Alexandre Gama Is An Advertising Demigod

     Founding one’s own business is a dream and lifelong goal of more people than one could possibly count. However, few people with s such dreams actually pursue them – should I say, actually pursue them successfully.

Alexandre Gama, the Brazilian face of advertising, created Neogama – the firm is named after himself, using the Portuguese term for “new,” combined with that of his surname – one year before the turn of the millennium. Just three years afterwards, he partnered Neogama and himself up with one of England’s most successful, prominent organizations in adverting – BBH.

Although he wanted to operate an advertising entity on his own, Mr. Alexandre Gama found it necessary to sell it to the globally-known Publicis Groupe in 2012, alongside the partnership that still existed with BBH. The pair even won the award of “Agency of the Year,” as selected by a popular Brazilian newspaper.

Architect Robert Ivy On Importance Of Human Health In Design

     Health industry and design work have one thing in common; they can be applied together to eliminate things that affect human life especially in cases if lifestyle diseases. Problems which are created by people failing to exercise on a regular basis maybe addressed by architectural design. There is a need for design especially for residential areas, schools, and workplaces to incorporate safe living. It is one initiative that would help the people in a big way. People will have to exercise even without noting that they are doing it. This initiative should be made more popular to make everyone understand the important role it may play in the society.

Healthy design work should be incorporated into healthy living measure since it has a way of making sure that the people engage in activities which promote healthy living. When people engage in activities such as cycling, they will be able to do some exercises which will make them shed off some fat which may have caused health issues in the future.

The need for healthy design has been recommended as one way of creating a healthy society. A healthy society is a productive society. Right now in the United States, there is a high number of young people who have serious problems with health. They are suffering from a condition known as obesity. With obesity, the health risk is too high. The chances of one developing cardiovascular diseases are too high.

The ideas of bringing in healthy design have not been brought voluntarily. It is a disturbing situation that we must deal with right now and not later. Architects’ role, in this case, will be crucial. They will be able to create creative designs that will solve health issues. Health design needs to be taught in school. If we have a high number of people who know the importance of healthy design, there is a high probability that future systems will be made with the interest of the people first before anything else. Almost everything that is created is meant for human use. Therefore, human safety and health should be the number one priority.

The healthy design is something that we need to embrace and learn it is worth the investment. Making it part of the school curriculum means that in future, the society will have facilities that are created with the intention of helping the people first before anything else.

About Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy is the executive vice president of AIA. American Institute of Architects is a body that is composed of architects in the United States. The body takes care of the welfare of the society by making sure that the construction work that is happening meets the demands of the people.

Robert Ivy has served in McGraw Hill Construction and at Architectural Record as an editorial director. Under his leadership, he made sure the organization published more than 33 publications


Maintaining The Integrity Of Architecture Through The American Institute of Architects

     American Institute of Architects was established in 1857 by a team of 13 architects in New York City to advance the practical and scientific excellence of its members and also promote the eminence of the profession. The first group included Henry W. Cleaveland, Charles Babcock, Edward Gardiner, Leopold Eidlitz, Henry Dudley, Fred A. Petersen, John Welch, Jacob Wrey Mould, Joseph C. Wells, Richard Morris Hunt, and Richard M. Upjohn who was the first president.

The group met on 23rd February 1857 and resolved to invite 16 other protuberant architects to join the team, including Calvert Vaux, Thomas U. Walter, and Alexander Jackson Davis. Previously before the establishment of AIA, anyone could declare themselves as an architect, since there were no architecture institutions or laws governing architectural licensing in the United States.

The team drafted bylaws and a constitution under the name New York Society of Architects in March 1857, and later changed the name to American Institute of Architects. The law was subsequently amended in the following year to endorse the practical, artistic and scientific profession of its members; to expedite good fellowship; to promote the status of the business; and also bring together the efforts of Architecture professionals for the growth of the Art.

AIA provides its members with reliable contract documents, professional development opportunities, design and professional information services, client-oriented resources and personal benefits. The institution also offers preparation courses as well as employment referrals services to help the young professionals. The AIA strives to meet the interests and needs of the public and the country’s architects through public awareness on the significance of good design and the value of architecture.

Robert Ivy, who got appointed in 1996 as the chief editor of Architectural Record, became the CEO and Executive Vice President of the American Institute of Architects in 2010. Besides leading in RECORD, Robert has served as McGraw-Hill Construction Media’s Vice President since 2003, supervising the editorial quality of online publications and numerous prints. During his tenure, RECORD emerged as one of the most distributed architectural journals in the entire world.

