Ryan Seacrest – The Man Behind The Famous Face

Many TV host and hostess make their mark and become famous in Hollywood and around the world. They have their particular show they entertain and it last for several years or maybe more than that.

But there’s one “celebrity” whose career longevity has surpassed most of his counterparts and predecessors. When he arrived in Hollywood maybe he wasn’t aware his future endeavors would be limitless.

In his early childhood, his lifelong dream was to become a DJ and learn all that was involved. He practiced and performed but still wasn’t fulfilling his innermost desires.

His next move was to L.A. and eventually landed a DJ gig alongside various TV opportunities. He worked hard and paid his dues, so to speak.

Eventually, all hard work paid off and he was offered a position with an upcoming singing competition television show – American Idol. And to say this was a pivotal point in his life is an understatement.

American Idol became the number one entertainment show for ten years and it catapulted Ryan’s career.

While hosting this show, he befriended the famous Dick Clark. Dick advised Ryan to invest in On-Air radio. He did and that was another major stepping stone for Ryan.

He fulfilled his lifelong dream of hosting his own radio station – OnAir with Ryan Seacrest. Due to his knowledge, experience and hard work throughout the years, this radio show is the number one national syndicated in Los Angeles.

Also, Dick gave Ryan a chance to host New Years Rockin Eve. Ryan grabbed that opportunity and was on a role. After Dick Clark passed in 2012, Ryan became executive producer and host of that show.

Ryan has become one of entertainments number one multitasking entrepreneur. Opportunities continue to seek him out.

Now that he has immersed himself deeply in the entertainment industry, he has worked the red carpet and hosted a number of entertainment shows.

He has famously produced and won Emmys for various TV shows through his production studio Ryan Seacrest Production such as Keeping Up With the Kardashians, I Love Kellie Pickler and The Food Revolution.

After American Idol ended in 2016, more doors opened for Ryan. He became co-host and executive producer of Live with Kelly and Ryan.

He has opened a new men’s clothing line called Distinction. He wanted a line that men could feel comfortable with when they were always on the go.

In the skin care division, he’s created a line of men’s products called Polished. He felt there weren’t enough options for men on the market.

His philanthropic movement has led him to create the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. This is a non-profit organization focused on easing some of the pain and anguish hospitalized children and their parents feel during tough times.

The foundation builds state-of-the-art entertainment centers in certain hospitals. The children are able to meet famous celebrities and interact in production activities.

Also, local students are able to intern at these facilities and interact with the ill children. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Ryan Seacrest is only beginning. As he continues to perfect his craft, more doors are opening for him.

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