Mental Illness, Jeremy Goldstein & Fountain House

The names mental illness, Jeremy Goldstein and Fountain House all falls under the same banner. The reason being for this statement is that Jeremy Goldstein effectively utilizes Fountain House to find solutions for mental illness. Jeremey Goldstein is an attorney in New York City, and Fountain House is a New York-based foundation. Fighting and treating mental illness is easier said than done. Many of the people who struggle with this disorder can sometimes feel left out because they don’t possess the necessary skills to survive on their own. Fountain House changes all of this by working closely with a group of individuals who struggle with mental disability. This nonprofit organization is quite huge as it houses 500 mental-illness patients. The main goals here is to create a life for its occupants. Enrichment brings joy as well as builds self-confidence.


Fountain House has a history that dates back to the early 1940s. Getting the patients involved in the community is what this organization can do. By doing so, each patient can develop new friends, attain gainful employment, increase their self-esteem as well as have pride in their accomplishments. On the other hand, Jeremy Goldstein may be a local lawyer, but he works closely with Fountain House by being on the Board of Directors. Goldstein handles many of business aspects, and he has brought in copious amounts of fundraising capital.


On May 21, 2019, Jeremy Goldstein used vintage wine and fine dining to raise money for this extraordinary organization. In order to attend this wine dinner, every participant must pay a fee of $5,000. Yes, this is absolutely right, and this money will go toward funding numerous programs at Fountain House. The Nomad Hotel was ground zero for this stunning event as it played host to a number of power figures. La Mouline, La Landonne and La Turque vintage wines were served.


All in all, Jeremy Goldstein is doing his part to improve the lives of many people. This man will continue to raise the bar while setting new trends.


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Attorney, Businessman & Speaker: Jeremy L. Goldstein

One of the most well-respected individuals in the city of New York is known as Jeremy L. Goldstein. This man has been on a mission thanks to his business-savvy sense in acquisitions and company mergers. Jeremy Goldstein is a high-powered attorney who just so happens to operate a successful law firm. This law firm was actually founded by Goldstein himself, and it’s known as Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. This man is also well-trained and well-educated on the topic at hand as he has attained a J.D. from the New York University School of Law. In addition to that, he has attained a M.A. from the University of Chicago.


The need for legal consultation is one of the areas that brings in income. Goldstein has built an impressive list of accomplishments by working with some of the largest corporations of the 21st century. On top of that, he has been involved with some of the largest transactions over the past decade by working with mega companies, such as South African Breweries, Goldman Sachs, Verizon Wireless, AT&T Corporation, J.P. Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Duke Energy, Sears Roebuck and countless others. Goldstein has a knack for protecting the interests of his clients by drawing up non-compete agreements. These types of agreements can be very technical, but they can come in handy when dealing with the employees of high-profile corporations. The majority of professionals who are considered as “white collar” tend to drift from company to company. Non-compete agreements provide a restriction process to how long an employ must wait before accepting a job with a competing employer. This niche of employment law is booming as of 2019, but all law firms aren’t the same. Choosing a firm that specializes in this niche is critical for employers, and Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates is a great route to take.


“My very first client came to me via referral,” said Goldstein. Marketing via public relations has also helped to bring in more clients. Employment law is definitely serving its purpose, and Jeremy Goldstein is taking full-advantage of the benefits.


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Jeremy Goldstein, the Attorney with Philanthropy at Heart

Jeremy Goldstein is among the most respected lawyers in New York. Besides representing his clients in the corridors of justice, Jeremy finds time to give back to society. In that connection, the prominent lawyer plans to host a wine dinner that would help to raise funds in support of Fountain House. The dinner scheduled for May 21, 2019, takes place at the Nomad Hotel Roofdeck with tickets going for $5,000.


According to Jeremy, the money raised from the dinner, Mental Illness: You Are Not “A Rhône, would help in assisting the patients who have a mental illness. The four-hour dinner party would also be in honor of Jim Finkel. The attendants would enjoy a delicious meal and have a chance to taste the best vintages of E. Guigal’s wines.


In 1944, a group of people suffering from severe mental illness came together and formed a mentorship group; We Are Not Alone. The group that later rebranded to Fountain House brings together people suffering from the disease from different occupations. The mental sickness remains a severe problem and stands as one of the primary causes of stigma in society. Fountain House continues to grow stronger as many people like Jeremy Goldstein find time to fund it.


The group that has made a name for itself for the last seven decades derived its name from one of its properties. The group, We Are Not Alone, invested in a building along West 47th Street in New York City in 1948. The building had an eye-catching fountain in the garden that made the group brand it as the Fountain House in the same year of purchase.


Fountain House has continued to provide work opportunities and affordable accommodation to its members over the years. The group caters for the members in local and urban areas by helping them live, learn, and work, making them beneficial to the community. The organization runs various mental health programs across New York that help people recover from mental illnesses. The group also advocates for the people that live with mental illnesses get the support they need from the community.


Attorney Jeremy Goldstein is one of the board members of Fountain House since 2010. As the owner of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC; he ensures that the firm provides excellent services to its clients. The company offers advice to corporation compensation committees, CEOS, and management teams on the best compensation procedures. Additionally, the clients get credible information on handling corporate governance issues.


The talented lawyer acquired his law skills from New York and Chicago Universities by acquiring a J.D. degree and an M.A respectively. The attorney proceeded to Cornell University and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Arts cum laude with a distinction. Besides practicing law, Jeremy is a talented writer and a speaker specializing in compensation and corporate governance issues.


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