry By Storm

The Evolution of Smooth dared to enter an already oversaturated lip balm market and overtaken the industry pioneers to become the millennial generations lip bulb of choice. For centuries, buying lip bulbs meant perusing through the supermarket aisles or drug stores for cylindrical tubes of chapstick. The sticks appeared more of a drug with a full list of active ingredients in the packaging.

But seven years ago, EOS pastel-colored lip balm orbs began to flood the market. They took over the aisle space at Walgreens, to Walmart, and Target. Beauty editors from Racked, Cosmo and Allure were the first to embrace the irresistible taste and color of EOS balls, and then celebrities Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, and Christina Aguilera were spotted flashing EOS balls from their makeup bags.

According to Kline Research, EOS has singlehandedly spearheaded expansion in the oral care category. The company currently moves over 1 million units every week and the future prospects still promising. That is because the global lip-care market is projected to grow steadily to $2 billion by 2020.

Bold Dreams

EOS had a big idea that drove their bold step into the dominated lip bulb industry. It was not merely enough to develop an innovative product. To outshine global giants in lip care products like Chapstick who have been in the market for longer wasn’t going to be easy. The founders, Mehra who had spent his time in consumer product industry, joined forces with Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky to make the dream come true. Mehra was familiar with the process making it easier for the team to access the market shelves. They additionally hired an experienced sales representative to champion the marketing strategies.

Targeting Millennial Generation

Besides getting the new product on shelves, the co-founders aimed to create a buzz around the EOS lip balm products. In addition to the ordinary adverts in televisions and magazines, the company embraced influencer marketing strategies, which was a smart way to reach their demographic.

They involved beauty bloggers in doing product reviews on Ulta and talking about it on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. They coordinated with millennial celebrities to take the word out there through product endorsement and placements.

Despite the success, the company still works hard to extend the innovation to other products to ensure there is a consistent flow of new products on the shelves.

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JeanMarie Guenot’s Impact On The Community


JeanMarie Guenot is a distinguished business executive who has made an excellent career for herself. With years of experience and a deep understanding of oncology, cardiovascular and neurology, and excellent leadership skills makes her one of the best in her industry. She has also worked in research and development companies, corporate companies in both the private and public sector. Guenot has led various companies in the health sector in greatness using her brilliance leadership.



Being the current president and chief executive officer at Amphivena she has made a great impact towards the company. Amphivena Pharmaceuticals deals in the development of bifunctional antibodies that are useful in the treatment of hematologic malignancies. As the leader, she has led the company into a contract agreement with Janssen Biotech, to research undisclosed tumor antigen to patients. Moreover, the success of the company’s models to treat diseases have been attributed to her as the leader and also to having the know how necessary for the projects.



Jeanmarie Guenot has worked at various other firms at executive positions. At Hoffman-La Roche, she provided advice and counsel for the company plants at both Shangai and Basel. She led the company in negotiations for mergers and acquisitions. She also led the company towards various clinical investigations for the treatment of autoimmune diseases, an $800 million venture. She is also vastly known for her role in the licensing of Ophthotech, a drug used in the treatment of cancer.



Guenot is not new to social media. She uses the platform to enlighten her followers on the findings her company has been able to come up with. On Facebook she states that she began at Atlas Venture, where she had the role of managing capital investments for the company. She has training in chemistry and medicine. She states that her career experiences have helped shape her and his she leads her company.



Dr JeanMarie Guenot is one of the few passionate and exemplary leaders who have dedicated their career and lives at helping others and transforming the society through their work. She sets a perfect example for people who which to make a change to the world.

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Mike Baur And His Contribution To The World Of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a broad field and many people have unique ideas that point to the problems the world has been facing for decades. To succeed in business, you have to offer solutions to the problems people are facing. It is a process that requires one to come up with ideas that are able to alleviate the issues the broader market faces. The biggest challenge is in formulating this problem and looking for the right answers to the issue.


Successful entrepreneurs like Mike Baur are simplifying the process through which young entrepreneurs go through to have their businesses featured among the most successful. Mike Baur has been working with entrepreneurs from across the world to help those with ideas to design their products better. He runs the Swiss Startup Factory, which he launched in 2014 and has been offering support to professionals whose input to the process has helped to build businesses. The Swiss Startup Factory offers an incubation program that is managed through a three months session, where the entrepreneurs are allowed to understand about running a new business in the highly competitive and complex market.



