The Real Estate Business with Hussain Sajwani

Many people spend all their lives daydreaming about their dream homes. It is sad because sometimes despite having all the financial resources to build the houses, it may be very hard for us to construct the houses. This is because we do not have the time to gather the resources and manage the construction. Well, this doesn’t mean that all hope of living in your dream castle is gone, the DAMAC Premises will see that you get the apartment you have imagined or like in many cases; exceed your expectations.

The DAMAC Premises has been in the market for almost two decades. The customers are very contented with the products that they get from the company. The customer care services are well trained and treat everyone with equality. The company has trained personnel to see through their projects. Occasionally, Hussain Sajwani hires the award-winning architectures to see that the clients get the latest designs in the industry. So far the firm has sold more than 20000 homes, and the number is still rising.

According to the Premier Gazette, the success of the DAMAC Premises is associated with its owner, Hussain Sajwani. He is known for having an eye to see a potential idea and convert it to something valuable. He says that he makes calculated risks, but when he puts his mind to something, he gives it everything to see it prospers.

Hussain Sajwani also has valuable partnerships like that of Donald Trump. The two met back in 2004 when working to make the Trump International Golf Club a success. The two families spend time together and share meals. For example, they celebrated the New Year together. There were many talks concerning the two businessmen celebrating the New Year together. Some people saw this as a conflict of interest. However, a close source confirmed that there were no business talks held during the party.

Few successful business people remember to share their wealth with the less fortunate in the community. Well, the DAMAC Owner does not fall under this category. He is a passionate humanitarian. In a fundraising meeting held to help clothe needy children around the world, he urged people to contribute, and he donated AED two million as well.

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The DAMAC Owner Revolutionizes the Real Estate Market in Dubai

The name Hussain Sajwani is vastly associated with Dubai’s real estate market success. From a tender age, he developed a strong passion for business. Even though he became successful eventually, it has always been clear that Hussain Sajwani worked extremely hard to get to where he is. If you are wondering how, here is a look at his early life, struggles, and dedication to his family business and his career eventually.

Growing Up

Hussain Sajwani grew up in the Middle East. In the arms of loving parents, he started working in his father’s shop. At that moment, his father sold shirts and pencils. At the same time, he imported some goods from China’s retail market. Therefore, it was upon Sajwani the DAMAC owner to handle the business in the absence of his father. Ali Sajwani dedicated time and effort to guide his son the DAMAC owner through excellent customer care skills. Even so, Hussain Sajwani had other interests. He aspired to establish a different career. Therefore, he decided to join a medical school and focus on a career in medicine. It was at that moment that Hussain the DAMAC owner changed his mind about that career and decided to pursue a technical course from the Washington University. Engineering it was. To become a better leader in the future, Hussain the DAMAC owner supplemented the course with economics.

Joining The World of Business

From school, Hussain Sajwani got a job at the prestigious GASCO Company for oil and gas supply. There, he worked as a contracts manager. More than that, he established essential business relations with colleagues and partners. For that reason, he decided to use his entrepreneurial ties to develop a new career path; this time he aspired to establish a company in the hospitality industry. Just like that, he created a food catering business. Because he now had reliable and robust business ties, he was able to serve more than 1,000 clients in different sectors every day. Without more ado, he decided to establish a real estate business. DAMAC Properties was born from the catering business.

The Real Estate Business

Currently, DAMAC Properties is a high-end business that deals with the supply of properties. With the leadership of Hussain Sajwani, the company has been ranked one of the leading in the sector. More than that, Sajwani has been working with President Donald Trump to further establish his business in the United States of America and other neighboring states. As such, DAMAC Properties has even constructed some Trump Golf Courses in the Middle East.

The General Observation

From the look at Hussain’s focus and determination in business, it is right to conclude that he is not only humble but persistent in the industry.

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JHSF and José Auriemo Neto Specialize in Upscale Projects

JHSF is a leading real estate company in Brazil who thrives in the most expensive residential and commercial markets. High-end projects regularly pass through their doors and their knowledge and expertise in serving clients in the top markets are rivaled by few. They are heavily involved in acquisitions, development, and management of top-dollar properties in the hottest markets. These types of projects include upscale hotels, shopping centers, and even an international executive airport.

JHSF was founded in 1972 and is adept at ferreting out new opportunities in what could be considered mature markets. The company’s mindset has evolved from a pioneering spirit and they rely upon innovation in the course of all their business activities. They utilize sustainable practices in their developments and take advantage of the latest technology to do so. Click here to know more about JHSF.

Some of Brazil’s largest metropolitan cities are home to JHSF projects and display their pioneering bent in their unique designs. São Paulo, Salvador, and Manaus are examples of the shining cities that they do business in. JHSF is composed of four distinct units in which their operations go forward and they are Malls, Incorporations, Hotels & Restaurants Fasano and the Executive Airport.

Recurring income has become a top priority for JHSF and consequently, they have prioritized projects that significantly add revenue streams to their bottom line. Shopping malls and luxury hotels are examples of this new direction for JHSF. The Catarina Integrated Urban Development system has been an area of intense focus for them and the first phase has been the Catarina Executive Airport.

José Auriemo Neto is the Chairman and CEO of JHSF and has been since the age of 27. He has shifted the focus of JHSF to the luxury and high-income market with a telling effect. The company has grown substantially as a result of his vision and efforts.

Jose Auriemo Neto also oversees the extensive real estate portfolio that JHSF has established in shopping and retail. The amazing complex known as Cidade Jardim in Säo Paulo is a great example of this type of property. He was also instrumental in the group’s first foray into retail. He signed exclusive partnership agreements with Hermes, Pucci, and Jimmy Choo.

Jose Auriemo Neto; Moving JHSF Forward

JHSF is a real-estate company in Brazil. It was started in 1972. The company has more than 4,000 employees. It is based in Sao Paulo. JHSF restructured its operations to focus on the high-income segment of the public. This is what led them to focus on activities that fetch recurring income for the company. The company is involved in the development and management of luxury hotels, shopping centers, and a private airport. It has four shopping establishments in its portfolio. These include the Shopping Bela Vista, the Shopping Ponta Negra, the Catarina Fashion Outlet, and the Shopping Cidarde Jardim. They ventured into the sector with the development of the Shopping Santa Cruz in 2001. It provided access to the metro subway.

JHSF became the first real-estate company to venture into the hospitality industry. They acquired the Fasano hotels in 2014. They initially made a move when they acquired a stake in the group in 2007. JHSF developed the first international executive airport in Brazil. JHSF went public in 2007. It is traded on the Bovespa financial market. They completed the construction of a residential condo known as the Fazenda Boa Vista that same year. The condo is considered to be the most luxurious apartment in the country. JHSF has expanded its operations internationally. It has a presence in New York, Miami, and Punta del Este in Uruguay. Click here to know more about JHSF.

Jose Auriemo Neto is the chairman of JHSF. He was involved with the company from a young age. He was the among the brains behind Park Bem. Jose Neto was tapped to lead the foray into shopping malls after the success of the company in parking lot management. The performance of the company over the last decade can be attributed to his excellence as a leader. Neto is very dedicated to his work. He moved to New York when the company was constructing its residential complex that is situated next to Central Park. He was succeeded by Eduardo Camara who was the vice president at the time. He is currently the chairman of the board of directors of JHSF.