John Goullet; The Great Goullet Keeps Pushing

John Goullet first began his rise to high esteem when he first went on to attend the institute known as the Ursinus College back in the year of 1979 where he stayed through until the year of 1983 when he left the institution to go on to pursue his dream career when he first dove into the professional world to take on the Info Technologies, Inc., back in the month of July in the year 1994. Staying for just shy of a full sixteen years, the great John Goullet changed his role in the business industry in the February of 2010 when he switched from being the owner and Chief Executive Officer over the Info Technologies, Inc., to become the Chairman over the world famous company known by the name of Diversant LLC. Standing tall as the biggest company working in the area of IT Solutions and IT Staffing that is owned by an African American individual, Diversant LLC is making positive change in an astronomical way. As one of the leading companies that works as fully certified business dealing in the area of Minority Business Enterprise, the company Diversant LLC is a stand tall and take charge business filled to the nines with the best and brightest in their fields so that they can provide nothing short of the absolute best quality resources for their clients. Today John Goullet lives and works out of the Greater New York City Area with a kick in his step and a light in his smile that assures everyone he goes into business with that there is nothing that they need to worry about, after all with the great Goullet on your side, nothing is impossible. Working closely with the owner of the company Diversant LLC, Gene Waddy, the two business big shots have become a true dream team. Having managed to produce some of the finest workers of their time and never shying away from a challenge in order to commit to their visions and pursue their dreams, John Goullet takes on the world with a passion that won’t quit. for  more.