OSI Group: Impossible Burger In Chains Everywhere

OSI Group is an innovative service leader that has been in the food manufacturing industry. They have been a huge part of the food service industry for the past decade and continue to improve the way that customer needs are met. One of the recent changes the OSI Group has experienced was incorporating the Impossible Burger into their offerings. They are notable partners because of the work that they have done at several major restaurants. OSI Group is based in suburban Chicago and has been incorporating the Impossible Burger into their repertoire. This burger is revolutionary because of its soy and vegan based ingredients. It has been featured in a variety of restaurant chains including McDonalds.

Burger King has recently introduced the Impossible Burger which will be available in over seven thousand locations around the world. Many other restaurant chains are incorporating the Impossible Burger into their menus. Some of these chains include White Castle, Qdoba, and the Cheesecake Factory. Del Taco and Tim Horton’s are two of the most prominent chains that have decided to incorporate the new burger. Having large scale additions to the customer base takes a lot of time and attention to detail in order to service. OSI has taken charge in accommodating these vast changes to the customer base. With more people who are interested in the burger and more companies selling it, it is clear that OSI is an integral part of meeting service goals.

OSI can help with the roll out that Burger King proposes in order to service fast food chains around the country. Ultimately there are a lot of reasons that OSI can support restaurant chains. Their incorporation in McDonalds was successful and has paved the way for more restaurants to incorporate the popular Impossible Burger. Not only are there a lot of years that OSI has in the industry, but they have already begun installing infrastructure for burger manufacturing. With expertise and intelligence in management OSI has a lot of reasons to propagate change. The Impossible Burger will help OSI leverage their skills and manufacturing capacity to serve the global food market.’

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Jason Colodne Establishes Quality Across All Spectrums

Not many people find great success in the world of investment-based financial trading. Even fewer make a living in Hollywood. Jason Colodne joins the select classes of both industries. He did not merely find a level of success that provides for a decent living. Mr. Colodne excelled at both. As an investment professional, he proved his worth with established companies before co-founding a capital management firm. In the motion picture industry, Colodne was part of the lead team that brought blockbuster hits to the big screen. All this occurred, not as a pure specialist, as is so often the case when organizations in the film industry seek authentication for their productions. Rather, Jason Colodne is an individual that has mastered several disciplines.

Before venturing out to establish his own investment firm, Jason Colodne contributed to the success of Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs. After proving himself at these companies, he felt a need to express his creative side. In 2009, Colodne co-founded Colbeck Capital Management. He lead the company out of New York as Managing Partner. This required him to demonstrate how adept he was in a variety of disciplines. He excelled at overseeing the execution of the company’s most valuable investment. Among the traits that Colodne used to ensure success were high level practices that supported documentation, diligence, and various aspects of portfolio management. Unlike hands off managers that govern their success from behind the veil of talented executives, Colodne pressed forward into active investment strategies. This would prove invaluable for his future ventures. Learn more about Jason Colodne at colbeck.com

Many people spend a lifetime trying to break into the movie business. Not all demonstrate the type of talent needed to succeed. Jason Colodne undeniably has what it takes. Often actors are type casts. Many organizations in the film industry undergo a similar type of classification. However, Mr. Colodne shatters the conventional thought processes that siphon energy out of the motion picture industry. He demonstrates that success can be achieved at a high level regardless of what type of movie is being produced. The films Colodne was a part of have been classified as drama, romance, thriller, adventure, family, music, action, crime, and even science fiction. Hollywood certainly does not see him as some popular sports or social figure that is hired to be the face of a film.

Colodne’s movies exude quality regardless of discipline. Below is a list of the movies where he served as executive (or co-executive) producer. See if you can detect a pattern to the projects he made successful?

