Kamil Idris Expresses His Views on IP Laws

Dr. Kamil Idris is the president of The International Court of Arbitration and Mediation. He is the former director general for the World Intellectual Property Organization located in Geneva. He attended Khartoum University and earned his bachelor’s degree in law and philosophy. He attended Ohio University and received his master’s in international law and international affairs. He also attended the Graduate Institute of International Studies and obtained his doctorate in International law. He was presented an honorary doctorate by the Franklin Pierce Law Center and the honorary doctor of letters from Indira Gandhi National Open University.

Dr. Idris gives interviews based on his knowledge of intellectual property. He discusses the importance of IP laws and their enforcement. He explains how to transfer intellectual property, protection against theft, and the effect that globalization has on individualized creativity. He believes that intellectual property is a part of economic development and that it promotes worldwide growth and stability. He discusses how the economic plans for a country determine the implementation of these laws.

Additionally, Dr. Idris thinks that globalization can affect the intellectual laws that are currently in place. Globalization lessens the impact of these laws and can permit the theft of ideas due to easy access. He believes that the advancements in technology, including the internet are a significant threat to IP laws. It is much easier for anyone to access the creative ideas of others and steal them. It has impacted the use of counterfeiting merchandise and has caused the WIPO to initiate new standards in their policies.

During the World Intellectual Property Day, Dr. Idris spoke about the importance of IP laws. He explained how copyrights, patents, industrial designs and trademarks protect creativity. Dr. Idris believes that without these laws anyone’s innovations could be stolen and lose their originality. He talked about the necessity for creativity and how all people should be protected.

Since many people share their knowledge with others in efforts to inspire, they should not have their property easily stolen. IP Laws need to be strengthened and remain enforced across the globe and throughout the internet.