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Eric Pulier is known for being an American entrepenuer, philanthropist and author. He is mostly based in Los Angeles, California. Eric Pulier’s career began in the fourth grade when he started studying computers, than he started his own computer database company while still in highschool. His achievements are far from being over there though.

In 1984 Pulier began his studies at Harvard University. There he was able to major in American Literature and English. At Harvard University he wrote for a column called The Harvard Crimson. In 1988 Pulier graduated from Magnacum Laude.

Pulier founded the company called People Doing Thing in 1991, after he moved to Los Angeles. People Doing Things is a company that uses technology to be able to address education, health care and a variety of other issues. Pulier went on to find interactive agency Digital Evolution in 1991, which happened to merge with US Interactive LLC in 1998.

Pulier was picked in 1997 by the Presidential Inaugural Committee to help create and execute, in Washington, D.C., the Presidential Technology Exhibition. Pulier’s achievements are still far from being over there though.

Eric Pulier is the proud founder of a variety of ventures including: Media Platform, Desktone, Akana and many other ventures. Pulier also went on to be able to co-author Understanding Enterprise SOA. Pulier is one man that has no time for games and is always looking for his next big thing to achieve.

Currently, Eric Pulier has become known as being a very admired entrepreneur. He has taken his career way further than anyone would of expected. Having achieved more so far then most people would dream of achieving in a lifetime. It is safe to say that Pulier is going to take his career all the way to the top, working as hard as he can along the way to achieve as much as he possibly can.

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What makes Eric Pulier a great Entrepreneur and a Philanthropist?

Eric Pulier is an American based entrepreneur, philanthropist, and author. He lives in Los Angeles California. Eric Pulier was born and raised in Teaneck, New Jersey. At the tender age, Eric had a passion for computers. At fourth grade, he had learned to code and to create software by himself. While he joined high school, Eric started a database company. The company focused on providing solutions to data storage and management.


After high school, Eric decided to do away with computer programming. He joined Harvard University in the year 1984. At Harvard, Eric majored in English and Literature. While he was still a student, Eric was a both a writer and the editor of the Harvard Crimson magazine. He also attended classes at MIT and graduated with first class honors.


In the year 1991, Eric moved from New Jersey to Los Angeles and founded PDT (People Doing Things). PDT focused on finding solutions to problems facing education, healthcare, and other social issues. The organization performed very well, in fact; it motivated him to start another company. In the year 1994, Eric founded an interactive agency known as Digital Evolution. Digital Evolution joined forces with US Interactive LL C in the year 1998.

Government projects

Eric also worked on government projects. In the year 1997, he was chosen by the President Inaugural Committee, to help in creating Presidential Technology Exhibition held in Washington D.C. Following the success of the project, Eric was appointed by the Office of the Vice-president to head Healthcare forum. The conference aimed at providing healthcare solutions through the use of technology. The project is one of the most successful that Eric has carried out throughout his career.


Apart from having founded over 15 successful companies, Eric has also invested his time and money in charity. He serves as a board member of X-prize foundation. X-prize is a non-profit organization that focuses on providing a platform where people compete in finding solutions to problems facing humanity. Eric is also a significant contributor to the Painted Turtle. Painted Turtle is an organization that deals with helping kids suffering from chronic diseases.

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