Jeff Yastine: Growth Of American Debt

Banyan Hill Publishing Company is most well-known for their publication of several investment advice columns. They employ some of the world’s leading experts on investment and financial advice. One of their leading experts is Jeff Yastine. Jeff Yastine first became well-known after receiving an Emmy nomination for his work on The Nightly Business Report. Since then he has gone on to have a successful career in financial journalism and currently works for Banyan Hill Publishing Company where he publishes his investment advice column Total Wealth Insider. Follow Jeff Yastine on Medium.

Jeff Yastine originally went to school at the University of Florida where he majored in journalism. Upon graduation, he began to work as a television reporter and in 1993 joined the PBS publication The Nightly Business Report. Whenever he joined the program, it was the countries most watched financial broadcast and was seen by more than 1 million individuals on a nightly basis. It was through his work with The Nightly Business Report that he first came into contact with some of the world’s leading finance and business members. He was able to work directly with individuals such as Warren Buffett, Steve Forbes, Michael Dell, and Bill Gross.

Jeff Yastine has seen all sides of the American economy first beginning work during the market crash of 1987. It was the response to this market crash that first spurred his interest in the mechanics of the American economy and stock market. He quickly began to invest in stocks on his own and learned through a combination of trial and error as well as through education from some of the world’s leading financial experts.


He has taken this and created a personal philosophy that involves investing in stable profit yielding companies that are under the radar to the typical investor. It is with this philosophy that he creates his publication Total Wealth Insider. Most recently he has published about the growing burden of debt on most Americans. Today most Americans have a record amount of debt including balances owed on credit cards, car loans, student loans, and even mortgages. Currently, credit card debt owed by Americans is greater than $1 trillion. In the year 2017 alone an additional $92 billion was added to America’s credit card debt with 67 billion of that 92 billion added during the fourth quarter alone. As a result, there are significant investment opportunities in debt collection companies, although this does mean that the current growth in the American stock market is more than likely unsustainable. Watch this video on Youtube.

Matt Badiali, a Man with a Strategy

If one wonders what brings about massive wealth, knowledge, strategy, and prestige, look no further than Matt Badiali. Many critics have reviewed him and find that this man is no scam and is the real deal. He is a graduate of multiple universities in the field of Geology, Geoscience, Earth Science, and Sedimentary Geology. The colleges he attended were Penn State University (1987 – 1992), Florida Atlantic University (1998 – 2000), and the University of North Carolina at Chapill Hill (2000 – 2005). Read more articles by Matt Badiali at Banyan Hill.

Matt Badiali is the name behind Banyan Hill Publishing and promoting his well-known “Freedom Checks.” By using his Geology and Earth Science background and knowledge in the Oil drilling industry and mining industry he has found a remarkable metal that can bring in tons of money even more than gold and all the others and letting everyone know all the positives in investing in zinc, “the magic metal.” With the shortage of 50% over the last four years and the price going up 60% just in the last year he is advising the public to invest and become shareholders in this metal and receive “Freedom Checks” for their returns. Interviewed in, Matt Badiali tells how he created a newsletter called “The Real Wealth Strategist” and it contains all of his knowledge in geology and investments put into the newsletter. One of his statements of philosophy highlighted is, “Over deliver. Give more value than people expect.” This philosophy makes him a man of integrity and a great strategist. Facebook has his business page rated at 3.8 stars as he has many informative articles and public reviews about Freedom Checks as well. Visit to know more about Matt Badiali.

In he explains the market the ups and the downs on the charts and how zinc still remains in place as it is the best market for investors no matter how the market goes up or down. Matt Badiali explains how in his newsletter if the market doesn’t go up or if it goes down people panic and send him letters. He states how no market can consistently go up in stocks every day. The percentage goes by the course of extended time periods as the market may go down one day and sky rocket the next. He still reassures the public as an investment advisory service, there is a great market in zinc with a lot of payouts through “Freedom Checks.”