Randal Nardone Role in Fortress Investment Success

Randal Nardone is a powerful figure working for a leading investment company in the United States. The businessman currently holds the position of CEO, and he has been a key figure in making sure that the institution achieves its milestones. Randal Nardone acquired his current position in the year 2013, and he has never disappointed the consumers who depend on his services. The New York based company has been growing from very humble beginnings, and it is currently a leader in the global investment market. Randal Nardone is the not the only person who played a role in the founding of the company. According to the company website, the organization was established by several finance executives, all living in the United States.

Randal Nardone did not start the company by chance. The businessman always wanted to bring up his own company when he was growing up. However, there were many challenges on his way up the ladder, and he realized that he had to acquire some experience before he could land a major position in the market. After graduating from a local university, the businessman did not waste any time, and he landed a working position in one of the companies in the country. After working for some time, the businessman knew that he was in the right direction, and he was experienced enough to have a company.

Working in the finance investment department comes with so many benefits. A career in this industry is very profitable, especially when the company management is in the right hands. Randal position in the market came after working in the industry for a very long time. The businessman had to make many sacrifices, and this is most probably one of the reasons why he has managed to acquire a position in the billionaire list.

Fortress Investment Group has a great success story that everyone wants to follow. In less than twenty years, the company has moved from being an ordinary company into an international investment finance company that meets all the demands of the customers. The company has only managed to land its prestigious position in the market because it has the right individuals for its leadership. Randal Nardone and his team of leaders have been interested in working for the consumers for the longest time, and this is the primary reason the large firm reports lots of profits at the end of the year.

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Michael Burwell

Michael Burwell, commonly known as Mike Burwell is the current Chief Financial Officer of Willis Towers Watson Company. He received this appointment on 2nd October 2017. Mike was hired to replace the retired former CFO Mr. Roger Millay who voluntarily retired from office.


Mr. Michael Burwell spent more than thirty years serving PwC. He received significant experience and expertise while working with PwC. Burwell has practiced high-ranking leadership in various positions such as Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer in the United States, Head of Transaction Services in the United States and Head of Global Transformation. Additionally, Burwell has an experience of more than eleven years in audit services. Burwell also boasts 12 years of Transaction Services that involve assisting firms that have pre-merger due evaluation and diligence.


On his speech, the Chief Executive Officer of Willis Towers Watson, John Haley, noted that the company was pleased to receive Mike Burwell in its management team at the best time that the firm was undergoing evolution. He praised Mike saying that Michael had brought with him world-class expertise in leadership, management and results driving capability to the company. The CEO also expressed his high confidence in Mike’s ability to transform Willis Towers Watson into an international firm.


John Haley also congratulated the outgoing Chief Financial Officer for his outstanding performance in the position he held in the firm. He pointed out that Rogers had left the Willis Towers Watson at a better mapping than the one it was when he joined.

Commenting on his nomination, Mike Burwell appreciated his appointment noting that he was pleased to be part of the Willis Towers Watson stuff. Michael Burwell pledged to commit all his efforts in developing and empowering the company. He expressed his excitement on the whole company especially on its culture of handling customers and collaborative spirit. He noted that he was set to contribute to the growth of the firm.


Willis Towers Watson Company is a global advisory firm that deals in solutions and broking. It assists investors and businesses turn their business risks into income and growth. The company is believed to have been founded in 1828. Presently, the firm boasts 40,000 individuals who it has employed to work in more than 140 countries throughout the globe.


The company delivers and designs ideas that help in managing risks, talent cultivation, capital expansion and benefit optimization. It also helps in strengthening and protecting private and institutional business agencies. Go Here for more information.