Ivy holds a B.A. in English from the University of the South, in Tennessee and a Masters’ Degree in Arch from Tulane University. In 1992, AIA published his book, Fay Jones: Architect. Robert is a member of the International Circle of Architecture Critics, CICA, the American Architecture Foundation and a former national board member of the AIA. Currently, Ivy serves on the advisory boards of various architecture schools including Mississippi State University, Tulane University, Auburn University’s Rural Studio, and Tongji University in China.

Jeff Yastine Talks About The Future Of Retail Mall Industry

     As online retailing picks pace, several articles have been written on the Great Mall-pocalypse of 2017. According to these articles, it was expected that online shopping malls would have taken over the traditional brick and mortar malls by the ends of this year. According to some of these articles, the shift would be reflected on how people live their lives, as there would be lesser personal car traffic and more UPS freight van traffic. We are now approaching the end of 2017 and none of the aforementioned things is happening. Granted, more mega companies are investing in more malls and most of the retail stores have soaring shares prices.

According to an article written recently by Jeff Yastine, big money is moving in brick and mortar malls. Jeff gives an example of the recent buyout offer made by Brookfield Property Partners LP to GGP Inc. Brookfield offered $14.8 billion offer to take over the company. The offer valued the company’s shares at $23 per shares. Brookfield already owns 33 percent of the company’s stocks. Following rumors about the offer, GGP shares soared by over 18 percent within one week. This rebound came at a time when the company’s shares were doing poorly. The prices had fallen by over 40 percent from their all-time high in July 2016. The real estate investment company is focusing on the retail area of the business and beyond. The success of the company is anchored on the retail and real-estate assets owned the malls. These assets have great venues and can be used to open more revenue generating streams.

Another investment company, Miller Value Partners, has also placed big money on the mall retail sector. The company, which is headed by Bill Miller, recently acquired two mall-based REITs. They are CBL Properties and Washington Prime Group. Berkshire Hathaway, an investment company owned by Warren Buffet, has also acquired Seritage Growth Partners, a retail real-estate properties owner. The firm has also bought stakes in STORE Capita and is redeveloping Sears stores. Paul Singer, a hedge fund manager, has acquired stake in Taubman Centers and is working towards reinventing the mall.

About Jeff Yastine

Jeff Yastine is an editor, writer and publishing guru. The editor of Total Wealth Insider is an editorial director at Banyan Hill Publishing. Before joining the company in 2015, Yastine worked as a stock market investor and financial journalist. In addition, he contributes to weekly financial magazines such as Winning investor Daily and Sovereign Investor Daily.

Editorial Success Story with Jeff Yastine

     Jeff Yastine is a prolific editor of a corporate known as the Total Wealth Insider since early the year 2015. He currently works as an Editorial Director at Banyan Hill Publishing. Banyan Hill Publishing has been at the vanguard of the pursuit for personal liberty and free markets, the corporate headquarters in Delray Beach, Florida. He has also recognized for his over ten year’s activities in journalism on financial issues and stock market. Jeff is a weekly contributor to Sovereign Investor Daily article from the Banyan Hill publishing and Winning Investor Daily. His pieces are a form of insights to help investors understand business world trends.

In the year 2000, Jeff’s wrote reports that helped and guided a lot of investors about the real estate unstable sudden situation and the lack of ability to sustain the indefinite rise of the dot-com bubble. In 2005, Jeff wrote a piece on aftermath effects of the Hurricane Katrina in the financial sector. In 2010, Mr. Jeff widely shared his news on the Deepwater Horizon oil spill national event. Additionally, in 1999 he shared his insights on the southeastern United States and the historic transference of control of the Panama Canal. In addition to his insights, Jeff visited Cuba in the year 1994 and 2003, to write a report to specify the part played by the foreign investors in Cuba’s economy.

In addition to his contributions, Jeff has received several awards from prominent news outlets such as the Emmy, PBS Nightly Business Report. Jeff Yastine was among the famous 2002 team of Nightly Business Report journalists awarded certified excellence in financial journalism. The Award commemorated his previous half-hour report on the nation’s bond market. Later in the year 2007, Jeff was nominated by Emmy for a special award in regards to his piece on America’s public infrastructure and construction department of roads and bridges.

Mr. Yastine education background started back at the University of Florida, United States. He began his career at Newsmax Media Corporation as an editor. He later moved to the Oxford club limited company where he enhanced his editorial skills. Additionally, Jeff previously worked as a Financial Correspondent and Anchor at Nightly Business Report from early 1994 to late 2010. Mr. Jeff Yastine spent ten years from 1994 to 2010 seeking out and sharing his insights to the most successful entrepreneurs such as Michael Dell, Warren Buffett, and Mr. Richard Branson.

