Scott Gelb’s Business Advice

As the Chief Operations Office at Riot Games, Scott Gelb knows a bit about business. Thus, it is no surprise that he talked about some exciting business ideas in a recent interview. His two business ideas that he was willing to give away were as follows. Learn more about Scott Gelb at

The first, a nicer and higher-end computer café, one that functions almost as a sports bar. E-sports can be broadcast on the cafés TVs and it creates a more social atmosphere around PCs and gaming. Another idea he recommended was a simple and easy kit that could help people with low levels of digital literacy secure themselves in an online world.


Scott Gelb also discussed his greatest entrepreneurial failure. Succinctly, he states that his failure was an inadequate ability to understand the team and how it was malfunctioning. Scott Gelb has often stated that a good team can make or break a leader’s success and this scenario was no different. He had a team that was not working well together but Gelb was only able to treat the surface issues that arose – he was too naïve to remedy the root cause of the problem. Eventually, upon realizing his mistake, he was able to fix the problem. Follow Scott Gelb on Medium.