Neurocore’s Approach to Treating Depression

The applied neuroscience field has continued to build up momentum in the medical community. Doctors, researchers, scientists and clients are testifying for application of neuroscience in the treatment of various mental conditions. The advancements in the sector have made it easier for healthcare companies such as Neurocore to provide efficient, medication-free depression treatment. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.


Depression is a mental condition that affects many people across the world. There are many types of depression as well as varying levels of severity. Neurocore leverages technologies such as neurofeedback and exercise to help victims of depression to overcome it. Depression can get to the chronic and debilitating level. While some types of depression are caused by a traumatic even, there is a type of depression which gets worse each passing day. Whatever the type, depression can have devastating effects on you.



Brain training therapy for depression includes use of qEEG brainwave mapping technology and symptom rating scales as well as other diagnostic measures to establish an understanding of your depression symptoms. Then, a customized program is created to address the symptoms. The effects of depression can be diverse and some off its symptoms include anxiety, social isolation, low energy levels, low motivation, lack of interest in activities, as well as low self-esteem.


Neurocore’s Brain Performance Centers will pass a depression patient through a depression program which starts from neuro assessment. The assessment is designed to drive understanding of the condition of your brain. The program will also include brain’s activity measurement and evaluation using qEEG technology to establish the causes of the depression symptoms. You can have depression and continue with your day to day life without realizing it. Depression can also reach a level it can overwhelm you. Either way, Neurotherapy has advanced greatly and you can be guided through a neurofeeback program and helped to train your brain to function better and get back to your feet. Read more about Neurocore at