How Hussain Sajwani built DAMAC Properties to become among the top real estate companies in the Middle East

Hussain Sajwani is an Emirati National and a real estate guru who founded DAMAC Properties, one of the biggest property developing companies in the Middle East. Hussain Sajwani also happens to be the Chairman of the company. Hussain Sajwani was born in an entrepreneurial family where his father owned a shop that dealt in a wide variety of products including items imported from China.

Hussain Sajwani used to help his father at the shop until he got a scholarship to study at the University of Washington. Upon graduation, Hussain Sajwani earned a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics. Hussain Sajwani’s professional activities began at the Abu Dhabi as Industries in 1981. In 1983 he started his own catering company which is still operational to date. It was in 2002, that he started DAMAC Properties.

Based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, DAMAC Properties is a firm that specializes in developing a wide variety of properties ranging from residential properties to commercial and mixed-use ones. It was founded in 2002 as part of the DAMAC Group. The company went through numerous challenges but was able to come out them victorious and stronger than before. In 2013, the firm became the first Middle East real estate firm to be listed on the London Stock Exchange. Two years later the firm was listed in the Dubai Financial Market. The company continues to grow and come up with magnificent projects each and every day. AKOYA Oxygen and DAMAC Hills are some of the projects, DAMAC Properties has put up.

Having collaborated with President Trump in coming up with the Trump World Golf Club, in Dubai it is obvious that Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC owner, and President Donald Trump are very close. Hussain is married and has four children. Although the family lives in Dubai, they have all managed to maintain close ties with the family of President Trump. In fact, Hussain Sajwani once stated that his wife and Ivanka are very close friends and regularly communicate and visit each other.

Apart from raising a real estate empire, Hussain Sajwani has made many contributions to several charity organizations as a way of giving back. A while back, Hussain Sajwani made a contribution of 2 million AED to Red Crescent. The money was for buying clothing for 50,000 impoverished children

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Build to Last

Living your dreams isn’t easy. It takes persistence and tenacity, along with faith in yourself alone in God and in the vision he has given you. In bringing this all together Jim Toner Real Estate Investor and Philanthropist he gives 15 powerful responses to interview questions featured on Ideal Mensch.

Jim’s personal experiences and expertise in making real estate investment ” user-friendly” gives practical advice on how you can run your own business and sustain residual income. In this interview, he describes the power of determination and how the system seemly is designed to create obstacles that intentionally hamper entrepreneurial activity. He uses “the brand of rebels” as a metaphor claiming this is an attitude you must have regardless of how many roadblocks. He goes on to explain the mental toughness that is needed and having Faith in yourself that nothing can stop you. You must tell yourself “I will continue to give it my best shot and keep standing in the real world of business.” Finding ways to maintain good health is also a good habit to practice that helps toward productivity as an Entrepreneur. Maintaining a strong body by working out regularly, eating right and getting proper rest. Most will not agree, working 24/7 is not a good practice.

In summary, Jim Toner discusses several essentials tools needed to be successful as an Entrepuer. One is learning and building from other trailblazers who have shared their winning strategies on how they grew their business. Reading is another key ingredient to success; it’s the gathering of ideas and filling the holes in your game. Thirdly he shares how Master Mind Principals from “Think and Grow Rich” teaching framed and jump started his small beginnings. Lastly, realizing failure is not the end. Money is easily replaceable and quickly replaceable when you determine in your mind “I am build to last”. If I had to highlight a main point in recapping Jim’s Idea Mensch interview it would be “Clarity your ideal. Think of it as a receipt to follow. Find out what, and more importantly who, you need to get it moving. Develop a flexible working model and test it. Study your results, adjust, and test again.”

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Hussain Sajwani – Raising the Standards of Entrepreneurship

The topic of entrepreneurship is a broad topic, with so many possible explanations. But the primary thing in any form of business is meeting customers’ needs surpassing their expectations. This idea is the fact that Hussain Sajwani the owner of the DAMAC properties has identified and based the success of its business on it. With the many purposes, the DAMAC owner has proved to meet the rising need of and hospitality services in the middle east.

It is important to acknowledge the past of Hussain to be able to understand how he became a magnificent businessman. The most important thing is that as a young man, Hussain Sajwani was initiated into the aspects of the business by his father who imported electronic items from China. Also, to sharpen on the passion for business the DAMAC owner managed to get the best education, graduating with a bachelor’s degree from Washington University.

