Carsten Thiel: The Revered Biotechnology Specialist

Born and raised in Berlin, Carsten Thiel is a revered expert specializing in biotechnology. He is a visionary professional with vast experience in creating and developing successful companies that specialize in the launch of high-profile medical products including Strensiq, Vectibix, Neulasta, as well as Prolia. He has also spearheaded the launch of various medical breakthrough therapies aimed at saving thousands of lives. Carsten Thiel is also equipped with ethics when it comes to decision making. His convictions have often called for the transformation of existing medical protocols as well as overhauls that have resulted in cohesive patient care as well as a customer-oriented relationship with patients.

Carsten Thiel specialized in chemistry. He aspired to garner experience in the conventional Anglo-Saxon educational syllabus. As such, he joined the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom. In the process, Carsten studied organic chemistry and focused on biochemistry before receiving his degree in Bachelor of Science. To complete his formal education, Thiel joined the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry and completed his Ph.D. specializing in Molecular Biology.

Upon the completion of his formal education, Carsten Thiel joined the workforce in the innovative realm of pharmaceuticals at Hoffman La-Roche. This is a revolutionary international biotechnology firm. Before La-Roche, he worked as a communications manager while utilizing his skills in science to advance the company. In a few years, he was asked to join the industry of scientific marketing as a key accounts manager. Carsten flourished within this role. He became a successful professional in his business as his career grew tremendously.

After working for a few years within the global sector, his success paved the way for him to spearhead the product launch of Xenical, which was manufactured for those who are battling weight. Even though he has garnered tremendous experience as a salesperson specializing in vitamins as well as chemicals, this was an extended foray into the marketing industry for general masses.

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Founded by Henry Ford in Dearborn, Michigan, the Ford Motor Company opened its doors in 1903, providing some of the first automobiles to individuals, businesses, and government agencies. Using two to three men to work together on a single vehicle, Ford’s system introduced the assembly line system of work. The automobile manufacturer may be as well-regarded for his production line innovations as the automobiles his company produced.

As Henry’s great-great granddaughter, Elena Ford is continuing with that type of forward thinking with her eagerness to improve upon the customer experience. Elena currently serves as the auto maker’s Chief Customer Experience Officer, so her focus is on giving Ford customer’s a more personalized experience. She has taken the time to consider what areas need improving and analyzing methods for addressing those aspects of car ownership.

In an effort to customize the Ford customer experience, Elena Ford is promoting the company’s new mobile app, FordPass. The app will help propel Ford into a future, where selling a car is just one step in forging a relationship with tech-savvy consumers. Ms. Ford says this change in how the company relates to its customers is necessary, because people are changing how they use their vehicles.

Elena adds that people are viewing transportation in general as a means to an end, so car ownership isn’t really the status symbol it once was for past generations. While people will continue to buy vehicles, functionality will be far more important than luxury.

The Ford Motor Company began by conducting extensive research in customer satisfaction, analyzing how companies like Nike and Amazon have adapted to new consumer demands. Those companies have received recognition in providing “best in service” customer satisfaction. Embracing that as a goal, Elena Ford looked at customer experiences people have with the automotive industry and tried to determine the best ways to resolve those issues. The most common “pain points” that FordPass seeks to alleviate is the car buying experience, obtaining financing, and getting the vehicle serviced.

FordPass is a mobile app that works in conjunction with specially equipped vehicles to provide auto owners with a better experience. The app monitors the vehicle’s health and provides special functions, such as remotely starting and stopping the vehicle. In the future, Elena hopes the mobile app will help vehicle owners locate and pay for public parking and may even provide ways to borrow or share vehicles.

For Elena Ford, improving the buying experience is just one way she hopes her great-great grandfather’s company will address consumer needs. Beyond car ownership, Elena wants to see FordPass address other transportation issues and provide related services that will be customizable for each individual. In much the same way that Henry Ford used the assembly line to imp-rove the production experience, Elena Ford hopes FordPass will improve transportation experiences for Ford customers.


Valuable Repositioning Advice From Gareth Henry

The meaning of repositioning in real estate is explained by Gareth Henry as “changing the character, quality or purpose of a property.” An effort as small as putting on a new coat of paint is an example of repositioning. He notes that repositioning applies to not only residential but commercial real estate and recommends that investors understand their limits whether they be time or budget related. Henry understands that scarcity and technology are also influencing the trend of repositioning, requiring that use of a space be maximized and notes how trends such as remote work and online commerce change when and how spaces are used, creating different opportunities for repositioning.

