A Traditional Bank With A Modern Future

Based in Dallas, Texas, NexBank has held a banking charter since 1922 serving the local community,offering personal and commercial banking. NexBank serves the local, national, and international community by offering three levels of service: Commercial Banking, Mortgage Banking, and Institutional services.


By breaking down services and offering specialists for each banking branch, NexBank is able to personalize their services. Business are able to obtain lines of credit, make deposits when necessary, apply for business mortgages, and take advantage of the treasury management services offered by NexBank. The bank also has loan and mortgage officers along with escrow officers, administrative agents and a full staff of real estate advisors ready to help keep business successful, growing and functioning at their highest levels of efficiency.


NexBank offers the same services for the general public including loans, mortgages, and bank lines of credit. NexBank also offers 24/7 online banking. That way clients can access their bank accounts, send inquiries, and apply for loans or credit when it’s convenient time for the client.


In addition to offering banking services, NexBank cares about their community in giving back to others, including donations made to the local police system. To learn more about NexBank and the services offered, please click this link for further information.