Before getting into the market to experience the challenges present, entrepreneurs need coaching that exposes them to unique ways of dealing with challenges. Through this coaching, they are taught about running the business despite challenges. They are also exposed to ideas that help them while reading the progress of the industry and in the process they can come up with more plans for expansion. This coaching is handed to professionals who are highly experienced and skilled on matters startups and business. To enhance quality through the coaching process, the Swiss Startup Factory has partnered with several leading universities in the country.


Marketing/IT support

Marketing is a vital process that exposes the business to the world. On the other hand, IT ensures the business is modern and conforms with modern trends in development that allow it to proceed seamlessly. All these support services are handled by experienced professionals at the Swiss Startup Factory.


More about Mike Baur

Mike Baur is an acclaimed entrepreneur and a professional whose support and ideas have led to the development of intelligent businesses. He runs the Swiss Startup Factory, which is founded in 2014 after exiting banking. His educational profile highlights an MBA that he acquired from the University of Rochester and an Executive MBA from the University of Bern.

Equities First Holdings Experiences Rapid International Growth Establishes Offices and Furthers Reach into Europe and Asia Pacific

Since 2002, Equities First Holdings, LLC (EFH) has furnished customers with option financing solutions, providing capital against open traded stock to empower customers in meeting their professional and personal objectives. EFH gives capital against the shared open trades all over the world. The organization has finished more than 700 exchanges and conveyed over $1.4 billion USD in financing to date. The worldwide organization has its workplaces in nine countries that entail Equities First Holdings Hong Kong Limited, wholly owned subsidiaries Equities First (London) Limited, Equities First Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd and Equities First Holdings Singapore Limited.

Equities First works in creating productive option loaning solutions for organizations and high asset-worth people looking for non-purpose capital. The company offers securities based loaning services on the risk and future performance risks associated with bonds, stocks and treasuries. The organization was established in 2002 and is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana and has a satellite office in New York City. EFH quickened its development in 2013 through planned partnership with Meridian Equity Partners, which is a world investment and admonitory firm based in London and Sydney. The organization likewise opened other workplaces in Singapore, Jakarta, Hong Kong, and Bangkok. EFH’s aggregate worldwide workforce expanded by half amid 2013.

EFH likewise multiplied the size of its base camp in the Market Tower in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana amid 2013, expanding its investment management staff and operations. The top-notch team was established to offer excellent customer care operations, services, and investment management. Today, Equities First Holdings (EFH) continues to invest its operations as it experiences rapid growth. EFH is proud of longtime key partners who include the globe’s biggest custodian banks, top law firms and top tier investment banks in the local and international jurisdictions.

Through EFH’s direct procedure, customers can increase quick access to liquidity at beneath market rates by utilizing traded open market shares as guarantee. Since its initiation in 2002, EFH has finished thousands of trades for customers running from worldwide organizations to ultra and high total assets people. EFH’s creative loading process has been proven to be effective through various transactions besides being an alternative to costly margin and traditional loans.

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Adam Milstein Discusses About His Life

In an interview with ideamensch, Adam Milstein, a real estate investor, discussed about his daily operations and explained how he gets things done. He started by highlighting how he got into the real estate industry. Adam said that he received numerous job offers while clearing campus, but all were below his knowledge and life experience, and offered less pay. He decided to work independently. He started as a real estate commercial broker. Later, he became a real estate investor. He asserted that the real estate industry has plenty of vicissitudes. At times, it may take long to get results. Adam takes it upon himself to push ideas and make a daily follow-up to ensure that those ideas come to life.

