Thor Halvorssen Opposes Dictatorships

Thor Halvorssen is President of an organization known as the Human Rights Foundation. It is a team of 12 people who cover abuses to human rights around the world. They work tirelessly to expose the violations of human rights by authoritarian governments as well as trespasses by some democracies such as the United States.

Thor founded the Human Rights Foundation in 2005 and he based it in New York City. He frequently travels the world in his war against tyranny and has the bumps and scrapes to prove it.

He went there to do an interview with the leader of a Buddhist Church who had spoken out against the government. The man had been put under hosue arrest for 28 years.

Thor Halvorssen snuck into the monastery while no one was watching and did a taped interview with Quang Do, the Buddhist leader. He was arrested for this and punched repeatedly by the authorities as if he was a punching bag. Barely escaping by fooling the authorities thor advises people that if you want to do human rights work properly you must roll up your sleeves and be willing to get hurt.

Despite always staring into the eye of the beast and confronting the darkest aspects of human nature Thor still loves people. He is passionate about connecting with political dissidents and anyone who is willing to speak out against the tyrants of the world.

According to The Atlantic, Thor Halvorssen has befriended and employed Garry Kasparov, one of Vladimir Putin’s toughest critics, as the Chairman of the Human Rights Foundation.

Kasparov has paid a heavy price for his integrity as he was beaten by police officers and spent 2 years in jail for protesting the sentencing of the punk band Pussy Riot through and anti-Putin song.

Thor’s family has long stood up against dictatorship and for human freedom. He intends the continue the fight to promote human rights around the world.

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