After school, Hussain earned his first job with the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company as the contract manager. He would only serve in this position for a few years as his passion had was to follow the steps of his father and develop his own business.

By 1982, Hussain Sajwani had started his own catering business, a project that is currently performing magnificently. Though launched as a small venture, the plan today serves over 150,000 meals per day in more than 200 projects. The primary clients involved are educational institutions, campsites, army bases and other offshore markets.

When UAE started experiencing an influx in the number of visitors in 1990s, Hussain saw another opportunity of building hotels and other properties, something that has stood out to be his main idea today. In 2002, he established the DAMAC Properties to manage all his real estate and other affiliated business.

The firm has developed some of the prominent hotels, villas and luxury apartments in the UAE. Most of these investments are in Abu Dhabi, Jordan, Doha, Beirut, Amman, Dubai and England. Besides the properties, Hussain Sajwani is also involved in the construction material and capital market business.

As an international brand, the DAMAC owner involves some of the leading brands in his business. Most remarkably is his association with President Donald Trump in the development of Trump Golf Course in Dubai.

With all these wealth, Hussain Sajwani is respected for his periodic generous donations especially in the month of Ramadhan. For Hussain, all is work would be futile without the happiness of general humanity.

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Ryan Seacrest – The Man Behind The Famous Face

Many TV host and hostess make their mark and become famous in Hollywood and around the world. They have their particular show they entertain and it last for several years or maybe more than that.

But there’s one “celebrity” whose career longevity has surpassed most of his counterparts and predecessors. When he arrived in Hollywood maybe he wasn’t aware his future endeavors would be limitless.

In his early childhood, his lifelong dream was to become a DJ and learn all that was involved. He practiced and performed but still wasn’t fulfilling his innermost desires.

His next move was to L.A. and eventually landed a DJ gig alongside various TV opportunities. He worked hard and paid his dues, so to speak.

Eventually, all hard work paid off and he was offered a position with an upcoming singing competition television show – American Idol. And to say this was a pivotal point in his life is an understatement.

American Idol became the number one entertainment show for ten years and it catapulted Ryan’s career.

While hosting this show, he befriended the famous Dick Clark. Dick advised Ryan to invest in On-Air radio. He did and that was another major stepping stone for Ryan.

He fulfilled his lifelong dream of hosting his own radio station – OnAir with Ryan Seacrest. Due to his knowledge, experience and hard work throughout the years, this radio show is the number one national syndicated in Los Angeles.

Also, Dick gave Ryan a chance to host New Years Rockin Eve. Ryan grabbed that opportunity and was on a role. After Dick Clark passed in 2012, Ryan became executive producer and host of that show.

Ryan has become one of entertainments number one multitasking entrepreneur. Opportunities continue to seek him out.

Now that he has immersed himself deeply in the entertainment industry, he has worked the red carpet and hosted a number of entertainment shows.

He has famously produced and won Emmys for various TV shows through his production studio Ryan Seacrest Production such as Keeping Up With the Kardashians, I Love Kellie Pickler and The Food Revolution.

After American Idol ended in 2016, more doors opened for Ryan. He became co-host and executive producer of Live with Kelly and Ryan.

He has opened a new men’s clothing line called Distinction. He wanted a line that men could feel comfortable with when they were always on the go.

In the skin care division, he’s created a line of men’s products called Polished. He felt there weren’t enough options for men on the market.

His philanthropic movement has led him to create the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. This is a non-profit organization focused on easing some of the pain and anguish hospitalized children and their parents feel during tough times.

The foundation builds state-of-the-art entertainment centers in certain hospitals. The children are able to meet famous celebrities and interact in production activities.

Also, local students are able to intern at these facilities and interact with the ill children. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Ryan Seacrest is only beginning. As he continues to perfect his craft, more doors are opening for him.

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Market America and The Attraction of Affiliate Marketing

One of the factors that stop people from starting a business of their own is that they believe that they have to have their own product and rental space in order to start their business. Fortunately, there are plenty of other options for people that want to start a business of their own. One of the options that are available is becoming an affiliate. Many people do try to become affiliates because there are quite a few advantages that come with it. For one thing, people do not have to have their own product. They can just submit an affiliate link and then make money off of the sales that the link generates.

There is one company that offers something similar to an affiliate program. This company is called Market America. With Market America, people have the opportunity to become unfranchise business owners. They also get to choose the types of products they are going to promote from the brands of their choice. This gives people a lot of freedom in how they are going to run their business. They also get paid a generous amount of money for the sales they generate. One of the factors that can make affiliate marketing a challenge is that people are not generating that much commission for the sales they make.