To benefit from repositioning, Gareth Henry makes it clear that investors need to focus on projects that can benefit from minor repositioning efforts, they do not have to be a complex or expensive effort. Gareth explains the potential impact of cosmetic changes and other minor repositioning such as changes to light fixtures or finishes on the interior or exterior of the property. These efforts make the tenants feel good about where they live and can prompt them to pay their rent on time. An Overview of Private Credit with Gareth Henry.

Gareth Henry understands that structural repositioning can be more complicated but knows this type of effort will often create additional revenue. It involves things such as creating new amenities or replacing certain mechanical systems. It can be problematic if tenants are in the property but tends to pay off. When you change the way your property operates, you can change management, bring in higher income tenants or additional revenue. These are additional examples of repositioning.

With the recommendation of having a good plan and expectations that are realistic, Gareth Henry says that repositioning can add value and increase cash flow when you have chosen your location wisely. He recommends avoiding mistakes such as over improving for the neighborhood and double checking your budgets. Another issue is making sure you have a good understanding of who your tenant is, and Gareth highly recommends that you tie the budgets of improvements to the range of rents you are likely to get and keep realistic expectations of your competition within the neighborhood.

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What Gareth Henry Says About The Demand Of Hedge Funds

Hedge funds are now on the rise according to Gareth Henry, a long-time investor. Hedge funds are taking off, far beyond any investor’s wildest dreams. Money allocated to hedge funds is nothing less than a big climb right now.

This is because investors now have unprecedented confidence, and as of now, they have reached into the trillions of dollars. Gareth Henry believes that the interest alone in hedge funds has increased by nearly 30% this year, and this is all after watching a volatile market.

Although private equity funds are also being watched closely, these hedge funds are now just as popular as private equity within alternative assets. Now that the economic crisis has almost completely recovered, investors are regaining interest in hedge funds. Forgetting the bad rap they were getting, those who want to invest but have not done so are ready to make their first move.

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The investor has made it clear that hedge funds are performing the best that they have in 3 years. Growth with these alternative assets is also significantly better than it was in times past. Credit Suisse recently announced that there has been a 28% increase in hedge funds, and Gareth Henry agrees.

It’s no secret that hedge funds are the apple of Wall Street’s eye, and the hope is that the returns these produce are higher than general averages. Any of the funds that were outperforming others, also shared the same sentiment upon their declines.

A basic understanding of what hedge funds are can give you the picture of today and in the future. If anything, while most may view it as a gamble, it allows you to put limits on the risk.

As many millionaires know, they would not be where they are today had they not taken the risk. Those who initially deemed them “hedge funds”, now know that they are probably the most coveted way to invest. Gareth Henry has watched these funds for decades and gives his vote on how they are performing in 2018.

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Jason Hope supports research by SENS Foundation

Jason Hope is a prominent figure in the business sector. He is also known for his role in supporting anti-aging research. He believes that anti-aging research will lead to a solution that will slow down or stop the process of aging. The main reason why he is doing all this is that he wants to see old age diseases eradicated. Some of the diseases that could be eradicated by an anti-aging drug include dementia, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

Jason has shown his commitment to this cause by donating half a million dollars to an organization that is leading rejuvenation research known as the SENS Research Foundation. This foundation is currently at advanced stages of developing this drug, and there is a high probability that the current generation shall benefit from such a drug. Learn more about Jason Hope at Bitsy Link

SENS Research Foundation holds annual conferences which bring together experts on rejuvenation biotechnology to discuss how such a drug can be created. The group has been depending on donations from people who believe in the world they are doing. Jason Hope happens to be among the people who have trust in the work this organization is doing. The funds he donated went to the construction of research laboratories as well as initiating the research process.

The research being conducted by this organization is exploiting the possibilities of creating a drug that will slow down or stop aging hence giving the people a high chance of living long healthy lives.

Jason Hope is supporting this initiative because he believes it has the potential to change the manner in which we live top day. A breakthrough in terms of an anti-aging drug will change the whole approach used in the treatment of diseases, unlike others, an anti-aging drug will be addressing the root cause of the diseases that hinder us from doing the most basic things in life.

