Executive And Real Estate Investor Mark Holyoake Steps Down From Icelandic Group


In an article from Undercurrentnews entitled “Holyoake, Sveinsson Step Down From ISI Board… “, Mark Holyoake and the CEO of Icelandic Group will be stepping down from their respective positions.

Once again, one of the prior CEOs is in the running to take over the company. The former CEO that is in consideration to take over the company is Magnus Bjarnason as the current leader in Benedikt Sveinsson chose to leave.

Another person in consideration to become the new CEO is Jakob Valgeir Flosason, who is a shareholder and producer. Another candidate is Liv Bergthordottir, who is a chairman of an airline named WOW air and who was the CEO of a company named Nova. Meetings will be held to determine who will become the CEO and fill the board. Another individual who is nominated on the board is Ingunn Agnes Kro, a director of a company in the oil industry. See Related Link for additional information.

The Icelandic Group has been undergoing some massive changes with the swapping of new board members and CEOs. A representative of the company announced that Icelandic would continue down the line and work with their customers during this transition. Armannsson thanked Mark Holyoake and Sveinsson for their work with Icelandic. Holyoake was one of the biggest shareholders in the past couple of years with the company as he bought capital in the brand.

The prior CEO held his position and other roles for a combined 40 years. Mark Holyoake released a statement where he credited his great relationship with CEO Sveinsson and the growth that they sustained for years. He listed how he has been with the company since 2010 and that it was a pleasure to build teams and to work with excellent team members.

Mark Holyoake is an executive who buys real estate properties. He practices under Oakvest Holdings, and according to an article from Aura News Real Estate, he plans to purchase a real estate property called the Herdade de Comporta. Mark Holyoake attended the University of Reading and invests his money into real estate and other companies such as a fish company named Seafood International. He was born in 1972 and has managed many properties throughout his career. Many of his real estate properties are in the UK, but, the executive resides in Ibiza.


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