  • Beyond the Lights (2014)
  • Earth to Echo (2014)
  • Brick Mansions (2014)
  • Paranoia (2013)
  • Act of Valor (2012)

It was hard to come up with any link among these films other than their success at the box office, wasn’t it? This demonstrates just how truly talented is Jason Colodne. From finance to entertainment, he knows how to nurture the development, and support the success of an idea. Visit: https://www.rottentomatoes.com/celebrity/jason_colodne


A Look At Entrepreneur Isabel Dos Santos’s Mission To Improve Educational And Employment Opportunities For Young People

Aspiring entrepreneurs often research a successful business leader and attempt to emulate them. One of African top entrepreneurs, Isabel dos Santos, is someone that many aspiring entrepreneurs admire.

Setting The Foundation

As a child, Isabel dos Santos studied abroad in The United Kingdom. Dos Santos says that she was interested in science and technology. Dos Santos chose to study electrical engineering at King’s College. Studying electrical engineering helped Dos Santos develop her expertise skills, which would benefit her once she became an entrepreneur.

The Power Of Education

Isabel dos Santos believes that every person deserves to receive a high quality education. Many of her philanthropic endeavors are based around education. Dos Santos has established partnerships with different organizations to help create scholarship opportunities for students who need financial assistance. Dos Santos also strives to use education to help create new employment opportunities. Dos Santos says that a lack of employment opportunities and access to a quality education are things that African citizens have to deal with throughout the continent. Dos Santos is excited about the creation of The “Seeds for The Future” Program through her partnerships with Huawei. The program helps prepare students to compete in a competitive global job market.

Managing Poverty

Isabel dos Santos believes that poverty is a major reason why many children in Africa are unable to receive a great education. That’s why Dos Santos has launched several initiatives to help young children in Africa receive basic care and support. Improving the living conditions of young children as they start their formal education should help them become a successful person as they pursue higher education later on in their lives.

Being A Role Model

Isabel dos Santos understands the significance of her being a women in a position of power. Positions of power have historically been difficult for women to achieve. Dos Santos has made an impact in multiple fields, including finance, technology, energy, and telecommunications. Dos Santos says that there should be more female leaders. Dos Santos has helped several qualified women receive prominent positions in her own company.



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Só temos um planeta 🌍, por isso é nosso dever preservar todas as espécies e respeitar o seu lugar no ciclo da vida. Aqui a nossa costa angolana desde o Zaire até ao Namibe, é um dos principais destinos de desova das tartarugas 🐢. Nas nossas águas temos até a tartaruga mais rara do mundo que nós chamamos Kitabanga. Temos mais quatro tipos de tartarugas em Angola mas só esta tartaruga gigante pesa quase 900kg e chega até aos dois metros de comprimento! Quem imagina? Mas está em risco de extinção… principalmente pelas nossas acções humanas… A sobrevivência das tartarugas está nas nossas mãos 🙌🏾! Temos de apoiar as comunidades locais e associações como a projeto “Kitabanga”, na proteção destes ambientes e espécies: com boas práticas ambientais, limites na pesca, acompanhamento e protecção na época da desova. O mês de Agosto é o mais importante do ano para garantir a preservação das nossas tartarugas. Uma benção da natureza que não podemos pôr em risco! #SharingbyIsabeldosSantos #natureza #tartarugas #Angola #kitabanga We only have one planet 🌍, so it is our duty to preserve all species and respect their place in the circle of life. Our Angolan coast from, Zaire to Namibe, is one of the main turtle spawning destinations 🐢. Our waters even have the rarest turtle in the world that we call Kitabanga. We have four more types of turtles in Angola but only this giant turtle weighs almost 900kg and reaches up to two meters in length! Who can imagine? But it is in danger of extinction … mainly by our human actions … Turtle survival is in our hands 🙌🏾! We need to support local communities and associations such as the “Kitabanga” project in protecting these environments and species: with good environmental practices, limits on fishing, monitoring and protection at spawning season. August is the most important month of the year to ensure the preservation of our turtles. A blessing from nature that we cannot risk!

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Matt Badiani, the background of an financial investment specialist

Matt Badiali is a strategic investor who specializes in energy market research. Many people who took his financial advice received substantial returns of their investments in general, which is why we decide to take a closer look at this character.