Jason Hope is from Arizona. He is known for his great love for technologies. He likes technologies which are revolutionary and give a break from the way things are traditionally done. Jason Hope is happy with the nature of results that are coming out of the SENS Foundation. Hopes are high that they will succeed in the near future. Visit:


Michael Hagele is Taking Technology to the Next Level

Michael Hagele is known for being nothing less than an extraordinary man. He currently happens to serve as being a senior outside counsel for a wide number of technology companies. Some of these companies happen to include development and research firms. Both of these kinds of companies like to provide design, technology and also consulting services. Read more about Michael Hagele at Inspirery.

Michael happens to have a variety of experience when it comes to technology. Some of this experience includes; distribution, closing technology, licensing, drafting, negotiating and also development agreements with both international and also domestic internet. The list of experience that he has achieved throughout the years still continues to amaze Michael daily.

Before Michael obtained his current job position he happened to of served as being general counsel for a variety of venture capital backed internet companies. It was at these companies that he was in charge of all legal affairs. These happened to of included corporate governance, intellectual property strategy, stock option plan administration, and also employment issues. Through these positions, Michael was able to proudly learn a lot of what he practices in his career today. Before Michael could officially start his career he knew that he would need to attend college and it was at the University of California that he did just that.



Efforts of Adam Milstein in condemning anti-Semitism

Anti-Semitism is hate against Jews. It is one of the oldest practices. It has completely refused to go away despite efforts to eradicate it. It keeps on haunting the Jewish community from one generation to another. Currently, there is a new wave of anti-Semitism that is sweeping across Europe and North America. These are areas that traditionally would be expected to have the lowest cases of this hate, but unfortunately, they seem to be the

According to a blog post created by one of the fiercest critics of the hate, Adam Milstein, Jews should be worried about the new support that traditional supporters of the hate are getting. Traditionally, the leading supporters of this hate are the radical Islamists. This group now seems to be getting support from unlikely people.

The extreme ideological groups have joined the bandwagon and are now supporting anti-Semitism. The far-right and far-left activist have combined forces with radical Islamists to promote this hate.

Adam Milstein who is a vocal activist does not fear to speak his mind. In fact, he is one of the Israeli-Americans who is trying to fight the spread of anti-Semitism in the world with vigor. From what he has seen with anti-Semitism, he cannot keep quiet while other people are propagating one of the most backward human practices.

Milstein notes with concern that far-left and far-right extremists are collaborating with a group that stands for nothing that they believe in. Radical Islamists will turn against them once they have helped them accomplish their mission. They do not support democratization or any of the western policies. They are against Americanism and will be happy to fight the Americans any day.

About Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is a real estate investor with a company known as Hager Pacific Properties where he serves as a managing partner.

He is also into philanthropy. He has a family foundation that supports various needy initiatives affecting the Jews. He concerned with the education of young Jews. Teaching them about their heritage is a key concern for him. He spends $1 million every year through the family foundation.

Adam Milstein also leads another organization known as the Israeli-American Council.

The General Reaction after Fortress Investment Group Went Public

The astonishing event of Fortress Investment Group going public will forever remain in the minds of many people. It was considered as one of the riskiest moves that an investment management firm has ever made. However, it never turned out as ugly as many people could have expected. Instead, what followed was the massive following of the other investment companies of its kind trying to imitate the same move. It was a historical event that will never be erased from the walls of the investment industry. If you are wondering what am talking about, it’s about the 2007 event that saw Fortress Investment Group declare an initial public offer.

This event took place under the guidance of the new CEO of the company by then, Peter Briger. Before then, no other company of its type and size had ever tried to go public. However, Briger felt that the decision was right and productive enough to try. With the kind of trust and faith that the other co-principals had in him, they had no choice but to concur. The move emerged successful as both the company and the principals got a lot of popularity from the industry and the general public at large.

The leadership of Fortress Group has been very pivotal in gearing the company towards achieving its goals and objectives. The three principals; Peter Briger, Wes Edens, and Randal Nardone have been so determined to ensure that all the strategic plans for the company are followed to the latter to ensure that they achieve success goals. One of the main strategies that the principals have been focusing on is training their employees in relationships building. The staff of Fortress Group have put great effort in establishing close relationships with the key stakeholders of other companies so that they can have an easy way out in the engagement of business partnerships.

