Alex Hern: Moving into the new world of XR

Alex HernXR is not necessarily new, but it hasn’t been talked about as much as Virtual or augmented reality. Tsunami XR is owned by David Ross and Alex Hern where they have remained at the head of XR and VR technology within the industry. Currently, there are a lot of challenges that XR will face and struggle with. It’s mainly between the illumination among augmented realities and real world objects. XR technology has the ability to be seamless when transitioning and will have to deal with making virtual and real realities difficult to tell apart inside similar perceptions. Another hurdle XR needs to conquer is motion sensing. Developers have their hands full in getting over this and are currently hammering out solutions. The biggest concern might be connectivity for XR technology as well. This is where 5G enters the picture and gives XR a bright future.

Hern has worked in many different job roles for companies serving as a board member, director and advisor. His focus remains with moving Tsunami XR into the future and betting on the computer world moving from CPU to GPU and opening up the need for more applications. XR technology will soon find its way into cloud-based computing in the coming years. Hern’s company has also been heavily involved in building their own studios and work spaces for business use. XR technology gives companies the excellent choice to conduct meetings on their private turfs through a connected workspace that can reach between states and countries. XR has many powerful qualities to it and Tsnami keeps pushing the boundaries and seeking out new opportunities. Hern also talks about the emergence of Artificial Intelligence. He sees this as a game changer in the market and is eager to research the subject more in hopes of creating another successful path by using this technology. Click here


Victoria Doramus Teaches Others About Overcoming Struggles

Victoria Doramus understands about having struggles and trying to stay strong in the hardest of times. The hard-working marketing professional is known for her marketing expertise among the New York and London areas.

The philanthropist started her career ladder by graduating from the University of Colorado with a journalism and mass communication degree. She was hired by a company knows as MindShare and later became involved in a creative art agency. While advancing, Victoria became knowledgeable in negotiating with vendors and as a consultant in the creative fields. She has also worked as a personal assistant to a film executive and researcher for authors and their books.

The professional has also used her journalism degree and created a long list of freelance articles involving what she has learned in her career and personal life. Victoria believes you can either be a victim or take control and get what you want out of life, no matter how hard it seems.

The career woman knows that hard work and determination has gotten her where she is and giving back to others only means that much more to her. That is why she is involved in several organizations that help others in need. She is involved in the Amy Winehouse Foundation, and the Women’s Prison Association. She is also involved in Best Friends Animal Society and helps with the foundation called Room to Read that gives to underprivileged kids.

Victoria Doramus is not ashamed to admit that she has had personal struggles in her life that have caused her to go down the wrong path., but due to perseverance she became stronger and knew what she wanted out of life. She had goals and knew it was going to be up to her to achieve them. No matter what your struggles she believes everyone that wants to, can overcome and reach their dreams.

Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla Is Out To Change The Numbers

Statistics show that companies that are more diverse in both gender and ethnicity outperform companies that are not. The reasoning is companies that are more diverse tend to be more creative. This creativity tends to lead to higher profits. So, if that is the case, why are not more of these companies lead by women? Susan McGalla is working hard to change those numbers.

McGalla was destined for success just based on her family situation. She grew up surrounded by men that did not treat her any different because she was a girl. She was taught from an early age that if you wanted something, you worked hard for it. She has carried this work ethic throughout her career.

She began her journey at American Eagle Outfitters. When she started, the executive board was filled only by men. However, she changed that when she became president of the company. She is now employed by the Pittsburgh Steelers as the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development. She credits bother her hard work and that the male-dominated organization was willing to give her a shot.

However, most women are not able to find the same opportunities. Even though women initiatives have worked hard to get women recognized in the business field, this does not seem to be getting the women opportunities that they are more than qualified for. Change needs to come from another avenue.

One such avenue is sponsorship. The idea is that women who are serious about their career find executive sponsors who will work to be their advocate. The sponsor will help to make sure that women will get just as many opportunities as their male counterparts. In turn, other male executives will get on board and will begin to work with other businesswomen. After all, the numbers do not lie. In the long run, by adding more diversity to their companies it will provide them with more money in their pockets. More money is one thing everyone can get behind.