About the formation of Matt Badiali

Badiali started his professional path with the formation of a geology scientist, a field that would help him to understand the energy sector in his future interactions in finance.

Penn State University:

  • Penn State University: As mentioned, the first move of Matt was studying earth sciences, receiving a bachelor’s degree.

Florida Atlantic University:

  • Florida Atlantic University: Along with his initial formation in earth sciences, Matt Badiali also completed his education in FL Atlantic University. He earns a Master of Science in geology and intends to keep on with his academic journey.

University of North Carolina:

  • University of North Carolina: Matt has the objective to master his field, which is why he continued studying geology for the next few years. He would work on earning a Ph.D. until he meets the financial industry for the first time in 2004.

The first steps of Matt Badiali as an investor

A friend of Badiali holds a Ph.D. in finance and introduced him to the financial sector. Matt was interested in the most related field to his scientific academic preparation: the natural resource market.

After a sequence of achievements, Matt Badiali could prove his excellent competence in creating profitable returns from his decisions. The advisor has started building a successful history in finance and helped several investors with his projections.

After realizing his potential, Matt made his financial service more professional and organized by creating the Real Wealth Strategist newsletter in 2017, an advisory program to benefit subscribers from his insights. View Matt’s profile on Linkedin.

How does Badiali strategize his market investments?

Unlike most beginners believe, investing can become a low-risk operation when you understand and research the market properly. Even though investment success is relative to probability, it is a game worth playing in the long term vision.

Source: https://www.dailyforexreport.com/matt-badiali-gold-mining-stocks/


Stratford Shield Impressive Career Life

Stratford Shields has a special role in the corporate section. The business leader is popular because of the role he occupies at Loop Capital Markets. For a long time now, Stratford has served as managing director at the institution, a role he loves whole-heartedly. Loop Capital Markets specializes in public finance investments. Most of its customers are in Northeast and Midwest. Before the executive took this role, he was serving in one of the largest government firms as the president. The hard-working leader recently shared some of his secrets of success.

Successful company leaders must maintain a routine if they want to be successful. Stratford Shield believes that starting his day very early in the morning helps him to accomplish all his goals in time. Unlike many leaders, the executive arrives at his office before all his workers. Before the others can arrive and settle, the finance executive takes time to think and strategize about his customers and their requirements. Many customers who visit Stratford at the office and all of them have unique needs. Being able to meet the complicated demands of these people requires hard work and so much commitment. This routine, however, changes whenever the executive has to travel outside town. This happens mostly when a customer wants him to visit.

As a leader of a prominent company that is doing so well in the market, Stratford has realized that reading a lot can be extremely helpful. According to him, reading helps to keep someone updated on the current events in the finance market. The business leader makes his decisions with the help of the information he has accumulated over the years. Reading online and offline is important for people who are in charge of large organizations in the finance section. The finance expert says that when he was young, he made mistakes. These mistakes have helped to shape his career.

The Richest Woman In Africa

Africa is often thought of as one of the poorest continents in the world but it would seem not everyone there is wallowing away in poverty. Isabel Dos Santos holds the distinction of being the richest woman on the continent. As the daughter of the former president of Angola, it’s not hard to deduce where the majority of her wealth came from but rest assured she is not taking any of her good fortune for granted. Born in the capital of Azerbaijan, Isabel Dos Santos went on to study electrical engineering at King’s College in London where she met her future husband. A couple years after graduation, she started her first business when she opened up a new beach club in the capital of Angola and subsequently expanded her interests into many other departments (BBC).

As someone in a position of power, Isabel Dos Santos has dedicated lots of time and effort to bettering the lives of people throughout Africa. A few years ago, Isabel Dos Santos gave a talk at an annual conference for the Yale Undergraduate Association for African Peace and Development. Most recently, she spoke at a student-led event being held on the campus of Yale University where she discussed many different themes including democracy, identity and sustainability among others. Back in June of 2016, stated by her father, Dos Santos is Sonangol Chairwoman, an Angolan state oil company. However, she was later dismissed from the position less than two months after her swearing in.