To succeed as an entrepreneur, one needs to personally understand issues and be part of the solution instead of waiting for others to do it. This statement has been his guiding principal. Adam asserts that follow-up, persistence and consistency have contributed to his success. Being self-driven is another strategy that has helped Milstein to grow. He explained that setting goals always limited him. To this end, he decided to his the best. When asked about one failure that he had experienced in his career, Adam Milstein responded by saying that he once wanted to make a fortune overnight. He used to sell art to temples in Israel and decided to ride on the business’s success. He bought a huge amount of inventory. However, it took him longer to sell the art. This information was originally reported on as explained in the following link

About Adam Milstein

Apart from investing in the real estate industry, Adam Milstein is also an active philanthropist, a community leader and a managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties. Adam served in IDF during the Yom Kippur war before graduating from Technion College in 1978. Adam and his family relocated to the United States in 1981. He enrolled at the USC where he graduated with his MBA in 1983. Adam is the co-founder and national chairman of the Israeli-American Council. In addition, he sits on board of multiple organizations, including StandWithUs, Hasbara Fellowships, Campus Coalition, Jewish Funders Network and the Los Angeles Board of Birthright Israel among others. Adam also co-founded Sifriyat, an organization that supplies free monthly books written in Hebrew. It teaches about Jewish values.

Talk Fusion Is Reinventing The Wheel

Talk Fusion is the kind of company that other companies aspire to be, and that is high praise. They have done it their own way, but most importantly, they have done it by doing things the right way and knowing what the people need and how to give it to them. They know a lot of people out there are unhappy at their jobs and they are stuck in a rut. However, they are unsure how to get out of it or if they can get out of it. When it’s all said and done, there are still bills to be paid. Those do not go away.


When one becomes an adult, there are certain responsibilities they must follow and live with in their lives. However, as the old adage goes, people can have their cake and eat it too. That is what Talk Fusion is offering its customers and clients out there. Their product offers video chats, video newsletters, video emails, and video conferences. It is for people that have simply had enough and they are ready for the next part of their life to start and they want to start it now. They have worked for bosses long enough and now they are ready to become their own boss, which is one of the greatest feelings in the world.


By doing this, they feel free and they feel as though nothing can get in the way of their happiness. One simply cannot put a price tag on happiness. The great thing about Talk Fusion is the fact that Bob Reina and the entire team keep updating it and improving it. It is great, as is, but they want to make it even better. People in the industry have noticed such as the Technology Marketing Corporation, which is why they gave it two awards in 2016 with the current one being the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of The Year Award. That is something they strive to give to their customers each and every day. This award just enforces that they are doing it and they are succeeding with flying colors.

Words from John Goullet, the CEO Diversant LLC

Businesses that are owned by minorities have a reputation of not making it to the top. However, one investor that has defied all the odds and is achieving resounding success where it has been thought impossible before is John Goullet, the founder and president of Diversant LLC. This company has grown from a boutique IT services outfit into one of the most successful provider of staffing solutions for IT firms. Below are a few things you may not know about john and Diversant.

When he started out, he has a college diploma from Ursinus College. John was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He has worked very hard for everything he owns including the company. He started his career as an employee at a computer consultant. Then, he moved through the ranks to the position of Cap Gemini America between 1990 and 1994, he started his own IT services company and named it Info Technologies. The main aim or the intended aim of the company was to offer staffing solutions within the IT world.

Before starting the company, he had studied the market carefully and discovered that there were many businesses that were still struggling with getting the right talent for the various IT related positions. He founded the company on the basis that he would be recruiting staff, scrutinizing their skills and making sure that when he offers them to an employer, they are the best suited person for the job.

The company has grown a lot over a period of three years, especially between 2013 and 2016. The growth has been due to the fact that the management decided to focus their services to fortune 500 companies, which has led to the company garnering several awards. The company has been on several occasions cited as one of the fastest growing companies in the nation.

In addition to being founder and CEO, John Goullet also serves as the chairman to the board. When he is not busy at work, John Goullet likes taking part in initiatives that give back to the community. These include the Harlem Business Ideas Retention Movement, which seeks to retain business ideas hatched in Harlem within the area for the community’s benefit.

Brad Reifler Is Fighting The Money Monsters With New Investing Ideas

Brad Reifler has seen George Clooney’s feature movie of 2016, Money Monster and weighed in on the box office hit. The movie is a fictional story, but with twists and turns that very much play out in real life according to Reifler. Reifler has felt that many investment advisors and experts have taken advantage of less knowledgeable investors by not telling them the full details and precautions they must take when investing. But as CEO of Forefront Capital, a private equity and specialized fund management company, Reifler is working to change all that.

