Matt Badiani, the background of an financial investment specialist

Matt Badiali is a strategic investor who specializes in energy market research. Many people who took his financial advice received substantial returns of their investments in general, which is why we decide to take a closer look at this character.

About the formation of Matt Badiali

Badiali started his professional path with the formation of a geology scientist, a field that would help him to understand the energy sector in his future interactions in finance.

Penn State University:

  • Penn State University: As mentioned, the first move of Matt was studying earth sciences, receiving a bachelor’s degree.

Florida Atlantic University:

  • Florida Atlantic University: Along with his initial formation in earth sciences, Matt Badiali also completed his education in FL Atlantic University. He earns a Master of Science in geology and intends to keep on with his academic journey.

University of North Carolina:

  • University of North Carolina: Matt has the objective to master his field, which is why he continued studying geology for the next few years. He would work on earning a Ph.D. until he meets the financial industry for the first time in 2004.

The first steps of Matt Badiali as an investor

A friend of Badiali holds a Ph.D. in finance and introduced him to the financial sector. Matt was interested in the most related field to his scientific academic preparation: the natural resource market.

After a sequence of achievements, Matt Badiali could prove his excellent competence in creating profitable returns from his decisions. The advisor has started building a successful history in finance and helped several investors with his projections.

After realizing his potential, Matt made his financial service more professional and organized by creating the Real Wealth Strategist newsletter in 2017, an advisory program to benefit subscribers from his insights. View Matt’s profile on Linkedin.

How does Badiali strategize his market investments?

Unlike most beginners believe, investing can become a low-risk operation when you understand and research the market properly. Even though investment success is relative to probability, it is a game worth playing in the long term vision.



Alec Sellem Is A Gold Mining CEO Who Loves To Give Back To The People Of Africa


Alec Sellem is a gold mining entrepreneur and he founded Sellem Industries years ago, and he now serves as its CEO.

Sellem Industries is an artisanal gold mining enterprise that operates out of Africa but is headquartered in England. Sellem has continued to go against the grain in Africa by localizing the mining process and refining gold in the same region it was discovered in.

Alec Sellem has also helped to improve many of the communities where his gold mining operations are located by offering employment to locals and helping to build schools.

Alec Sellem was born in France, and he grew to love Africa after visiting the nation multiple times during his college years. This is why Sellem has focused on creating a company there that treats the people with respect. He has built a lot of trust with the people in the Sierra Leone region, and his company has become an incubator, of sorts, for artisanal mining there.

Sellem has continued to stay very involved with his company’s daily operations and spends a lot of his time at mining sites in Africa. When he is not working, he loves to spend time with his family.

Before creating Alec’s artisanal mining venture, Alec Sellem was involved with the trading of gold. He realized there was an opportunity to create his own company that could do better than other companies were doing. Instead of shipping the gold he discovers overseas to be refined, he has changed the industry by refining it locally.

Alec Sellem has also been very successful because he has learned how to streamline many of the processes involved with the mining of gold. Today, he feels blessed to be able to give back to all of the people he has helped in Africa, and he doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon.


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