Bright Futures For Artist From The Academy Of Art University

The Academy of Art University has been in the lime light of fashion week, twenty one times in a row! Skylight Clarkson Square has was the 2017 host of Fashion Week. Fashion Week is where new talent is displayed and discovered. This says something about the talent that comes out of the Academy of Art University.

The designers coming out to the Academy of Art University come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Students from China to Maine and a few places in between displayed a variety of ideas that stunned the audience. All of the students work from years of learning and projects was quickly displayed in fifteen short minutes, featuring two men’s wear collections and five women’s collections.

Students who attend the Academy of Art University benefit from and are educated by 283 full time teachers and over a thousand part time staff. It is the largest privately owned school in the United States, and started as an advertising art college. The school takes up a large portion of San Francisco’s real estate with campuses located in the South Market District and on New Montgomery Street.

In 1992, Elsa Stephens took over the lead from her father, Richard S. Stephens who was the founder of the school. The school offers associates, bachelors and master degrees. They have also made some courses available to their students online. The school does it’s best to stay on top of trends and technology in order to give it’s students the best possible learning experience.

Students are accepted to the program at the school regardless of the strength of their portfolio. A strong desire to develop their artistic abilities is the main requirement for those that are ready to learn. Students are taught by professional artists at the institution. The Academy of Art University was founded on the belief that students, with effort, hard work, and taught by professionals could develop their talents to become professionals themselves.

The Academy of Art University fosters innovation and encourages their students to be on the forefront. Their state of the art facilities and teachers provide a quality education for their graduates. Many of their students have been hired by Apple, Pixar, Nike and Zynga.

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Breaking New Ground With Ashley Lightspeed

Ashely Lightspeed is a well-known businesswoman. She has made quite the impression on the banking world; in a short time. Ashley has played an integral role in some of the largest companies to flourish over the last ten years. When she was a youth, she remembers being intrigued with creating; of all sorts. Ashely’s father was an architect and his constant creating inspired her drive.

Currently, Ashley Brasier is a key part of Lightspeed. Serving as one the elite venture firms in the country, Lightspeed has been the perfect fit for Ashley’s creativity. As a leading partner to the company, she assists with product developmental and establishing trends. Women-focused retail markets has also been another key component to her work. Ashley Lightspeed has helped the company break new ground in numerous areas.

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Although she states she is not a morning-person, her day starts around 6:00 am. Ashley Lightspeed sees early mornings as a time of tranquility before her day gets hectic. The first work-related task of her day is normally a community investment meeting. This gives an opportunity to asses goals and track progress. Investment ideas are generally presented in these meetings; as well as Ashely Lighspeed’s new concepts. She commutes to her work in San Francisco and this is normally an hour drive. One advantage of taking an Uber to work is being able to fully enjoy the sunrise, Ashely states. She also uses this time to catch up on emails and mentally prepare for her day at the office. One piece of advice that she would give others, is to remain flexible in business.


Fabletics Has Fashions Available Now Through Amazon

Fabletics has fashions available now through Amazon. This move was made to corner that large group of mainly women shoppers that mostly shop on this one online site. Fabletics is already a popular fashion brand that specializes in beautifully made athleisure wear. Unlike those grungy athletic clothes of years past, women have decided that they deserve better looking and fitting athletic clothing for the prices that they are typically sold for. Fabletics is a fashion company built with the help of co-founder Kate Hudson. Her unique feminine take on these clothing styles has made this company a force that is seemingly unstoppable.


Some looked at Fabletics odd reverse showroom strategy with mixed emotions. This just wasn’t how to sell clothes. Fabletics is proving these naysayers wrong. Their goal was to capture their customer’s interests and build their company based on that. This fashion company has a unique and rather fun Lifestyle Quiz that all of their very important to the company customers are all urged to take. In just a few moments, they have the answers. Customers are awed by the results that they thought would turn out very different. Just about every woman has bought an outfit or two that looked good in the dressing room, but looked somewhat less pretty whey they tried to wear it at home. It seems that those darkened dressing rooms are dark for a reason. These stores don’t want customers to see the clothes are unsuitable for them in some fashion.


