Drew Madden’s Contribution In The Electronic Medical Records In Various Consulting Companies

He studied BSE, Industrial Engineering focusing on Medical Systems at the University of Lowa from 1998 to 2002. He was the Student advisor for the four years he was at the university.

Drew Madden is a Healthcare IT businessperson who is ardent about creating committed client partnerships, top-notch staff, and unique company systems.

Work Experience

From 2002 to 2006, he worked as an integration consultant at the Cerner Corporation executing Inpatient Clinical applications at two main Chicago hospital structures and obtained a certificate in CPOE, PharmNet, and eMAR application units.

Mr. Madden was the senior epic consultant of Healthier Consulting and Ingenix Consulting from January 2006 to the last month of the year 2010. For the five years, he was there, drew executed Epic Inpatient applications in several hospital structures in Midwest. This led to him receiving certification in Inpatient Medication Orders, Clinical Documentation, Inpatient Procedure Orders and Willow (EpicRx). At Ingenix Consulting, he served as a regional sales director for one year and one month and was responsible for business sales and development of Allscripts, GE, and Epic consulting applications in the Midwest.

Immediately after leaving Ingenix Consulting, Mr. Madden became the executive vice president of Nordic Consulting Partners, Inc in December 2010 where he served for only seven months before being promoted to being the president of the same company in June 2011. Being the president of Nordic, he was responsible for recruitment, business development and consultation for the leading Epic consulting company in the world. He worked at the company for four years and some months. During Drew’s time at Nordic, the company grew from three to one hundred and fifty client partners, ten to seven hundred and seventy-five staff members and annual revenue of 130 million dollars from one million dollars.

Drew Madden is currently the managing partner at Evergreen Health Partner, Madison Wisconsin Area, from July 2017. He is very passionate about Electronic Medical Records and is very experienced in that field. Madden has spent a lot of years working together with some of the brightest individuals in the consulting industry to improve, execute, diagnose and solve complex encounters that are realized in EMR projects.