Isabel dos Santos on Changing the Human Perspepctive

One of the aspects of modern business that tends to unsettle Isabel dos Santos more than anything else is the fact that it is often run on the basis of earning a profit rather than on the basis of helping the people. While she understands that this is the part of the way the business world operates in many ways, she believes that people ought to have reached a point by now where they realize that they are better than this. As long as we try to constantly develop our morals as a species, you would think that we would be on an ever-increasing trend, but Isabel dos said that this is not necessarily the case. In fact, in many respects, we are moving backwards as a species.

It would seem as though we do not care about the environment even remotely in the modern day, whereas in the past, we treated it with respect. According to Isabel dos Santos this is one of the biggest issues we face as a species in the modern world. Part of the problem with it, however, is that we are simply not treating it as a problem. She thinks that we should be actively looking for more solutions to counteract the fact that we will all run out of fuel for energy in as little as a few decades. Once this happens, there is no telling what might happen to our species if we do not have a backup plan involving renewable energy source.

Unfortunately, this kind of a plan requires that people look actively for solutions for the current problem, and as it stands, it does not seem like there are too many people who are willing to do this in the modern world. For that reason, it is important to Isabel dos Santos to constantly represent values that she believes are certain to benefit the state of human life around the world. In her own opinion, this is one of the most underrated aspects of life that we continually forget about when we consider what the best ways to live are. For this, she hopes to change the way we view our world. Click here.

Investing in Your Prime Years with Chris Linkas

Young adults put off investing decisions until when their financial status is stable or when they feel sufficient to put resources to investment. Theoretically speaking, this is rather unsafe especially with how life is unpredictable. The twenties are the prime years to invest in. Even with the college debts and impending salaries, it is essential to invest in your younger years. Here are a few benefits of investing in your twenties.


You have heard that time is money. Well, this is factual because when money is put to good use within a short period, the result will be impressive. Investing in your twenties translates to reaping maximum benefits when you retire. The money invested will multiply to a considerable sum. For example, if you invest $10,000, an interest rate of 5 percent would mean that at the age of 60, the amount would be $70,000.

Learn by Doing

Young investors have the time to learn from mistakes. These can be mistakes from failures or success stories. Investing comes with challenges in the form of learning curves. To be safe and sure of future investment, a young person can try as many investment dockets as possible. In the end, all these dockets impart critical lessons.

Technology and Investment

The advent of technology has empowered the tech-savvy young generation. Youths can now study and conduct research online. They have access to tools that can be used to invest. Technology also offers a platform for learning various investment techniques.

Chris Linkas

Chris Linkas is the head cheerleader of a Real Estate Company. The company was founded in 1998. Some of the services it provides include asset management and offering investment advice to clients. Under the leadership of Chris Linkas, the company has managed over1,750 assets for public and private organizations.

Additional Information

Chris Linkas is a finance guru. He is well-versed with the value of excellent service delivery when handling client’s finances. He is a qualified hedge fund manager. He also manages permanent investments. Chris prides himself on being able to handle capital investment as well. To him, investment performance is the cornerstone of the company’s existence.