George Soros’ Massive Donation

George Soros is a philanthropist who has just done something that has proven his devotion to giving back to the people on this planet. He’s a widely known financier who has recently revealed to the world that he has given Open Society Foundations a whopping $18 billion. Open Society Foundations is the name of the organization he established. The goal behind Open Society Foundations is to help construct accepting democracies that have governments that take proper care of their citizens.

Soros’ donation isn’t going to end with this $18 billion gift, either. That’s because he’s planning on donating even more in the future. He’s planning on increasing this donation by an impressive $2 billion. This amount of money can help restore justice in society. It can accomplish a whole lot more than that as well. This money has the ability to get human beings more rights. This, in turn, can contribute to getting people things they need for basic health and happiness. Clean and fresh water is just one simple example.

George Soros is a prominent hedge fund manager who is also known by many for his billionaire status. His recent donation has the distinction of being among the largest donations ever given to a sole entity. He made this donation throughout the course of a handful of years. He only recently made it public, however. The donation has turned Open Society Foundations into a massive American philanthropic group. The Bill Melinda Gates Foundation actually is the sole American philanthropic group that’s larger than it.

George Soros created Open Society Foundations three plus decades ago. His objective in launching the group was to encourage human rights democracy in 120 nations and counting around the planet. Open Society Foundations has throughout the past few years shifted a lot of its focus. It’s paying more and more attention to the United States than ever before. The group is putting a lot of money into programs that defend lesbians and gays from issues. It’s putting a significant amount of money into programs that minimize problematic behavior by professionals who work in the law enforcement field. George Soros is an 87 year-old man who has a passion for ending these kinds of problems in the United States and beyond. His dedication to philanthropic work has been crystal clear to people all around the planet for decades and decades.

Open Society Foundations put a considerable amount of money into treatment facilities for Ebola back in 2014. It put money into a center that revolved around Roma heritage and art, too. This group strives to defend the people in the United States from all sorts of issues that involve hate crimes. Soros made the decision to spend $10 million on stopping hate crimes in the nation and Follow him

Soros is also someone who has a strong connection to the political universe. He gave Hillary Clinton’s campaign a sizable donation. He donated a respectable amount of money to various other politicians who are part of the Democratic party as well.

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George Soros Makes A Comeback In Washington Politics

There are quite a few people who are following the career of George Soros because they want to learn quite a lot about business and politics. He has been one of the biggest donors to progressive causes, and he has been someone who helps push agendas in America that will serve people. Someone who wants to learn from George Soros may watch what he has done, and they will see what he has done in his comeback if they are reading Politico.

#1: There Are Many People Who Benefit

George Soros has spent quite a lot of money to ensure that Democrats have the funds they need, and he has contributed to a number of different campaigns and causes that are important to them. He is a Holocaust survivor who wants to ensure that fascism and conservatism do not take over, and he wants to give to something that he believes will help people live better lives.

#2: George Is A Business Expert

There are many people who will watch what George Soros does to learn how to manage and invest their money. They ask him for help because he has opinions on the world economy, and his opinions on the world economy may be used to improve lives and investments. George explains how the economy is changing, and he sees similarities to the economy now and in the past. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

#3: He Gives To Things He Believes In

There are charities and causes that are in need of the money that George Soros has to offer. He wants people to ensure that they have the funds they need to make a change, and he knows that there are a number of charities and groups that will reach out to him for help. They know that he believes in their progressive causes, and they know that he will support them quite a lot. Read this story at about George Soros.

#4: How Long Will He Continue To Give

George has much of his money earmarked for other purposes, and he wants to give it in places where he believes that it will make the most sense. He is willing to reach out to donors to give money to things that will be good for them, and he wants to give these people money when they need to reach a particular goal. He has given to protestors in Ferguson, and he will work with his partners on new political donations.

There are quite a few people who benefit from the work that George Soros does. He has ensured that the people he helps receive the money that is required, and he gives them money that will improve their lives in ways that no other donor or cause may do.

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Dick DeVos: The Man Behind The Philanthropy

Dick DeVos is no ordinary businessman. He is one of the biggest businessmen in the entire country, with a fortune to his name. He is the son of the founder of Amway, one of the largest healthcare and nutritional supplement chains in the entire world. Present in over fifty different countries, Amway has grown beyond what anyone expected it, and a good amount of that growth was owing to the efforts that DeVos put in. DeVos took over as the CEO of Amway in 1993 and instantly transformed the company from what it was, to the multinational corporation that it is today. DeVos has a knack for international relations and recognizing potential foreign markets. This skill was put to good use when he served as the Vice President of the international division of Amway, and naturally, expanding the company to international boundaries became his main priority when he took over. The company saw a tremendous amount of growth after he took over, which cemented the fact that DeVos was an extremely good fit for the company.


