Impact of Jed McCaleb on the Payment System

Jed McCaleb intends to invent a single payment system that will be used worldwide, and it will use digital token. McCaleb is the co-founder of Stellar. According to Jed, he sees the future looking bright since there will be only one universal system for effecting payments through the Blockchain. Stellar is well recognized by the financial institutions for its legitimacy thus gearing it towards its achievements. The primary goal of Stellar is that by 2028 its blockchain technology to be effective and process all the payments in the market.

The experience that Jed McCaleb has in the crypto as a developer for years makes him to give a precise prediction that the Stellar’s technology will influence the payment system internationally. His assumptions are supported by the situation that is there in the Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) makes whatever he says to be heard. However, some fraudsters utilize the opportunities to fraud the investors in the market causing them to incur numerous losses. There are activities that are carried out to ensure that the problem is solved so that investors can have a serene environment for their investments.

As a co-founder of Stellar, Jed McCaleb work hard to ensure that the technology is positively impacting the financial institutions. By establishing stellar with Joyce Kim, he is sure that the investors that are in the industry will feel satisfied and will get impressed by the services the Stellar Blockchain technology will offer. More so it will rectify the financial infrastructure that is broken. The brokenness inhibited the development and growth of the economy in the market and invention of stellar will offer opportunities to all people to equally participate in the market.

Besides, as mentioned on Crunchbase, Jed McCaleb serves with Machine Intelligence Research Institute (MIRI). Jed is a creative and skillful person that wants to impact the market with technology so that investors can enjoy.

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Market America and The Attraction of Affiliate Marketing

One of the factors that stop people from starting a business of their own is that they believe that they have to have their own product and rental space in order to start their business. Fortunately, there are plenty of other options for people that want to start a business of their own. One of the options that are available is becoming an affiliate. Many people do try to become affiliates because there are quite a few advantages that come with it. For one thing, people do not have to have their own product. They can just submit an affiliate link and then make money off of the sales that the link generates.

There is one company that offers something similar to an affiliate program. This company is called Market America. With Market America, people have the opportunity to become unfranchise business owners. They also get to choose the types of products they are going to promote from the brands of their choice. This gives people a lot of freedom in how they are going to run their business. They also get paid a generous amount of money for the sales they generate. One of the factors that can make affiliate marketing a challenge is that people are not generating that much commission for the sales they make.

Market America not only has a great opportunity for people who want to work for a company and make a fortune, but it also has training programs that people are actually required to undergo so that they know what to do when they are attempting to market a product. Market America also has something that can help customers make money. The cash-back shopping program is one of the best programs for customers to get involved in. They make money from buying the items listed on the website which gives them incentive to continue shopping with Market America.

Ian King: The senior analyst at banyan Hill Publishing

Ian King: The senior analyst at banyan Hill Publishing.

When one mentions the name Ian King, a lot of personalities come to mind. One of them is that he is an editor and the senior analyst at Banyan Hill Publishing. Aside from that, he is known for managing a famous hedge fund. He is also a known businessman who has been in the industry for over 20 years. He is as well- known as a cryptocurrency broker. He as well poses as an investment advisor. He has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Stay updated with Ian at

Publications such as Fox Business News and Zero Hedge have intensively covered Ian King’s venture into the digital coin business. The Lafayette College alumnus worked for Investopedia Academy. Here, he was able to come up with a unique investment platform that dealt with cryptocurrency. His coming up with this invention opened doors for such of its kinds.

Ian’s venture into business began with small strides. He served as a counter clerk. He worked for a firm called Salmon Brothers. The company mainly dealt with mortgage bonds. He then left this company for Citigroup where he worked in the credit derivative department. From here, he went to Peahi Capital, a hedge fund. Here he worked as the head options trader. He stayed in this firm for ten years. during his time with this company, Ian and his group earned the company a lot of profits. Eventually, Ian got tired of his position in this firm. He left the company and started out on a quest to find something new worth investing into. It is in his pursuit that he stumbled upon cryptocurrency and realized it was worth exploring. Follow Ian King on

About a year ago, Ian King decided to become a part of the Banyan Hill Publishing. When joining the firm, he had one agenda in mind. He wanted to use the site to reach out to subscribers who could be interested in cryptocurrency. He has since then provided useful insights and analysis of the digital coin trade through various articles, journals, and magazines. He also keeps the interested reader into the knowledge of any dynamics of this trade. Ian King holds an editorial position for the magazine called Crypto Profit Trader. He is also a columnist for the weekly edition known as Sovereign Investor Daily.

Banyan Hill Publishing is a very popular and briskly growing publication. The firm offers business insights and advice to over 400,000 people. The firm comprises a group of highly experienced businessmen and women such as Ian King. The publication’s primary goal is to provide useful investment advice to its subscribers.