How Chris Burch Sets Up And Runs Successful Enterprises For Years

Chris Burch is a groundbreaking entrepreneur who has built several firms including his using creativity, intuition, and expert interpersonal skills. Burch is the founder and executive officer of Burch Creative Capital. Through the company, Chris has been the mentor of more than 50 establishments including Jawbone, Voss Water, Poppin, Nihiwatu, Cocoon9, Ellen DeGeneres and Faena Hotel + Universe. He employs his skills which he has refined in over forty years to help the entrepreneurs put out disruptive products and services, gain comprehension of their market’s fair and expand the brand to international platforms.  Check to read related articles.

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Chris recently revealed that he enjoys mentoring entrepreneurs with a burning urge to grow their business. He pointed out that it is hard to come across clients who are willing to go out of their way to succeeding. Consequently, Chris has learned to let customers in need of his services to first express their passion to him by demanding his attention before he can pour himself into their endeavors. Chris invests in promising businesses with the potential of scaling the market fast due to its unique products and exceptional leadership of its founder. He advises newbie business starters to trust their intuition and make steps in reference to learned lessons.

Chris Burch has the interest to recruit revolutionary business minds who are not afraid to explore virgin territories such as construction, town lighting, senior living among others. He explained there are business niches that need improvement and have minimal competition due to lack of entrepreneurs partaking them. Chris’ journey to his much-revered success stems his endurance which got him through as many failures as successes. In the past, he has disclosed his interest to continue investing and stated that failure cannot stop him. Click on for some interesting news.

Chris has several businesses in various industries such as real estate, fashion, technology, and hospitality.  Follow Burch timeline activities, click

He began his career before completing his tertiary education at Ithaca College. In collaboration with his brother Bob, Chris began Eagles Eye Apparel and quickly grew its net value to $165 million. He values humility in his business operations and always takes the time to listen to a colleague’s viewpoint before imposing his ideas.

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Mr. Chris Burch, A Successful Venture Capitalist And Entrepreneur

When you talk about one failure as an entrepreneur, Mr. Chris Burch had thousands of failures. Surprisingly he congratulates himself for such failures after grieving, thinking and accepting the situation as clarity to motivate him to move on. No doubt Mr. Burch is a resolute entrepreneur and an active investor and the sky is his limit. As a founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, he has funded the growth of numerous businesses such as Faena Hotel + Universe, Voss Water, Poppin, and others. In 2012, his firm purchased and rehabilitated Nihiwatu, an extravagant resort in the Indonesian Island of Sumba, ranked as a World First class hotel in 2016 by Travel and Leisure magazine. He also formed a partnership with Architect Philippe Stark and Hotelier Alan Faena in Argentina to reconstruct an underutilized piece of land into the Faena Hotel + Universe. In 2016, Burch formed another partnership with Ellen DeGeneres to start her lifestyle brand named ED by Ellen Degeneres. His other business brand portfolios include Cocoon9, a luxury prefab homes firm, Bur+Mah, hospitality sourcing business, Poppin, office supply business, and Trademark, women’s clothes, and accessories.  Check for additional reading.

In an interview with Ideamensch online, Chris Burch talked about his business and personal life. He said he was naturally a curious person and very observant of what happens around him. By taking notice of how products and services can be improved and using his own success in selling apparel gave him the idea to pool his resources and knowledge to use and to help others. Eventually, Chris Burch found Burch Creative Capital to match his ideas with funding for endless opportunities. He uses his typical day traveling at home or abroad for business exploration, meetings or follow-ups in companies he invested in.  Related read on

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Mr. Burch is excited to see people live their lives with experiences instead of material things. About the today’s utopian travelers around the world only seeking culture and adventure. This phenomenon inspired him to develop Cocoon9, a luxury prefab home firm and Nihiwatu hotel to house the world traveler. According to him, a good habit of a more productive entrepreneur is the ability to distinguish people and in-depth knowledge of who they really are. He said, “The ability to engage a mind, understand what other humans are thinking and speak to them so effectively that they begin to have a conversation of their own with you is incredibly powerful.”

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