Even though DeVos had been exposed to Amway since he was a child owing to the fact that he saw his father work day in and day out on the company, his true passion wasn’t in fact the company, but more towards helping the society. DeVos has always been a person who sympathizes with the masses and has always possessed the desire to go on and help people in whatever way he can. Since the beginning of his career, DeVos made it a point to donate to numerous different charities and do his bit to help make the American Society more favorable for the future generations. Today, DeVos is regarded as one of the most charitable philanthropist in the entire country and is said to have aided millions of lives.


DeVos is married to Betsy DeVos who current is the Education Minister of the country. One thing that the couple shares is their love for helping people. In light of this, they started the DeVos Family Foundation, which was an organization that was geared towards helping make a difference in society. The foundation had different funds, each for a different cause. Through the foundation, DeVos aimed to help as many people as he could, on a much larger scale. One of the more notable departments within the DeVos Family Foundation is the Education Freedom Fund, which is a special fund dedicated to improving the education system in the country, and to aid students who are extremely talented. The fund regularly hands out scholarships to deserving students for educational programs in private schools, and urges them to start attending these schools, so as to get a better quality of education.

Jason Hope’s Passions

Technology entrepreneur Jason Hope has two major passions these days in addition to his numerous successful investments: the Internet of Things and the SENS Foundation.

Purposely making time to be a highly-regarded writer and commentator on the latest technology trends, Jason recently wrote about his views on the Internet of Things. He called it the greatest wave of advancement to hit the tech industry and expects it to become the single major advancement in the tech industry for many years to come and be the biggest investment taken on by many of the largest corporations in the world.

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The technology allows various daily-life devices to connect with each other. Electronic devices have the ability to connect using the same network and shared data to increase the operation and efficiency of such things as cars, kitchen appliances, coffee makers, turning lights on and off, and so much more. Hope predicts that this smart technology will create a world in which conceivable devices are able to connect with each other to provide many conveniences. It will also add to public safety improvements and maintenance as well as safer mapping of public transportation with less use of and accidents by private vehicles and provide faster emergency responses.

After being able years ago to pledge a $500,000 donation to the SENS Foundation, Jason Hope continues to be very involved with the California-based non-profit public research and outreach organization that develops and promotes access to rejuvenation and regenerative biotechnologies and also addresses age-related diseases. The expectation is to reshape the healthcare, biotech, and pharmaceutical industries as they exist today.

Dick DeVos Philanthropy Works

Dick DeVos is one of the most successful Michigan entrepreneurs, businessman and philanthropist. He is Richard DeVos’ son, one of the co- founder of Amway Corporation. He was listed as 67th richest man in the world in the year 2012, having a net worth of about $ 5.1 million. He took over the leadership of Amway, but left to start his own company, The Windquest Group. Like other men who have amassed a lot of wealth, DeVos is very passionate about helping societies.  The foundation contributes and supports various charities including;


Dick DeVos is very passionate about education and believes that people should have equal opportunities at an education. For this reason, they contribute to the country’s education in the following ways;

West Michigan Aviation Academy

This is the first aviation charter school in the nation. The school was founded with an aim of giving an opportunity for every student with a passion for aviation, regardless of their background to attend the school.


With the Dick and Betsy Family Foundation, DeVos, collaborates with Thunderbird School of Global management. He offers scholarships to students entering the school to pursue Masters in Arts, Science and Business Administration. They also collaborate with Northwood University to offer scholarships for students pursuing BBA and MBA.


DeVos is highly involved in the politics of this nation. At one point, he even ran for Governor of Michigan. DeVos invests in training future leaders.

Arts Funding

Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation is known to have made the biggest donation in the history of Kennedy Center Institute of Arts Management. They contributes a whopping $ 22.5 million which went to training of arts managers in all fields of arts all over the world. This saw the center renamed to DeVos Institute of Arts Management.


DeVos’ passion for the environment has seen his foundation make contributions towards research on the source of pollution in Lake Macatawa. This is in bid to make Michigan a better place to live in.