As a result, Fortress Investment Group has been on record for having signed and engaged in various business relationships that range from partnerships, mergers and even acquisitions. This has helped the company tremendously in its growth process and also in achieving its financial goals.

Jeunesse Global Revolutionary Products for Youthful Skin Defies Aging Process

Jeunesse Global is more than passionate about redefining youth through the use of revolutionary quality skin products- the company is passionate about changing peoples’ lives with one exclusive skin product after another.

Jeunesse products give people more than just a reason to accomplish being their best. The products provide opportunities for people to dream bigger dreams than they ever thought possible. That is something unique and distinctive that Jeunesse products offer and the reason why the company has earned more than 300 worldwide awards.

Instantly Ageless is a micro-cream that targets the areas of the face which have lost a certain amount of elasticity during the natural aging process. The revolutionary product produces results in as little as two minutes. With a formula designed to give a flawless looking appearance, Instantly Ageless lifts the skin to diminish any signs of natural aging and reveals a visibly toned and well-defined skin texture.

The key areas that are quickly benefited from the use of Instantly Ageless include:

  • Forehead Wrinkles
  • Eyebrows
  • Hooded Eyes
  • Under-Eye Bags
  • Crow’s Feet
  • Facial Pores

Application tips are provided with each product purchased in order for users to get the full benefits and results intended.

The product line of Luminesce adds to the revolutionary skin care items that Jeunesse Global has developed. With an exclusive APT-200 formula, Luminesce dermatologist-developed products complement the benefits of Instantly Ageless by giving users an everyday maintenance opportunity to take care of their skin. By helping to restore the vitality of the skin through a regular routine, Luminesce products provide users the opportunity to create a younger, smoother and softer looking skin that lasts. The product line is available in eight categories.

Jeunesse Global is based in Lake Mary, Florida and was founded by Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray, after both business partners emerged from retirement in 2009. The premise for the company was fostered with the belief of empowering people to thrive in life and to manifest their highest potential. Wendy and Ray intended for Jeunessse Global to become a household name for cutting-edge products, which are now being distributed in 110 countries.

Paul MampillyAnd Internet Of Things Stocks

Paul Mampilly is one of the best at identifying stocks and buying low and selling high. His main stocks are usually found in the healthcare and advanced technology indexes and he shares his predictions on the market with followers of his newsletters. He’s mentioned the “Internet of Things” several times in interviews and newsletters, and he says stocks associated with it look promising for 2018 which might otherwise bring a bear market to pass. The Internet of Things would include technology like robotics, artificial intelligence, self-operating vehicles, smart appliances and other internet-based connectivity. He also names precision medicine and blockchain as other fields to look out for.

Paul Mampilly started writing stock newsletters for Banyan Hill just a couple years ago. Prior to that he was making investments for the top 1% on Wall Street. After graduating from Montclair State University in the early 1990s, he began in credit research at Deutsche Bank. Even though young, he impressed so many of his superiors with how quickly he learned to spot good investments. Mampilly also served at ING, Banker’s Trust, Royal Bank of Scotland and Sears. He also offered independent investment advice as a consultant for Capuchin Consulting, a boutique firm in North Carolina.

Paul Mampilly got to the upper echelon of Wall Street in 2006 when he joined Kinetics International Fund and led a public offering that boosted the firm’s AUM from $6 billion to $25 billion. Barron’s named Kinetics International Fund as the top hedge fund for annual returns as high as 43% thanks to Mampilly’s expertise. Mampilly during this same time made several predictions including the success of Sarepta Therapeutics and Facebook whose stock he bought, and the 2008 recession was also predicted. Even during the outset of the recession, Paul Mampilly picked investments that would go up, and it was while participating in the Templeton Foundation investment competition that Mampilly made a 76% gain investing in those.

Paul Mampilly unexpectedly retired from Wall Street not only because he had enough in his retirement savings plan, but because he wanted to change what he was doing to help people who the big banks had neglected. He decide to bring his knowledge to Banyan Hill because they offer both free and premium information at a much more affordable price. Mampilly had a few doubters when he published the first release of his newsletter “Profits Unlimited,” but after his information was tested and people saw results, his followers grew to over 60,000 in just a matter of weeks.

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