Stream Energy Supports Clients Affected by Hurricane Harvey

As someone who was also affected by Hurricane Harvey, reading about an energy company, such as Stream Energy, that gave extra support for their clients is always heartwarming ( Stream Energy made donations in excess of $25,000 to the American Red Cross as well as graciously waiving late fees on all energy bills that were due between April 29th to September 5th of 2017 for over 127,000 Texas customers. Not only were these customers given waivers on their energy bills, but Stream Wireless users would also have their late fees waived as well. Stream Energy is one of the largest providers of life services located in Texas, with many more locations across the east coast in areas such as Georgia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Washington D.C. Although their locations are limited, they can provide their services across the entire nation.

Speaking of their services, Stream Energy is not just a gas and electric company. Stream offers so much more than that. For instance, Stream provides wireless services for as low as $25 per month for tablet and hot spot plans and up to $60 per month for unlimited talk, text and WI-FI data. There are also shared plan options and multiple line packages. Stream Energy also provides health care. Stream Virtual MD provides online doctor consultations as low as one dollar per day, there are zero co-pays, and a plethora of discounts and savings coupons on prescriptions. With a company like Stream Energy, I am sure that they will surely knock out other competition. Stream Energy gives consumers the opportunity to have most of their utility bills rolled into one convenient payment and more than likely spend a lot less money in the process. With Stream generating more than $8 billion in revenue, I am sure this company will go far.