Market America not only has a great opportunity for people who want to work for a company and make a fortune, but it also has training programs that people are actually required to undergo so that they know what to do when they are attempting to market a product. Market America also has something that can help customers make money. The cash-back shopping program is one of the best programs for customers to get involved in. They make money from buying the items listed on the website which gives them incentive to continue shopping with Market America.

Nick Vertucci’s Success Story in Real Estate

As a son of a widowed mom, Nick Vertucci’s story is one of from rags to riches. Nick is a real estate entrepreneur who made his fortune after retiring as a police officer. Through the concept of flipping properties, Nick Vertucci has amassed millions in the real estate market. His heart is at the art of buying low price homes, renovating them and then selling them at a considerable ROI.

Since investing in real estate requires a thorough market analysis and substantial knowledge, Nick created the real estate academy to help others.

Nick’s interest in real estate began when he attended a three-day seminar in real estate a few months after he lost everything to the bust of 2002. In this seminar, he discovered real estate as the path to financial freedom. Nick Vertucci has since then become a millionaire and is the host of ‘Flip with Nick’ investment seminars. In these forums, he teaches people on how to make a fortune in the real estate industry.

Nick Vertucci is proud to share his real estate knowledge as he realizes that many people have the desire to achieve financial freedom but lack the know-how. With his own created and tried formula, he prides himself in seeing other people succeed in the industry.

In 2014, Nick Vertucci incorporated a Flip with Nick Real Estate Academy. The academy has maintained an A rating with the better business bureau. Participants who have amassed a rich base of knowledge from the program have highly credited the information shared in these seminars. Many have experienced repetitive success in their endeavors after the college. The academy aims at providing instruction on how to identify potential deals, how to prepare them for sale and lastly, how to turn them into rental properties that can attract buyers.

Nick’s formula for success in real estate has his academy conducting workshops all over the country. He offers a chance to those who are interested in real estate to get the necessary know-how by attending a free workshop. Nick is an advocate of living the American dream, and his dream is to lead as many people as he can to ultimate financial freedom.

Why is the US Losing the Innovation Battle? Shervin Pishevar Has Answers

Shervin Pishevar decided to share a wide array of thoughts on Twitter recently. Actually, he created quite the tweet storm, sending out 50 tweets in the span of 21 hours. During this time, he identified that the United States is losing the battle for innovation.

Silicon Valley is the Capital

As far as anyone was concerned, Silicon Valley became the capital for innovation. This happened not just for the US but for the rest of the world. If a startup was going to happen, it would come out of Silicon Valley, California.

In recent years, this is not necessarily the case. Romania, China, Italy, Brazil, and plenty of other countries have experienced major startups as well.

Shervin Pishevar identifies that there are many good reasons for this.

What’s Happening in the US

Shervin Pishevar blames the United States government for us losing our innovation. Much of this has to do with crumbling infrastructures. A lot of it also has to do with some of the physical and cultural walls that we have built as a government. It is keeping immigrant talent from entering Silicon Valley.

As a result, entrepreneurship has become a movement. Is completely borderless, which means that Silicon Valley is more of a viral idea than a physical location.

Is there a way for us to get it back?

It’s unlikely that the United States will ever get its innovation back, especially if we don’t start looking at the various frameworks that exist. Often, US companies want to follow monopoly frameworks that don’t work for them.

Further, the speed of execution continues to be a problem for the United States. Yet, China has proven that their speed of execution is better than anyone. Shervin Pishevar gave the example of a train station in China being built in only nine hours. The United States simply cannot compete with things like that.

The tweets that Shervin Pishevar sent out have people thinking. They have to look at the speed of execution and their overall infrastructure if they ever want to win the innovation battle ever again.

Meet Sheldon Lavin, the Man behind Prestigious OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin has led a very respectable career life. Currently, he is working as the chief executive officer and chairman of OSI Group, a leading international food production company that is based in the US. For the last forty three years, Sheldon Lavin has been working with this company, and he is responsible for the numerous achievements and expansion the company has registered in those years. While serving as the chairman and CEO of the international company, Sheldon Lavin has played an influential role in the acquisition and opening of several food plants and branches. Baho Food, Tyson Food Plants have been acquired with the assistance from the leading investor. Lavin boasts of an impressive career in the food department, and he is promising his customers in the international community better and high quality products. Despite the hardships international companies are facing when dealing with food products, Lavin is making a lot of progress in his mission.

