Rodrigo Terpin the executive car racer

Rodrigo Terpin is a known racer who is respected for taking part in the Prototype T1 races. Rodrigo was born to a prosperous basketballer father who has been very instrumental in his career as a car race driver through his financial support and moral support. At the age of forty-one, his talent and skills in car racing have put him on a pedestal among Brazilian car racers.

Rodrigo Terpins began his career as a solo racer and has already made a name for himself before his younger brother made a transition from motorcycle racing into car racing and joined him as a navigator. Together with his brother Michel, the two have been able to win in several races as a duo and established the Bull Sertoes Rally team that they both manage and take part in. The two share the passion for racing and have been able to shine in their careers by holding their winning ranks for several years.

The Terpin brothers are not exclusive in their partnership as racers. They are continually taking on different partners to challenge themselves by competing against each other once in a while. For instance, Rodrigo recently partnered with one Fabricio Manchiana in a race in which his brother was also a participant and took the sixth rank behind Michel who took the fifth rank.

Rodrigo Terpin developed a passion for cars and racing at a tender age as he worked as a mechanic for a few years in his youth. He not only takes part in racing but also organizes events through the company T5 Partipadoces in which he is the senior director being a graduate with governance and management expertise. His position at T5 Partipadoces is just one of the many executive jobs that he does besides his racing career.

Rodrigo Terpin refers to car racing as his first desire, and for that reason, he is continuously striving at building his racing career further with hard work, resilience, and humility as his driving force. Having his brother as part of his racing journey is just an additional boost to his success. Check out Facebook page.

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