The Big Business of Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is an entrepreneur with his hand in many different ventures including Tempus (co-founder and CEO)and Groupon (co-founder)to name a couple. His education after graduating Southfield-Lathrup High School (Michigan) included graduating with honors from the University of Michigan, as well as attending the University of Michigan Law school receiving his Juris Doctor degree in 1993. Click Here for more.

Tempus was co-founded by Lefkofsky in 2016. This is a technology company that lets doctors give personalized cancer care to patients. They use genomic testing to find a patients’ specific condition to help with therapies and treatments for cancer. Tempus has collaborated with the University of Chicago, the university of Michigan and University Seidman Cancer Center in different cancer programs to help assist patients with their cancer treatments.

Eric Lefkofsky along with his wife, Elizabeth, are involved in giving back to their community. They founded The Lefkofsky Foundation in 2006, which is a charitable foundation that focuses primarily on children. Lefkofsky is involved with Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, The Art Institute of Chicago, and The Museum of Science and Industry where he is on the board of directors at all three places. He is also a part of a Chicago-based performing arts institution, The Steppenwolf Theatre Company, where he is a Trustee. Eric is also a board member of World Business Chicago, serving as co-chairman of its Technology Council. Along with these endeavors, he is also an adjuct professor at the University of Chicago.Visit 

Another idea from Lefkofsky is one called “accelerated disruption”. This is a concept for startup businesses to keep them from failing by recognizing how technology can cause challenges and how to overcome them. Some of the concepts it addresses for startup businesses include: picking the right industries to introduce new products and how to promote an idea in industry and resistance from investors as well as others.

Eric Lefkofsky has helped serve massive amounts of people with his companies and philanthropy work. He helps enhance the quality of life for others through education and improvement of human rights and medical research.

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