A few months prior to this, her father announced his intentions to retire in 2018, although he failed to disclose a particular reason for his sudden departure from office. In more recent years, Isabel Dos Santos has put down stakes in various different companies and businesses. This includes but is not limited to Trans Africa Investment Services, Unitel International Holdings, Santoro Finance, Esperanza Holding and Condis. At the moment, it’s not quite clear where she plans to go in the future of her entrepreneurial career but, from here, she has nowhere to go but up. We wish her the best of luck.

More information about Isabel dos Santos at https://www.ft.com/content/6ffd2edc-955e-11e2-a4fa-00144feabdc0

Fortress Investment Group Executive Peter Briger

Peter Briger completed a bachelor’s degree at Princeton University. While attending Princeton, he was a member of its investment club. This organization specialized in studying financial securities and learning how to effectively invest one’s capital. After graduating from Princeton, Peter Briger attended the University of Pennsylvania where he completed a master’s degree in business administration. He graduated from its prestigious Wharton School of Business. Once completing his college degree programs, Peter went on to pursue career opportunities in the financial services sector. For more information about Peter Briger, view his Crunchbase profile.

One of his first positions in the financial services sector was as a member of the firm Goldman Sachs. Peter Briger would be responsible for managing the credit and debt securities division. He managed employees as well as worked with clients to help them more effectively manage their capital. Along with being in charge of the credit and debt equity department, Peter was also involved in working with Asian committees. These groups helped Goldman Sachs establish its expansion to and presence in Asia. By 1996, Peter would be named as one of the partners of the firm. This high level position allowed Briger to use his expertise and leadership to help Goldman Sachs remain as one of the top investment firms in the world.

In 2002, Peter Briger left Goldman Sachs to join another investment firm. He would become a member of the private equity asset management firm Fortress Investment Group. Once joining the firm, he was named as one of the management committee members. Along with being a member of the firm’s management committee, he would also be assigned to manage the credit and debt equity asset management department. Within a few years, Peter would become both a co chief executive officer and a principal. He currently holds these positions while operating from the firm’s San Francisco, California office location.

Peter Briger has been involved in a number of community projects during the past several years. He was responsible for restoring the Central Park Conservatory in New York. While living and working in San Francisco, he helped a number of low income families get affordable housing. Recently, Peter was named as one of the richest Americans by Forbes magazine.

Learn more: https://www1.salary.com/Peter-L-Briger-Jr-Salary-Bonus-Stock-Options-for-FORTRESS-INVESTMENT-GRP-LLC.html


Jed McCaleb Explains How Stellar Helps The World’s Unbanked Population

The original idea of cryptocurrency was to reduce the fees it takes to engage in banking activities and give people a way to exchange money with others all over the globe. This basic concept, though, has largely been forgotten as so many pursue initial coin offerings and crypto projects that widely diverge from this idea. One of the pioneers of the industry, Jed McCaleb, is trying to go back to that original idea with his nonprofit organization, Stellar Development Fund (SDF). The big idea is to providing banking services to people who presently are cutoff from banks.

Stellar Development Funds cryptocurrency is called Lumens (XLM). Unlike other cryptocurrencies getting Lumens is close to free. This is on purpose because it helps to fulfill Jed McCaleb’s goal which is to have his organization advance a number of social causes. He co-founded SDF with the idea that banks and other financial institutions put a number of unreasonable obstacles in the way of regular people using their services, especially those in impoverished nations. He says the global banking system is fundamentally broken and any person or family that doesn’t have enough financial resources is ignored.

The Stellar network is a decentralized platform launched in November 2015. It has both fast and secure transactions, the speed of which also differentiates Lumens from bitcoin. Being nearly free it can help the 2.5 billion people around the globe who have been left behind by banks and financial institutions. By their being able to freely send and receive money it will create better business and employment opportunities for those who have become poor and unbanked.

