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If you are troubled by any kind of mental health issues, and it is affecting your personal and professional life, consulting with the therapist would be a good idea. However, the problem with the people is that they are not able to identify the common symptoms of mental health issues timely that lead to further and bigger issues in the future. One should be careful about their mental health as much as about their physical health and must not ignore the symptoms of mental health issues. As soon as you notice the symptoms of mental health problems like depression, anxiety, or anything else, which doesn’t seem to be going no matter what you do, having a detailed consultation with a professional the therapist would be beneficial in getting some answers you are looking for. Read more Talkspace reviews at

Talkspace has made the lives of millions of people easier over the years. Since the time it started its operations in the year 2012, Talkspace has become the leading name in the field of mobile therapy. Talkspace offers mental health therapy to the people at a fraction of the cost of the traditional therapy, and it has attracted people from all background and ages to come forward and open up about their mental health. There is no need to suppress your fears and insecurities that are leading to depression, over-thinking, stress, anxiety, and other such mental health issues as therapy is just a few clicks away on your phone itself. No need to go anywhere or worry about the hefty consultation fees of traditional therapy as Talkspace is the alternative that would perfectly align with your lifestyle and budget while providing the solution you are looking for without having to step outside your comfort zone. Talkspace prides themselves in having the best therapists from across the country who are committed to providing the best consultant to its clients.


Oren Frank Is Helping Everyone Get Therapy With His Company Talkspace

The world of therapy is changing everyday. Not only available in person, therapy is now being offered online for many reasons. It is more affordable for people and is a great option for people who need to do it from their home. It does not matter whether they have the time or they are physically unable to leave their home, this new wave of therapy is a great solution. The co-founder and chief executive officer of Talkspace is helping people all over the place get the therapy they need from the comfort of their homes. Check out talkspace .com to learn more about Oren Frank’s presentation.

Oren Frank is based in New York City, New York. In April 2012, he co-founded Talkspace therapy. Licensed therapist have helped million of people so far get the help they need. Mr. Frank believes it is a moral right for everyone to receive psychotherapy if they so desire of if it is needed. That is how the company came to be, from a deep desire to help others. Previously to starting Talkspace, Oren Frank has had other jobs. This includes a job at McCann Erickson WorldWide as their chief executive officer at WorldGroup Israel.

A typical day for the entrepreneur consists of reading, exercise, talks and listens to people a lot. When it comes to reading, it is an essential part of his life. Mr. Frank believes taking in new information all the time keeps his mind sharp. He does not only focus on reading on his computer, but from actual physical books. Getting seven hours of sleep each night is the perfect amount for Oren. He believes this ties in heavily to his productivity. The successful entrepreneur brings his ideas to life by working out the plans and taking the steps. Anyone can come up with a good idea. Not everyone does the work to bring those ideas to life. For more information of Oren Frank, visit at

Dealing With Grief Through Talkspace App Was Start Of One Man’s Journey To Wellness

Gerald was one of those guys from an older generation that considered going to a “head shrinker” as something that was for people who were weak or “crazy.” But a year after his wife died, Gerald began to realize that he was not the “tough guy” he thought he was.

He was struggling with grief and loneliness. Sure, everyone around him tried to say all the rights things like, “time heals all wounds.” But it was becoming increasingly apparent to Gerald that time wasn’t his friend. As each month went by and the pain of missing his wife grew worse, he was considering desperate measures.

It was Gerald’s son, David, who suggested he try an online therapy program called Talkspace. David had just been through his own struggle with addiction to prescription pain medications. David told his dad that Talkspace has been a “lifesaver” for him. He also assured his dad that it was completely anonymous. No one would ever know he was using a “headshrinker.”

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Gerald didn’t even have to give his real name if he didn’t want to. He finally relented. With the help of David, he signed up for Talkspace. Although not computer savvy, Gerald discovered that using Talkspace was about as easy as navigating Facebook. Talkspace matched him with a mental health professional that specialized in grief therapy.

His first session consisted of about an hour of exchanging texts with his therapist. Finally, just having someone to talk to without judgment or the stigma of sitting in a “shrink’s office” was tremendously soothing for Gerald. At the same time, opening up about his feelings seemed to make them worse, at first. Gerald had been holding on to a lot of grief. He needed careful guidance to begin his journey back to finding meaning and joy in life.

