Dr. Dov Rand and Bioidentical Hormone Knowledge

Dr. Johanan Rand is a professional who works in West Orange, New Jersey. “Dov” is the name many people use for him. People associate him with ample knowledge that pertains to healthy and safe loss of weight. Dr. Rand knows how to assist people who wish to enhance their metabolisms for life. He’s employed by the Healthy Aging Medical Centers. That’s where patients head to him to seek guidance. Dr. Dov Rand identifies a lot about regenerative medicine and how it operates.


Educational Background

Dr. Dov Rand has a superb educational background. He received comprehensive training from New York’s Albert Einstein Medical Center. His practice reflects that in-depth training as well. It concentrates on various methods such as IV (intravenous) nutrient therapy. Dr. Dov Rand is in charge of an HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) diet practice. This involves the assistance of a hormone that women’s bodies make as part of pregnancy.


Curious Discoveries


Dr. Dov Rand is perpetually performing studies. His latest research indicates that issues with the equilibrium of bioidentical hormones can actually interfere with the natural aging process in human beings. He serves as the Healthy Aging Medical Centers’ President. He landed that position back in 2010 and has being going strong with it ever since. Dr. Dov Rand utilizes regenerative techniques that can assist people who have health concerns that are part of aging in any manner. He puts together customized therapy options that help keep medical conditions of all types at bay. They also replenish the well-being of many patients. People who want to feel as lively and energetic as they did in the past frequently reach out to Dr. Dov Rand for his unrivaled assistance and proficiency.


The team members who work for the Healthy Aging Medical Centers are all qualified and motivated professionals. They understand all components that are part of aging treatment. They know a lot about levels of hormones, nutrition and physical fitness. They understand that these subjects can all make differences that relate to health factors. Dr. Dov Rand provides thorough assistance to people who have mood swings, hypertension, erectile dysfunction, anxiety, weight gain and even muscle atrophy.