A Look At GPB Global Resources’ Upcoming Projects

GPB Global Resources is a global group of companies that develops different mineral and petroleum projects throughout South America, the Middle East, and Africa. GPB Global Resources specializes in helping acquire different mineral resources, while also helping companies develop their own natural resources. GPB Global Resources also helps project financing for infrastructure development in emerging markets.

Key Projects


The Special Envoy of the President of The Russian Federation for Cooperation with Africa, Mikhail Margelov, visited Mali to meet with the government to discuss a working agreement between Mali and Russia. GPB started brainstorming different mining opportunities in Mali. GPB decided to work at the Barilla concession. The Barilla project will take place in Southern Mali.


GPB created GPB Chad Minerals SARL to represent the Republic of Chad. The company also initiated dialogue with the Mines of Chad and the Ministry of Geology. The Ministry of Geology and GPB Minerals signed a 5 year license agreement, which gives GPB Minerals SARL the authority to perform exploration works. The President of Chad, General Idriss Deby Itno, eventually signed a decree to support the agreement.


GPB’s Executive Director for Corporate Communications Sergey Tagashov says that the company had an agreement in place to explore a potential petroleum project in Ethiopia. The investment will primarily focus on drilling test wells in the Afar region of East Africa. The company will also conduct surveys. Ethiopia is looking for new sources of revenue to balance out a trade deficit. No oil or gas has been produced in Ethiopia.


GPB Global Resources is partnering with Gazprombank Latin America Ventures B.V. to develop an oil project at The Lagunillas Tierra and Bachaquero Tierra fields in Venezuela. The fields are located in Western Venezuela. GPB and Gazprombank plan to use the recent technological advancements to help increase oil production in the region.


GPB Global Resources is looking into potential projects at the Toulouk-2 license area. The company plans to drill multiple wells in the area.

The Rise of Agera Energy

Energy solutions giant Agera Energy has frequent customers from all over the world with most of its customers from the U.S. For the past few years many U.S. states have been deregulating the energy industry for the first time and thus giving the option to U.S. homeowners for the first time. The solutions AE provides are entirely based on what individual customers need and their budget.

AE first started rising for the definite better for Agera Energy in 2015 when Agera Holdings, its parent company, purchased and absorbed Lumens Energy Holdings LLC. In addition, AE also purchased and absorbed Glacial Energy retail suppliers.

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Cotemar Mexico – Values That Ensures Sustainability

100 percent Mexican company, Cotemar Mexico was established in 1979, and it operates in the energy sector. In the beginning, the company was offering its services in two strategic lines namely accommodation and catering as well as specialized vessels in the Campeche Bay. Cotemar Mexico acquired the first specialized vessels for diving, maintenance, and transportation of personnel. Since then, the company has exhibited continuous upward growth. Today, Cotemar Mexico is the leader in the provision of offshore services in the oil and gas sector, offering services in three strategic lines – the third one being the construction, modernization, maintenance and engineering services.

Cotemar Mexico mission, vision, and values

The activities of the company are usually guided by its mission, vision, and values. The mission of the firm is to offer its contributions to the productivity of the oil and gas sector using its efficient processes that are implemented based on the most recent industry technologies.

Cotemar Mexico’s vision is to become a sustainable firm that participates significantly in new business segments within the global oil industry. It accomplishes this by increasing its participation in the production processes with the help of a fleet of the latest vessels, alongside fresh and innovative work methods. The values directing the operations of the company include integrity (acting consistently, honestly, and in an ethical manner), reliability, humility, and innovation.

Cotemar Mexico is among the best employers in the world. The organization uses a unique talent acquisition strategy. It has a history of attracting, equipping and retaining outstanding talents through the implementation of robust training and development programs capable of empowering and motivating workers. This approach has made it possible for the company to recruit top talents through its partnership with prominent participants in the sector.

Cotemar Mexico offers its employees a challenging work environment designed to equip every member of the organization with the right tools to help them work towards the realization of the goals and objectives of the firm. The organization rewards well-performing employees, with the ones exhibiting poor performance being put through training programs to help them improve.

The operations of the firm are usually in line with the regulatory and management rules of ISO. Its procurement and supply management transactions are guided by the strict rules and standards of the Institute of Supply Management. As far as the protection of ships and all the Port facilities is concerned, the firm ensures complete compliance with the IMO (International Maritime Organization) Code. The code assists organizations to detect threats, and act accordingly in prevention.

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