Malini Saba: Businesswoman, Philanthropist, Mother

The commodities market is something that is difficult for someone to break into, but for people like Malini Saba, she worked very diligently to make sure that herself, and her child, would both have a successful life to live. She started out in business when she was much younger, and much poorer. She chose to fight for a path for business, and her investments. In a world of commodities markets with things such as mainstays such as rice, she has proven a name for herself, and she makes sure that she still has time for her daughter. She takes her daughter to school every day, and she goes back 3 in the afternoon to pick her up. She makes it so that her whole world can still be professional, but her main focus is still that of her child. She has a personal belief that no meeting should take longer than 45 minutes, because she feels that it is a great need to prioritize her time.


These are the reasons why I find Malini Saba so inspirational. Here is a woman who is doing what everyone else wants to do, but she is doing it with the social handicaps that have been put upon her. In an interview with Ideamensch she describes a time when she lost a lot of money due to a bad business deal and the consequences, “Get up brush off and carry on. That is what differentiates success from failure. Having said that, Failure is not a bad thing, its [sic] an experience that eventually can make you more successful if you learn from it.” She is dealing in a country where the rights of women are still not anywhere equal to those of men, and she is still successful at it.


Also, Malini Saba should be applauded for her charity work. Back in 2005, she donated one million dollars to start the first heart research center for South Asians at Camino Hospital in Mountain View, California. Also, she pledged 10 million dollars to help the relief after the 2004 Tsunami that devastated the coastlines in Asia.