Kate Hudson is an esteemed member of Fabletics and has a lot of say in the company’s policies. She jokes how she once was just almost famous as an actress, then moved to Fabletics where she truly shines. She obviously has acting talent, and she has an independent and beautiful sense of fashion style all her own. She brings this talent to Fabletics, and Kate is devoted to providing ordinary women with clothes fit for celebrities. Even though Kate insists on using fine fabrics and high quality notions in the designs, she still resolves to sell these fashions at very affordable prices. As for those unable to buy great looking clothing, Kate urges everyone to take the company’s elite quiz for revealing answers that tell correct size ranges, cuts, favorable designs, correct colors and more. Customers are astonished by the new knowledge, and they become instant believers in this famed brand.

Kate Hudson – Working the Crowd to Enjoy Fabletics

Ever since entrepreneurs began business enterprises, one thing was known for certain. A successful business needs successful advertising. However, what do you do when the traditional methods of advertising no longer work? What do you do when consumers no longer trust what you have to say about your product? When you face this dilemma it becomes imperative that you leverage the power of the crowd.


The “power of the crowd” refers to the recent phenomena where consumers read and trust genuine product reviews just as much as if it was word of mouth from a friend.


Increasingly, positive reviews, or negative reviews for that matter, are playing a direct role in a company’s bottom line. Studies have shown that consumers will not purchase a product that has negative review from fellow consumers but are exponentially more likely to purchase a product that has more positive reviews.


The company, Fabletics, which has Kate Hudson as a celebrity sponsor, has learned not only the truth of this reality, but they also have learned how to harness it for their own benefit.


When Kate Hudson first co-founded Fabletics, they were faced with several obstacles right from the get go. Firstly, Fabletics spend over $300k on a product that had to be discarded because its quality was not up to the company’s standard. Secondly, the products that were up to standards sold out quickly, so quickly in fact, that the company rarely had inventory at all. This lack of product availability infuriated consumers and word of mouth soon trashed the company and trust went to an all-time low. How did Kate Hudson solve this problem?


Kate Hudson began to deal with this problem with a three pronged approach. Firstly, the company made communication a clear priority. They upgraded their customer service department so that they could better anticipate and plan for consumer demand. With this knowledge in hand they were better able to keep inventory in stock and the right amounts for the consumer’s needs.


Secondly, Kate Hudson had Fabletics begin to purposefully collect, manage, and respond to several thousand reviews so that the consumer knew Fabletics listened to them and cared about them.


Thirdly, Kate Hudson decided that Fabletics should not go it all alone. The resources needed for hiring your own Facebook expert, data engineers, and web builders was astronomically. Instead, she partnered with Fabletics’ current parent company, TechStyle Fashion Group. Together, they have been able to empower women to be all they can be and to reach the physical potential each of them deserves.


To better help each lady know what gear she needs, Fabletics offers an exceptional Lifestyle Quiz. This quiz is taken in 6 easy steps. The questions range from how active you are to where you prefer exercising to what kinds of exercises are best for you. Each question narrows down your options and begins to show you which gear best fit your needs as you continue the journey of reaching the best you possible.

Fabletics Moves Next Door

Fabletics is a great company that started online, but now is making a move. You may be wondering what Fabletics can do for you and how the online store compares to the store you may just walk by.

Fabletics Online

Fabletics started online with a subscription service. They are still run this way on the Internet. This may be something you have already been working with to get some of the best exercise clothing available today. The way it works online is that you sign up for the subscription and pay a monthly fee and then get an outfit every month sent to you in your chosen style. This works well for those that want to have new clothing but don’t have time to get to the store and buy them.

Fabletics in Store

Fabletics recently started stores in some of the most populated cities in the US. This works well for them because they are already well known online and they are ran by Kate Hudson. She wants her stores to do well and she wants every woman to look and feel her best. She decided to start a few stores in these cities to give you the option to go into the stores and see what she had to offer. This way you can also choose what you like and possibly buy it from the stores and take it home. You also can find clothing that is not online and only in the stores. This makes it even more fun to go into the stores and look at the different styles.