A big problem for people who are poor and unbanked, as Jed McCaleb describes the problem, is that this leaves them as easy targets to take what little funds they have managed to scrap together. They store cash in their houses which all of the criminals are more than aware of and they know every conceivable place a person would hide this money. By providing easy and very inexpensive access to storing money online Stellar helps people hang onto their money.

Here’s a demo session with Stellar’s Jed McCaleb: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIMOrsPxlZg

Jeunesse Global Revolutionary Products for Youthful Skin Defies Aging Process

Jeunesse Global is more than passionate about redefining youth through the use of revolutionary quality skin products- the company is passionate about changing peoples’ lives with one exclusive skin product after another.

Jeunesse products give people more than just a reason to accomplish being their best. The products provide opportunities for people to dream bigger dreams than they ever thought possible. That is something unique and distinctive that Jeunesse products offer and the reason why the company has earned more than 300 worldwide awards.

Instantly Ageless is a micro-cream that targets the areas of the face which have lost a certain amount of elasticity during the natural aging process. The revolutionary product produces results in as little as two minutes. With a formula designed to give a flawless looking appearance, Instantly Ageless lifts the skin to diminish any signs of natural aging and reveals a visibly toned and well-defined skin texture.

The key areas that are quickly benefited from the use of Instantly Ageless include:

  • Forehead Wrinkles
  • Eyebrows
  • Hooded Eyes
  • Under-Eye Bags
  • Crow’s Feet
  • Facial Pores

Application tips are provided with each product purchased in order for users to get the full benefits and results intended.

The product line of Luminesce adds to the revolutionary skin care items that Jeunesse Global has developed. With an exclusive APT-200 formula, Luminesce dermatologist-developed products complement the benefits of Instantly Ageless by giving users an everyday maintenance opportunity to take care of their skin. By helping to restore the vitality of the skin through a regular routine, Luminesce products provide users the opportunity to create a younger, smoother and softer looking skin that lasts. The product line is available in eight categories.

Jeunesse Global is based in Lake Mary, Florida and was founded by Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray, after both business partners emerged from retirement in 2009. The premise for the company was fostered with the belief of empowering people to thrive in life and to manifest their highest potential. Wendy and Ray intended for Jeunessse Global to become a household name for cutting-edge products, which are now being distributed in 110 countries.


UTC is Saved

The United Technologies Corporation pulled off the impossible, they survived the great recession. Throughout the 2000s, many businesses were closing their doors left and right. Unemployment was on the rise, the housing market had just crumbled, and people were unable to sustain their workers. The change of all of these things brought the demise in bankruptcy of many corporations. One industry that was hit perhaps the hardest was the airline industry.

As the airline industry was hit by this recession companies such as Delta and United Airlines and Southwest Airlines were unable to continue purchasing airline parts from third-party manufacturers. This included United Technologies Corporation which had been one of the most dominant corporations in all of North America. Many business analysts thought that the writing was on the wall for UTC.

UTC was able to get a new chief executive officer, Louis Chenevert, who truly changed everything around. When he arrived the stock price was only $37 a share. By the time he walked out, it was at $117 a share. Needless to say, a lot of people made a lot of money. Exactly how did he do this though?

He accomplished the impossible by using three strategies. The first strategy was simple, offset the deficit. He was able to offset the deficit by acquiring companies such as Pratt & Whitney and Otis and Goodrich. These key acquisitions were crucial because they allowed UTC to take the profits from those companies that were not being hurt by the recession and use it to keep UTC afloat for the time being.

The second strategy he took was to plug the leaks in UTC spending. He found that UTC spent a needless amount of money on transporting their own goods and interviewing new workers. By plugging those leaks, he saved the company 15 million a year.

The last strategy he took was getting UTC to the point that it was able to meet the strictest environmental regulations. By lowering their carbon emissions and the water consumption, they no longer had to pay the environmental fines to the Canadian and American governments.