Matt Badiali Offers Tips On How To Invest In Mineral Resources

     Naturally occurring minerals play a significant role in the global economy, and they have created a suitable market that enables people to gain a lot of profit from the mining venture. Matt Badiali is an expert in the mining of the natural resources, and he has specialized in analyzing the market trends. With over twenty years of experience in interpreting the natural resources market, Matt has become a guru in this sector.

Having a graduated with a degree in geology, Matt has extensive knowledge that is typically required in determining the industry’s potential, through understanding the value of the natural resources as well as the cost of mining. Matt Badiali was involved in teaching at the University of North Carolina, before he started specializing in financial analysis through the help of a close friend. The investor had for a long time been interested in the energy sector, and he always knew that a geologist was a significant figure in energy production and the related affairs.

His career has landed him in big companies that deal with the mining and manufacturing of energy resources. Matt has for a long time concentrated in analyzing the oil fields that are under operation besides assessing core samples from the gold mines. Since energy resources are found in different parts of the world, Matt’s career has given him the opportunity to travel to various places, and he believes that the mining sector offers a better pay than teaching.

When Matt travels, he focuses on going to places where mining of precious metals is being undertaken. As a result, he has managed to make friends with executives in the oil mining industry. Matt associates well with experts in the mining sector as this helps him to gain knowledge on the latest discoveries and trends in mining. Matt has previously worked for Stansberry and Associates, but now he has shifted, and he is working with Banyan Hill.

Recently, Matt recently predicted that the demand and price of copper are set to rise higher. Therefore, he advises investors to purchase more of the mineral since the use of copper in the world has spiked, and as the products associated with metal continue to be manufactured in massive numbers, then does the demand for the raw material increase. According to his analysis, the price of copper is likely to grow by 46% in the next three years.

Meet Matt Badiali, the Researcher on Natural Resources and Editor of the Real Wealth Strategist

     Natural resources have become sources of income to many people globally. They have created processes before and during mining. Matt Badiali is one of the people who is greatly benefiting from the existence of these resources. Badiali was initially a professor teaching geology at the University of North Carolina. In addition, he has also taught at Duke University.

His expertise has made him report his geological findings to conferences as well as companies like Exxon Mobil and Anadarko. His life changed when a financial specialist called him to request if he can join his team as he wanted to invest in mining, energy and natural resources sector. It is at this point that he got an opportunity to travel to different countries to assess how natural resources were being exploited and also analyze on the field sitemaps. This traveling helped him gain information about natural resources on how they are trending, the discoveries as well as the latest technologies that are used in the field.

Meeting with CEOs of companies have also helped Badiali to grow well in the field and now being in the out in the field for more than one decade has made him become an expert in analysis and research. These research has helped him in his editing work at Banyan Hill. As an editor of Real Wealth Strategist, Matt has been able to share of how natural resources such as timber ,oil, aluminum, gold and others are performing in their markets .He also expresses how demand and supply is affecting their prices. He shared on the expected rise in price of gold and he is advising people to buy gold now before it rises to 500% or more. Matt Has also expressed the increase in demand for timber due to Harvey and Irma.

The close research that Matt Badiali makes has been enabled by his continuous traveling to companies and mining sites, therefore, getting first-hand information through his analysis. He has traveled to many countries like Yukon, Turkey Haiti, Singapore, Hong Kong, Switzerland and many other locations around the globe. It is through his career that he has been able to navigate the world as a researcher and an analyst. He has also got the opportunity of owning oil wells which he describes as one of his top speculative investments. His life as an analyst and a researcher has been of benefit to companies and people who do business in the field of natural resources. This has helped in budgeting as well as making good timing on when to buy or sell commodities.

Profitable Investing, Better Living, The Ted Bauman Way

     One of the very best things a person can do is to protect his or her assets. Your hard-earned money can be taken away just as fast as you’ve made it. Corporate greed and government oversight is big business for the big boys, but this greed can trickle down and effect the average working person. On the other hand, there is Ted Bauman, and he has spent most of his professional life helping people. To truly live a better more sovereign life, you’ll need resources and Ted Bauman is the bridge that connects both parties. The guy has worked on numerous international housing projects across the globe. The number of countries that he has visited is somewhere around 75 in total. This is his passion, and he certainly loves every minute of it.

Bauman has lived and worked in South Africa for 25 years. He has held many prominent positions such as a fund manager for lower-cost housing projects as well as a consultant for European grant-making agencies. This brilliant-minded individual graduated from the University of Cape Town while earning postgraduate degrees in economics and history. Though being born in Washington D.C., Bauman has spent a considerable amount of time in foreign countries. As of today, he currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia, with his loving family. Bauman gives some of the best financial advice possible, and he gets straight to the point. The guy specializes in asset protection, low-risk investment strategies and international immigration issues. Bauman has stated on many occasions that “people shouldn’t put all of their eggs in one basket.”

