EOS Lip Balm Review-Butter for your lips?

EOS Lip Balms have a variety of flavors and ingredients. These different ingredients react differently to different lips, but most are smooth and soft. EOS is a U.S. company so its always nice to support home grown companies. The packaging is small and cute. And these small containers can still hold a lot of product, available here at (Amazon.com). They do come in many different flavors, the smell varies not all smell overly great. It does not smell bad, but it doesn’t make you want to eat it. They do have a good taste, if you taste your lips a little bit. The flavors range from citrus to vanilla in many varieties. View mapleholistics.com for more info.

It is an organic and paraben free product. When applied it is very smooth. There is no heaviness, stickiness, and it isn’t drying. It keeps the lips moist. It’s very nice for daily wear. This product doesn’t have any color to it usually. Some have a very faint tint, but not much. Although this product doesn’t color the lips at all, it does bring out the natural color of your lips and enhances your face. There doesn’t seem to be any repairing happening when applied. Maybe a longer use could show some repair to dry or cracked lips, but no instant repairs. If you are looking for a casual buttery, soft finish to your makeup look or no makeup look this is the lip lacquer for you.