George Soros’ Massive Donation

George Soros is a philanthropist who has just done something that has proven his devotion to giving back to the people on this planet. He’s a widely known financier who has recently revealed to the world that he has given Open Society Foundations a whopping $18 billion. Open Society Foundations is the name of the organization he established. The goal behind Open Society Foundations is to help construct accepting democracies that have governments that take proper care of their citizens.

Soros’ donation isn’t going to end with this $18 billion gift, either. That’s because he’s planning on donating even more in the future. He’s planning on increasing this donation by an impressive $2 billion. This amount of money can help restore justice in society. It can accomplish a whole lot more than that as well. This money has the ability to get human beings more rights. This, in turn, can contribute to getting people things they need for basic health and happiness. Clean and fresh water is just one simple example.

George Soros is a prominent hedge fund manager who is also known by many for his billionaire status. His recent donation has the distinction of being among the largest donations ever given to a sole entity. He made this donation throughout the course of a handful of years. He only recently made it public, however. The donation has turned Open Society Foundations into a massive American philanthropic group. The Bill Melinda Gates Foundation actually is the sole American philanthropic group that’s larger than it.

George Soros created Open Society Foundations three plus decades ago. His objective in launching the group was to encourage human rights democracy in 120 nations and counting around the planet. Open Society Foundations has throughout the past few years shifted a lot of its focus. It’s paying more and more attention to the United States than ever before. The group is putting a lot of money into programs that defend lesbians and gays from issues. It’s putting a significant amount of money into programs that minimize problematic behavior by professionals who work in the law enforcement field. George Soros is an 87 year-old man who has a passion for ending these kinds of problems in the United States and beyond. His dedication to philanthropic work has been crystal clear to people all around the planet for decades and decades.

Open Society Foundations put a considerable amount of money into treatment facilities for Ebola back in 2014. It put money into a center that revolved around Roma heritage and art, too. This group strives to defend the people in the United States from all sorts of issues that involve hate crimes. Soros made the decision to spend $10 million on stopping hate crimes in the nation and Follow him

Soros is also someone who has a strong connection to the political universe. He gave Hillary Clinton’s campaign a sizable donation. He donated a respectable amount of money to various other politicians who are part of the Democratic party as well.

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