Jennifer Walden : A revolutionary woman

Jennifer Walden: A Revolutionary woman

Born in Texas to parents in the medical field, Jennifer Walden has truly made her mark following her parents footsteps and developing a new way to approach cosmetic surgery in the big city of Austin. She is a businesswoman, a spokesperson,a mother of twin boys and is very active in several causes and charities such as donating towards leaukemia research. She is a passionate woman in making a difference in the lives of others, a true inspiration to other women.

Jennifer is a nationally acclaimed aesthetic plastic surgeon, making television appearances as well as a member of the Board of Directors for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. She is also an active speaker in national conferences. Being well known for her unique style in her board certified practice has been an introduction to a new type of surgeon, with more options and knowledge than your average surgery center.

Founder of Medspa Walden Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center based in her hometown of Austin, where she is one of the first few to use the newest technology advancements in the business. With her all female staff office specializing in a variety of services and options ensuring a great experience for her clients, there’s no secret as to why she is one of the best in the business with rave reviews.

A hard working single mother juggling twin boys, her business and involvement in the community working towards causes and finding balance amongst it all is proof that it is possible ladies! This in itself is enough reason to be a great role model for all women, of all ages. She strives on helping women empower women and also is one of the few women in her field at her caliber, she is a fierce force to be reckoned with.A powerhouse and role model, she prides herself in helping others acheive their goals.

Dr. Jennifer Walden: Cosmetic Passion, Determination & Ingenuity

When it comes plastic surgeons, the United States has more than enough to choose from. Unfortunately, all aren’t created equal because all plastic surgeons have different levels of experience. Have you ever heard of Dr. Jennifer Walden? If you haven’t heard, the you’re not alone. Dr. Jennifer Walden is an accomplished cosmetic surgeon who is board-certified. There are over 8,000 board-certified cosmetic surgeons in America, but only 851 are board-certified. Yes, this is a male-oriented field, but the female doctors provide some of the best, high-quality work that rivals the work of the males.

Dr. Walden comes from a family of professionals. Her mother was a surgical nurse, and her father was a dentist. She has always had a strong passion for the medical industry and this would be the field of choice for starting her career. Walden would attend the University of Texas after graduating from high school. After earning a bachelor’s degree in Biology, she would be waitlisted before attending the University of Texas Medical Branch. Years of studying and working hard has paid-off in earning a medical doctorate. To add insult to injury, Walden was the salutatorian of her graduating class. Walden is a media-mogul in a sense because she has appeared on numerous television shows such as “Dr. 90210,” and she has appeared as a commentator for both ABC News and Fox News. Harper’s Bazaar named her as One of America’s 24 Best Cosmetic Surgeons in 2014.

After obtaining her fellowship in aesthetic surgery from the Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital, she would work in New York for many years. Walden attended medical-conferences, and she played a huge role in the rebirth of silicone-breast implants. As of today, Dr. Jennifer Walden is raising her twin boys in her hometown, and she has a very successful medical practice.

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Dr. Walden Cosmetic Procedures

A person that is looking to get premier cosmetic service anytime they require a surgery will want to get in touch with Dr. Jennifer Warden. She is a renowned cosmetic surgeon in the Austin, Texas area and will happily provide patients with any kind of cosmetic service that they need. By taking the time to research the particular surgery that a person seeks, patients will be putting themselves in good hands and can expect the best from the finished product. Consider these points below in order to learn as much as possible about who Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews is and what she can provide.

Understanding the procedures that Dr. Warden offers.

When a person wants to get excellent cosmetic service, it starts with researching what their particular surgeon can handle. Some of Dr. Walden’s specialties include breast implants, tummy tuck, liposuction and Botox. She is incredibly skilled at all of these procedures and has been practicing cosmetic surgery for the past eight years. By getting in touch with her, she will be able to provide people everything that they require when it comes to minimally invasive and invasive cosmetic surgeries.

Learn the background of Dr. Walden

A person looking to get service from Dr. Warden should understand where she came from and what her background entails. First of all, Dr. Walden is very familiar with Austin, because this is where she grew up. She is also a graduate from the University of Texas at Galveston. She received her medical degree from the University and was the salutatorian of her graduating class. She also was able to build a successful medical practice in New York City, prior to deciding to pack up and return to Austin in 2011.

If a person is looking to get cosmetic surgery from Dr. Walden, they should take advantage of the tips issued in this article and then ask for cost estimates and a detailed breakdown of the procedure. Cosmetic surgeries can cost anywhere from $6000-$10,000 depending on the circumstance, so people need to do their research and contact Dr. Walden today. She will be glad to handle any cosmetic need.

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