How Chris Burch Made The Nihiwatu Resort A World-Class Hotel

Sumba, Indonesia is a small and exclusive island which has many untouched white beaches and a lush interior. Not that many years ago it would take three days to get to this island when journeying to it from Bali. Today, though, it has an airport and is just a 50-minute flight from that city. There is a resort on it, the Nihiwatu Resort, which has been around since the 1980s. A few years ago it was bought by entrepreneur Chris Burch who set about transforming it into a five-star resort.

Today the Nihiwatu Resort is regarded as the best hotel in all the world. Chris Burch has said that his resort is about a lot more than just the fine touches displayed throughout. It also has customized itineraries, experiences that can be found nowhere else, and things for those with curiosity to uncover. Just about every luxury imaginable can be found at this resort. There are 28 pool villas, a private beach with world-class surfing, a spa that can be found in a treetop, and even a professional equestrian center so that guests can ride horses to their destinations based on

Chris Burch has his own estate in the Nihiwatu Resort which is available to be rented when he is not visiting Sumba. This is called Raja Mendaka and it has the best views in the resort. Every building was built to reflect what traditional Sumbanese housing looks like and there are ikat accents throughout. Each building in the resort has a private infinity pool and outdoor jungle showers. Each guest at this resort also has their own personal butler throughout their stay who are hired from the people that live on Sumba.

Chris Burch supports the Sumbanese is a number of ways beyond offering employment opportunities. He created the Nihiwatu Sumba Foundation which has helped to open 15 schools. Each week his foundation provides two lunches to 1100 children at these schools. As for the employment opportunities about 90% of the staff at his resort are native Sumbanese,refer to

He is a self-made billionaire who got his start in fashion. Over the past 40 years Chris Burch has extended his business empire into multiple industries besides fashion such as food and technology. He has been key to opening more then 50 businesses during his career with some of his biggest hits being TRADEMARK, ED by Ellen Degeneres, Jawbone, and Voss Water, see (