Brad Reifler gives investors warnings on how they can avoid the traps of a money monster and find better investing solutions. He first tells them to avoid putting all their investments in the stock market because it can be extremely risky, and to seek out other high interest but safer investment options. Second, he says they need to do their homework on managers to be sure they’re investing with someone with a good track record and not someone who’s just out to make a profit regardless of how the investment does. And finally he says investors need to make a goal for investing and stick to it.

Brad Reifler has been the founder and owner of three investment companies and holds a bachelor’s degree from Bowdoin College. His first company was Reifler Trading Company, founded in 1982 and sold to Refco Inc. in the year 2000. That company was originally a discretionary and global derivative investment company, but it soon became a major independent futures company. His second company was Pali Capital, a hedge fund firm that he managed but took a hands-off approach to advising and allowing managers to invest in options that met their own needs. He dissolved that company in 2008 and founded Forefront Capital the following year.

Forefront Capital has opened its doors to not just the top 1% investors, but also non-accredited investors. Brad Reifler helped bring them in after working with the SEC to lessen regulations on lower income people. At Forefront Income Trust, investors can start investing in a public fund for only $1,000. Reifler hopes to add more opportunities for these investors in the near future.

Arthur Becker; A real Estate Mogul

Arthur Becker has the ability to find profitable investment opportunities. In layman’s terms, he has the Midas touch. Even though he is known as the tech mogul, it is his involvement in real estate that has put in the rank of the best investors in New York.

Arthur recently secured a worthwhile investment at the Sullivan Street. He is now the proud owner of three elegant and strategically placed townhouses on Sullivan Street. These townhouses are adjacent to each other. At the time he took the ownership of these townhouses, they were not complete. He said that after completion he would take one townhouse for himself.

These townhouses are among the four homes that Madison Equities and the Property Markets Group developed. It seems like Arthur got the better part of the deal when he agreed to take ownership of these townhouses in exchange for his stake in the new development that the two companies are engaged in. These townhouses are strategically placed, and they are said to increase in value once they are completed.

Becker creates his fortune in the tech industry. He is currently the Chairman of the Zinio LLC a company that is involved in the distribution of the digital magazines. It is, however, his position as the CEO of the NaviSite that propelled his career. He served in this position for 8 years before leaving the company in 2010.

In addition to being the chairman of the Zinio Company, Arthur is the managing director of the Madison technologies a position he has operated in since 2001.

What you will find interesting is that he runs yet another company as the managing member bringing the total number of companies he is running to three at the moment. He is the manager of the Atlantic Investors company. He has served in this position since 2002. This is the company that has propelled his real estate investment projects.

Arthur attended the Bennington College between 1969 and 1972 where he did BA. He later attended the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth between 1973 and 1974.

The Influence of Sam Tabar

A graduate of the prestigious Oxford University, Sam Tabar has been medical and legal world in a powerful way for many years. A leader in his field, Tabar has worked with a number of major companies including the likes of SPARX Group Co./PMA Investment Advisors and Bank of America Merrill Lynch. His work with these companies has helped to build their success and he continues to be an example for aspiring students in his field.

Tabar joined Sparx Group in 2004 as a counselor and advisor. Over time he worked his way managing director lead of business development. During this time he had the opportunity to work on and manage a hedge fund worth $2 billion. His work during this time allowed him to build a rolodex of more than 2000 investors. Furthermore he assisted raise more than a billion dollars with the founding partners of this group. Tabar more than proved his ability to create, build and sustain high levels of success during this time.

Just a few years later Sam Tabar joined Bank of America Merrill Lynch. It was here he became the director of their Asian office. With this job he would counsel and educate clients on hedge funds and develop relationships with potential investors. He gained and showcased his knowledge of endowments, foundations, pensions, and large family offices during this time. Again his rolodex of investors increased as he gain thousands of potential investors. His work would propel him to leave Merrill Lynch and eventually began works with other start-ups like Thinx and Verboten.

Sam Tabar’s work is admired and copied by many today. His history is used as a model for up and coming workers in his fields. His talents, however extend in to many other realms as well. Tabar is fluent in many languages including French and Japanese. He is also known as a frequent traveler and planner. Tabar has had a tremendous impact in the business world and his work will continue to have influence for years to come.