End Citizens United Fights Back

Back in 2008, a lawyer named James Bopp who was from Indiana appeared in front of a federal three-judge panel in Washington, DC, to argue for his client. The topic in question was whether a nonprofit organization called Citizens United should be allowed to show Hillary: The Movie on on-demand TV during the Democratic presidential primaries. The movie portrayed Mrs. Clinton in a negative light, and the FEC told Citizens United that the film wasn’t permitted to be shown or spoken of during primary season because it was basically to a 90-minute campaign ad that didn’t credit who funded it. Bopp argued in court that the movie was somewhat similar to 60 Minutes, and that its creators deserved First Amendment protections.

At hearing this, the US District Court Judge laughed and said that the film couldn’t be compared to 60 Minutes.

Two years later, the Supreme Court reversed the ruling and said that corporations already have First Amendment rights, like average voters, and to prevent them from spending money for their preferred candidate or against the other is unconstitutional.

Citizens United is the result of many years of Bopp’s work to slowly break down the nation’s campaign-finance regulations, and while his methods are unconventional they are also effective.

James Bopp works out of Terre Haute, Indiana, which he finds more practical as it not only gives opportunities for him to take on nonprofit clients, but keeps him close to his three daughters.

End Citizens United, which is a political action committee intent on sending big money out of politics, collected more than $4 million just in the first few months of this year. Estimation is that they will raise $35 million with plenty of time for the 2018 midterm elections for Congress. The first election cycle End Citizens United had, in 2016, they raised $25 million dollars.

In the first quarter of this year, around 100,000 contributed, and 40,000 of those were new. There are many influences behind the donations, but a couple have to do with the donors feeling like the system is set against them as well as the Democratic fury at Donald Trump being elected.

Since End Citizens United operates as a regular PAC, or political action committee, they aren’t able to accept donations higher than $5,000 from an individual donor, but even with limitations they’re still reaching record numbers in received donations.

George Soros Makes A Comeback In Washington Politics

There are quite a few people who are following the career of George Soros because they want to learn quite a lot about business and politics. He has been one of the biggest donors to progressive causes, and he has been someone who helps push agendas in America that will serve people. Someone who wants to learn from George Soros may watch what he has done, and they will see what he has done in his comeback if they are reading Politico.

#1: There Are Many People Who Benefit

George Soros has spent quite a lot of money to ensure that Democrats have the funds they need, and he has contributed to a number of different campaigns and causes that are important to them. He is a Holocaust survivor who wants to ensure that fascism and conservatism do not take over, and he wants to give to something that he believes will help people live better lives.

#2: George Is A Business Expert

There are many people who will watch what George Soros does to learn how to manage and invest their money. They ask him for help because he has opinions on the world economy, and his opinions on the world economy may be used to improve lives and investments. George explains how the economy is changing, and he sees similarities to the economy now and in the past. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

#3: He Gives To Things He Believes In

There are charities and causes that are in need of the money that George Soros has to offer. He wants people to ensure that they have the funds they need to make a change, and he knows that there are a number of charities and groups that will reach out to him for help. They know that he believes in their progressive causes, and they know that he will support them quite a lot. Read this story at Politico.com about George Soros.

#4: How Long Will He Continue To Give

George has much of his money earmarked for other purposes, and he wants to give it in places where he believes that it will make the most sense. He is willing to reach out to donors to give money to things that will be good for them, and he wants to give these people money when they need to reach a particular goal. He has given to protestors in Ferguson, and he will work with his partners on new political donations.

There are quite a few people who benefit from the work that George Soros does. He has ensured that the people he helps receive the money that is required, and he gives them money that will improve their lives in ways that no other donor or cause may do.

Learn more: http://www.biography.com/people/george-soros-20926527

George Soros Accuses Trump Of ‘Doing The Work Of ISIS’

George Soros is known for his strategic market moves and his opinions on politics. Separating economy and politics can be hard, even for the self-made billionaire on discoverthenetworks.org. For him, every political decision has a direct impact on the economy. If one wants to succeed in hedge funds, there is need to monitor both the economic and political trends. In January 2016, Soros shocked many people by claiming that the Republican candidate, Donald Trump, was doing the work of ISIS. This is a strong statement against an individual running for the highest office in the United States. George Soros noted that Trump’s ideas such as closing the U.S. border to the Muslim community might serve to negate the anti-terrorism efforts led by the United States. Such bans would be against religious freedom and the fundamental principles on which the United States was founded. Soros believe that the Middle East is already winning the war against ISIS. Recent data indicates that Iraqi and Syrian governments have managed to reposes land that was under the control of ISIS on Politico.

Soros was also impressed by Angela Merkel’s initiative to welcome refugees in the country. He said that in doing so, the German Chancellor risked her political future on opensocietyfoundations.org. The hedge fund expert hopes that Germany and other European countries will successfully integrate immigrants into their societies. Such success will discourage ISIS and kill their propaganda messages. At the recent World Economic Forum in Davos, Soros made headlines with his exploding comments on a 45-minute interview with the Bloomberg TV. Soros made these comments in light of the campaign propaganda used by Trump. One of Trump’s campaign policies that have provoked the self-made billionaire to react are his views on immigration. Trump has promised to make it hard for immigrants to move into the United States. In his plans, Trump is proposing to build a wall along the border between Mexico and America. The billionaire is confident of Hillary winning the general election. This information was originally mentioned on Forbes.

George Soros is the richest hedge fund billionaire worldwide. He is famed for ‘breaking’ the Bank of England in 1992 when he made over a billion dollars. The Hungarian-American has since grown his empire to a staggering $24.5 billion. This places him among the top twenty richest individuals in the planet. Trump is ranked number 121, with an estimated net worth of over $4.4 billion. Although Soros has been relatively silent in the last few months, he has remained one of the top political contributors. He mainly supports liberal causes and candidates. The founder of Soros Fund Management is also known for his philanthropic works. In the 1970s, he provided funds to black students attending the University of Cape Town. His donations helped the students to complete their studies. The billionaire has given out over $ 7 billion to different initiatives. Out of this amount, $50 million was donated to the Millennium Promise. He has also donated over $100 million to help Russian regional universities to establish internet infrastructure.