But once that first step was taken, Gerald’s healing process had begun. He still had a long way to go, but Talkspace was always right there at his fingertips to help him along the way.

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Follow Your Interests in a Productive Fashion Like Carsten Thiel

Carsten Thiel got to where he was by following his interests. He started out by realizing that he had a passion and a love for science. Lucky for Carsten Thiel, this love for science would be something that would lead to him to many different interesting positions to and opportunities. The sciences is a field that is significantly helpful to society in many different ways and Carsten Thiel was able to focus in one on specific portion of the sector.

Carsten Thiel went to school and studied chemistry in a place called Malbrook. Carsten Thiel then wanted to experience life and education in a different society and Carsten Thiel then went to the University of Bristol in the UK. It was in the UK where he would really start to hone his skills, talent, knowledge, relationships and more in pursuit of higher education. Carsten Thiel studied organic chemistry and made sure to obtain his four-year degree within the subject. He then went on and studied at the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry and earned more degrees in Molecular Biology.

This interest in the sciences allowed him to stumble upon an interesting problem, how healthy cells become harmful cells.

After Carsten Thiel finalized his education, he went on to find compelling work. Compelling work would call to him because he was in a space that would need talented and bright minds with specific expertise. He started out in the sector by working with Hoffman La-Roche, a biotechnology firm that was making waves within the sector for the work that it was doing. He started off by working with the company in a communications role while also adding the duties that are taken on by a product manager. Carsten Thiel did a great job with all of the tasks that were given to him and he would find himself progressing at a rapid clip throughout the company.

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Talkspace – Helping People Open Up About Their Mental Health Issues Freely

Talkspace has started a revolution in the world of mental health therapy by helping people get access to therapy online through their phone. It was not the case a few years back, and as the traditional treatment costs a lot, many people refrained from going for the treatment even after knowing well that they needed help. Counseling online has proven to be far more popular and useful than earlier expected, and it has changed the lives of many who have used the services of Talkspace. The company is based in New York and has been working on adding new features and tools that would take the mobile therapy world to the next level in the time to come.

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The mobile therapy app of Talkspace is straightforward to use, and people who have been using it can attest to the fact that it does provide positive results much sooner than they expected. The fact of the matter is that Talkspace allows people to discuss their issues with the experts from their comfort zone without having to step a foot outside of their comfort zone or in other words, they can talk or chat with their therapist online through their phone from anywhere. There are stipulated times during which the people can talk to the therapist and discuss their issues, whether it is depression, anxiety or anything else that’s bothering you.

Talkspace has also gained considerable popularity in the last few months after Michael Phelps associated himself with Talkspace and endorsed it. He opened up about how depression and anxiety bought him to the brink of taking his own life and how counseling proved to be a turning point in his life to bring him back to where and what he is today. Talkspace can be that turning point for you as well, and the best part is that it won’t cost you a fortune.

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Talkspace: A Text a Day Keeps Depression at Bay.

There has been a boom recently in mental health services being provided online. Talkspace is one of the major leaders in the innovation in psychiatric care. With plans as low as $32 a week, they use the internet to bring mental health help to people who didn’t have either the money or the time for conventional therapy. This new version of old-fashioned talk therapy is poised to go mainstream with Talkspace leading the way. Talkspace has recently signed a contract with Magellan Health. Magellan Health is a major player in the insurance industry covering 1 in every 10 Americans. Soon a large part of the United States will have access to easy and affordable mental health care.

With the new version of psychiatric care poised to go mainstream, some have questioned the efficacy of online therapy compared to conventional therapy. According to Scott Christnelly, who is in charge of overseeing therapist performance at Talkspace and a licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist, treating people online brings it back to the basics of relationship. “The job became more about paper and chart compliance and less about the healing relationships I formed with clients.” Switching to Talkspace brought the focus back to the client. Other professionals agree, and are signing up to work for these services cutting out the middleman and working directly with their clients.

There are difficulties with using technology for treatment though. Mainly, the lack of ability to read nonverbal cues. This may be a positive on the side of the patient, forcing them to wait for a response to what they said and not looking for visual confirmation of approval. Building confidence and creating a better ability to speak their mind.

Talkspace and other companies like it are in a unique position. They are reaching people that would normally not receive psychiatric care. An extensive study of postwar veterans showed that there were 25% fewer hospitalizations thanks to long-distance therapy. So, services like this will be here to stay because they are filling a need not met by conventional resource.