Eric Pulier’s Exemplary Career History

Eric Pulier is always working towards changing the world. The brilliant entrepreneur has also established himself as an author and philanthropist. His computer skills started to manifest even before he could join high school. While he was a student at the Teaneck High School, he founded his first company. The data company sought to help different corporations to manage their data efficiently.

After graduating from high school, the entrepreneur enrolled in the prestigious Harvard University, where he pursued English and American Literature. He graduated magna cum laude in 1988. During his time at the elite institution, Eric started working on his writing talents. He wrote for a column on the Harvard Crimson before being promoted to serve as an editor. This position helped him to interact with his peers, the university’s management and different experts.

Eric spent three years at Harvard before moving to Los Angeles to re-enter the world of entrepreneurship. While in the city, he founded People Doing Things. The company worked towards providing technological solutions to the education and health sector. Three years later, Pulier established an interactive agency, the Digital Evolution. Employing his computer and business skills, Pulier began to grow the company before selling it to US Interactive LLC in 1998. President Clinton and Al gore were pleased with his success in planning, designing, executing and managing a presidential technology exhibit known as the Bridge to the 21st Century.

Eric Pulier has founded, financed and co-founded over 15 companies. Some of these enterprises include MediaPlatfrom, SOA Software, and US Media Interactive LLC. As a business leader, he has worked hard to raise capital for these companies. From his fundraising drives, Eric has raised hundreds of millions of dollars.

Pulier’s philanthropic activities have focused on supporting children with chronic conditions. His first effort in this area saw him establish Starbright World, a social media network for such children. The platform helps the children to connect and chat with other kids having similar conditions. Pulier is also associated with the XPrize Foundation and the Painted Turtle. The latter holds annual summer camps for children with chronic illnesses. He continues to use technology to address different societal problems.