Surviving the Summer Heat with Goettl’s Heating and Cooling

Summer is rapidly approaching and with summer comes the summer heat. Millions of family choose to stay cool with air conditioning, and here are some tips to maximize your air conditioner and keep cool. The biggest thing is practicing good air conditioner maintenance. Keep your AC system clear of debris, replace your filter every 90 days, and make sure the unit has 2 feet on all sides clear. The second tip to keep cool is using a ceiling fan. Ceiling fans used along with AC units help keep air circulating and moving. This will help spread the cool air farther and reduce your consumption, which means you save money. You should also consider putting your unit itself in the shade. A unit that is sitting with the direct sun beating down on it has to work twice as hard for the same result, this drives energy costs up, and costs more money to run. The article “Goettl’s Tell All Secrets to Staying Energy Efficient this Summer” has more in-depth explanations of each tip.

Goettl’s was founded in 1926 and is still going strong today. Based out of Arizona, Goettle’s has had a direct hand in helping to shape the heating and cooling industry. Originally started in Mansfield, Ohio by 3 brothers during the Great Depression. They left Ohio to travel to Phoenix, Arizona, where Goettle’s was officially founded. In 1987, the next chapter of Goettle’s began with the grandsons of original founders opening Goettl’s High Desert Mechanical in Camp Verde, Arizona. They have been going strong ever since, serving everyone from family homes to large corporations.

Goettl‘s has been a major player in the heating and cooling business since opening its doors and will continue to redefine the heating and cooling industry for years to come.