Lavin was not interested in the food industry when he was a young man. The businessman had high interests in finance, and this is why he went to study finance at the university. When he acquired his degree in this complex subject, the businessman sought employment from different companies. His career in finance was so successful, and he managed to open a large consultation firm where he was working as the president. The businessman got an opportunity to work with the OSI Group several years ago, and he realized that there was so much potential in the meat processing industry.

When Sheldon Lavin joined the food processing company, he changed it to a global supplier of numerous food products. In a very short time, OSI Group was performing well, and it has even managed to offer employment opportunities to thousands of people in many parts of the globe. According to recent statistics, the OSI Group is offering people over twenty thousand employment opportunities. These professionals have worked and performed so well because of the kind of leadership they have. Lavin and the other people in the company are always very keen when hiring professionals, and this has ensured that all the people in the company are highly experienced. OSI Group attributes its success to the people who have various positions in many parts of the world. These professionals ensure that customer’s demands are met at all costs. David McDonald has played a key role in the success of the company too.

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Glen Wakeman – Entrepreneur, Businessman, and Angel Investor

Glen Wakeman received his education at the University of Chicago. He has also traveled extensively and lived in six countries. During his 20-year career with GE, he lived in 32 countries, and has held the top position of numerous companies and transformed businesses with more than 17,000 employees. He has always been actively involved in divestitures, start-ups, acquisitions, and mergers. He can also add to his resume downsizing, integrations, and helping companies enter the market.

Glen Wakeman is the CEO and co-founder of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC ( The formation and early stages of a business are the most critical because many businesses fail within this period. LaunchPad is an SAAS firm that helps early-stage business owners to elevate their chances of success through access to online business planning.

Wakeman also writes extensively about his experience and present business pursuits. This includes up-to-date information about business transformation, markets emerging, global affairs, and advice on leadership. He also provides extensive information about raising capital through angel investors.

Wakeman finds time in his busy schedule to mentor a number of C-level executives. His energy comes from his passion to help businesses grow, innovate, and manage. Wakeman’s areas of expertise include developing leadership, hatching creative business strategies, finding success in capital markets, effective business transformation, and business growth.

Wakeman is a man with enormous knowledge, talent, and skills. Everything he brings to the table proves invaluable to the businesses and entrepreneurs he helps to mentor (Instagrams). Perhaps one of the reasons he can adapt to so many diverse business scenarios is his experience in working and living abroad. He certainly moves through life with a lot of composure and grace. Thus, his career is truly international.

Wakeman believes that time is valuable and that every entrepreneur should understand its true value. His day starts out busy. He spends time reviewing financial data and analyzing the company’s cash flow, performance data, and sales. Once he completes his analysis, he meets with his business partners to strategize.


Josh Smith: A Green Revolutionary

Josh Smith is an entrepreneur who has embarked on several business ventures in his 18 years in Reno, Nevada. He has successfully launched and steered several businesses in Reno, Nevada, which is impressive in the little time that he’s done it. Josh Smith has one goal in mind, to benefit today’s society and the environment in which they live. Money is simply a bonus. He recently completed an interview in which he was asked why and how he started a business to begin with. Josh Smith answered that he just wants to make life easier for people, and he incorporates his art background in his inventions.

When transforming his concepts into solutions he sits down to draw out the diagram for the solution, and then writes down his additional ideas based on that. He then develops a plan to make that product marketable based on today’s societal needs. Josh Smith was also asked how he maintains his productivity with so many ventures at once. He says you must make sure that the project calls for creativity, and that you are genuinely inspired by it. He also focuses on productive tasks that help him to achieve more than one goal.

The interview gave light to what a remarkable, imaginative and inventive mind Josh Smith has. Over the years he has developed the mental strength to block out nay-sayers and wishes he had given this advice to his younger self when he was starting out. Over the years, he has also developed his own leadership and business techniques based on past mistakes he’s made. Josh Smith also recommends “The War of Art” as a good read for budding entrepreneurs, and to maintain healthy brain activity.

One of Smith’s newer and more popular ventures is the Modular Greenhouse that will neglect chemical usage in the growth of plants, making organic fruits and vegetables that much more natural. He genuinely believes in his mission to make food healthier for children in their developmental years, and has developed a team of individuals who share his vision, passion, experience and drive.

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