There are a lot of ways to get the exercise clothing you may want, but Fabletics is one that has the best options and the best styles. You only need to stop online and see what they have to offer or go to the store and see what clothing will make you feel and look your best. You want clothing that is going to be usable not just for exercise but also for everyday. This company has both and they use the best fabric possible to make sure it lasts a long time.

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler's high-power moves ????

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Adam Goldenberg- The Successful Technopreneur

Adam Goldenberg began his entrepreneurial career at only 15 years of age. His first business that he created was the Gamers Alliance, an advertising site for games. He sold Gamers Alliance in 1999 before completing his high school studies and then joined Intermix Media, the parent firm to MySpace and Alena the same year. Despite his young age, Adam was named the COO of Intermix Media. It was during his time at Intermix that he met with his current business associate Don Ressler. After Intermix had been sold to News Corp in 2006, Adam and Don founded Intelligent Beauty. Currently, the two are the Co-CEOS of JustFab Inc. which was established in 2010. JustFab is currently a global head in the online subscription market and has approximately 35 million subscribers in several parts of the globe.

JustFab is a Unicorn
JustFab managed to get a funding of $85 million in 2014 from its investors at the time. That round of financing increased the firms funding to nearly $300million which transformed the business into a unicorn, a company whose valuation is above $ 1 million. When asked by Francisco about how he felt belonging to this special club, Adam Goldenberg retorted that at the firm they do not brag about being named a unicorn, but they are happy about the external validation that shows they are creating brands and that they clients are satisfied.

In the recent times, many companies have joined the Unicorn club, so Francisco asked Adam if the valuations were a little out of hand. Adam Goldenberg responded by saying that if one could invest in 100 unicorns, it would outperform the larger industry in ten years’ time. This is because most of the unicorns are overvalued, but dinosaur brands will die. Adam further expressed that they will come a time where there will be more online sales as compared to physical sales. This is because of the increased revenue from online sales in the last couple of years.

JustFab’s New Name
In 2016, JustFab Inc. changed its name to TechStyle Group on According to Mr. Goldenberg, the name change was to emphasize the corporation’s roots in technology with its range of brands like ShoeDazzle, FabKids, and Fabletics. The new name was proposed by Shawn Gold, the Company’s corporate marketing officer. Techstyle was ranked 679th position out of 5000 companies on the 2016 Inc.

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S.O.S. I Need EOS!

Since the late 1800s, lip balm has been mass produced, making a difference in people’s life. With the power to heal chapped lips, lip balm soon has mass appeal. Brands such as Chapstick and Carmex have become the fixation of teenage guys and girls everywhere looking to attract a person of interest. With that being said, the saturation of the chap stick market has left consumers wondering whether this brand is better than that brand. Fortunately, there is a brand of lip balm like no other. It is known as the EOS Lip Balm. EOS stands for the evolution of smooth. What makes EOS Lip Balm so special? The Answer is simple. EOS Lip Balm has a variety of lip balms to choose. The lip balm itself features organic ingredients such as vitamin E, shea butter, and jojoba oil. In contrast, their competitors use ingredients such as petroleum oil and paraben that are not natural and may worsen chapped lips. Also, petroleum oil was originally an industrial oil intended to lubricate machinery. It was not intended for human use. Also EOS Lip Balm does not participate in animal cruelty. They do not test their products out on animals. Another reason why EOS Lip Balm is a superior product is due to its vast array of colors. Click

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The EOS Lip Balm is consumer friendly and comes in different shapes and sizes. Some of their lip balm products are also SPF infused and medicated. In addition, the availability of EOS Lip Balm is also superb. It can be found around the world at most of the major retailers such as Target, Wal-Mart, Ulta, Amazon, Perfumania, DM, Selfridges, Douglas, Boots, Rossmann, and Costco. Thus, the products are not hard to find and the chances are you will see the product at these stores.  More of this on