This notion rings true, especially when it comes to finances. There are numerous ways for building, storing and protecting your assets. Sometimes you got to think outside of the box to achieve this. Bauman is a firm believer of storing wealth in foreign countries that are stable or to park your cash in banks that are from another country. For those who have obtained high amounts of gold, Switzerland is a great country to do business with. All in all, this is what Ted Bauman is all about. He’s the people’s champ that has a heart of gold.

Matt Badiali Travels the World to Find Extraordinary Investments

     Matt Badiali is a university trained geologist who also happens to be a financial analyst and this gives him an edge as he investigates investing opportunities around the world. He has spent more than two decades studying natural resources and is considered an expert in several industries. The mining, agricultural, and energy industries are his specialties and he’s investigated firsthand innumerable companies.

His hands-on approach is what differentiates him from the typical financial analyst and his insistence on seeing a company’s operations up close can help him make a clear determination. A good example of this is when he’s investigating an energy company to see how well the drillers perform. This gives him vital clues on the viability of an investment and the overall health of the company.

The career of Matt Badiali took a conventional course as he obtained a B.S. in Earth Sciences from Penn State University and a Masters in Geology from Florida Atlantic University. He then began teaching at the university level for a period of time until fate came calling in the form of a financial expert. This individual was well-known for selling highly specialized and privileged information to investors with very deep pockets. He invited Badiali to join him on a project in the hopes of gaining exceptional returns with a talented geologist on the team.

Thus began Badiali’s journey around the globe to ascertain whether or not what a company said on paper was true on the ground and in actuality. Some of his duties included assessing gold samples, analyzing on-site field maps, and checking on oil wells as they operated.

This expert who recruited Matt Badiali was also willing to teach him everything that he knew about investing and also gave him a five-fold raise over his university salary. Badiali jumped at the special opportunity and his global travels have been impressive. He has spent time working in sundry places such as Singapore, The Yukon, and Papua New Guinea among many others.

The specialized talent that Badiali has cultivated has allowed him to rub shoulders with some of the biggest names in the business such as T. Boone Pickens. He has been featured at major geologic conferences to present his findings and also at major companies like Exxon-Mobil and Anadarko to name a couple.

Finally, it seems prudent to examine where all of this has led by looking at one of his home run investments. He invested in a mining stock and the company was Kaminak Gold Corp. It returned an amazing 4,400% as he recognized a special opportunity with his boots on the ground mentality.


Take the Struggle and Guess Work Out of Success By Contacting MB2 Dental Solutions

MB2 Dental Solutions is a unique firm. They connect a large group of dental offices with talented dentists, assistants, and dental specialists in all areas of dental care with people who are highly trained and have the talent and expertise required to perform in this highly skilled trade.

MB2 Dental has over 80 affiliated locations in six states and they pride themselves in their affiliation with dentists and specialists who are devoted to their work. MB2 provides various resources to practices enabling the practitioners to focus on the care of their patients. Humanizing healthcare is one of the resources MB2 offers to their locally owned practices.

One of the principles this company was founded on is helping doctors work together to accomplish more as dentists.

A few of the services MB2 offers their affiliates:

  • Human Resources – MB2 Dental handles the human resources end of the practice from benefits to write-ups, they have the offices covered with their expert staff.
  • Accounting and Finance – The accounting is handled by a team of specialists at MB2 allowing the owners of the practices to make sound financial decisions from the recommendations and reporting they receive.
  • Credentialing Services – Yet another important factor in working with insurance companies handled by MB2.
  • Billing and Collections – Relieving the office staff from the burden of managing the collections and billing, thus enabling the focus of the staff to be on the patients.
  • Maintaining the electronics IT System – Keeping everything up and running smoothly with the most efficient technology available.
  • Manage the marketing for each affiliate – Maintaining the proper flow of patients for the services provided.
  • Recruiting – MB2’s recruiting team ensures every employee is qualified for their role and has the experience and credentials required to perform to expectation.
  • Procurement – All supplies are purchased and shipped directly to each facility.
  • Business Development – A team of experts who are available to work with potential business owners looking to open their first practice. The team will work with you to develop the practice you dreamed of owning and move you to a successful conclusion.

Affiliates are presently located in Alaska, Texas, New Mexico Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Tenessee. The main office of MB2 is located in Carrollton, Texas. You may contact them at 972-869-3789, or visit their website at