The Alternative Investor – Jeffry Schneider

Jeffry Schneider is widely known for his achievements in the alternative investment sector. For over 20 years Schneider has held senior positions at a number of leading financial firms including Merrill Lynch and Smith Barney. He currently holds a title as founder and CEO of Ascendant Capital LLC. His single-mindedness and fierce determination have made Jeffry Schneider a success.

Jeffry began his training prior to 2003, and attended several Ironman and half-Ironman events, including challenges that took place in New Zealand, Florida, Saint Croix, Texas, Chile and California. The Ironman and half-Ironman events are some of the most difficult and physically demanding one-day sporting events in the world. The Ironman triathlon consists of a 2.4-mile swim, an 112-mile bicycle ride and a marathon 26.2-mile run. The event is completed in that order and there are no breaks that take place between any events. This all adds up to create an incredibly taxing and brutal event that lasts nearly all day. The sheer ability to complete such a grueling task is incredible, and speaks to the level of determination Jeffry brings to all aspects of his life. It goes without saying that Jeffry cares deeply about his body and diet. He also shares this love with anyone that would take the time to listen. Jeffry has published several videos featuring tips to stay healthy and eat properly.

Jeffry Schneider also supports several wonderful charities such as the Cherokee Home for Children and the Gazelle Foundation. Currently Jeffry resides in the Austin, Texas area. for more.

Brad Reifler Is Fighting The Money Monsters With New Investing Ideas

Brad Reifler has seen George Clooney’s feature movie of 2016, Money Monster and weighed in on the box office hit. The movie is a fictional story, but with twists and turns that very much play out in real life according to Reifler. Reifler has felt that many investment advisors and experts have taken advantage of less knowledgeable investors by not telling them the full details and precautions they must take when investing. But as CEO of Forefront Capital, a private equity and specialized fund management company, Reifler is working to change all that.

Brad Reifler gives investors warnings on how they can avoid the traps of a money monster and find better investing solutions. He first tells them to avoid putting all their investments in the stock market because it can be extremely risky, and to seek out other high interest but safer investment options. Second, he says they need to do their homework on managers to be sure they’re investing with someone with a good track record and not someone who’s just out to make a profit regardless of how the investment does. And finally he says investors need to make a goal for investing and stick to it.

Brad Reifler has been the founder and owner of three investment companies and holds a bachelor’s degree from Bowdoin College. His first company was Reifler Trading Company, founded in 1982 and sold to Refco Inc. in the year 2000. That company was originally a discretionary and global derivative investment company, but it soon became a major independent futures company. His second company was Pali Capital, a hedge fund firm that he managed but took a hands-off approach to advising and allowing managers to invest in options that met their own needs. He dissolved that company in 2008 and founded Forefront Capital the following year.

Forefront Capital has opened its doors to not just the top 1% investors, but also non-accredited investors. Brad Reifler helped bring them in after working with the SEC to lessen regulations on lower income people. At Forefront Income Trust, investors can start investing in a public fund for only $1,000. Reifler hopes to add more opportunities for these investors in the near future.