Des Perez’s Partnership With Jay-Z at Roc Nation

Desiree Perez’s recent meeting with Universal Music Group CEO Sir Lucian Grainge sparked speculations of UMG buying part of Roc Nation. However, insiders at UMG have stated that the company already has a deal in place with Roc Nation. Any further investment by UMG would see it take up a larger stake of the artists at Roc Nation. With Desiree’s proven negotiating track record, any deal would enable her partner Jay-Z to gain more money for further investment.

Jay Z’s recording breaking deal with Live Nation worth $150 million dollars is ending. That is why he is looking for other major players in the industry to buy a stake at Roc Nation. There is just one more year to go. This means either the rapper or Live Nation will sell their stake to the other or buy the entire company. Sources have stated that Live Nation would like to continue working with Jay-Z as far as touring is concerned.Click on to

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Live Nation has had a long and successful partnership with the rapper. Their partnership has generated a lot of income. It is for this reason that Live Nation would want to continue working with Jay-Z. A music insider has gone on to say that Live Nation is not interested in recorded music anymore. However, any touring deal with the rapper would be welcome. The lucrative nature of the rapper’s deals is a major attraction for investment by Live Nation.

About Desiree Perez

It goes without saying that Desiree Perez is a major player in the music industry. Her exceptional negotiating and number crunching skills have seen her grow into a formidable entrepreneur in music. She is credited with the success of Beyonce’s formation stadium. Rihanna’s Samsung deal can also to some extent be credited to her. She currently works as an exec at Roc Nation and works closely with Jay-Z who, founder of the company.  Check for related article.

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