Oren Frank and Progress in Mental Health

As a leader in the mental health space, Oren Frank is one individual that knows the importance of mental health. See, mental health is not something that is set apart from the individual, it is something deep inside the individual, it is something that makes a significant difference in the quality of health and life.

Oren Frank has been working on TalkSpace, an app that aids within the mental health world.

One thing to know about in regards to mental health is that of your thoughts.

Thoughts Could Affect Your Focus

The effect of being disturbed is not only limited to thoughts that leave you feeling dejected. Even when your wandering thoughts are not associated with sadness, they could still have a very large impact on the way that you are feeling.

For instance, you could be feeling completely motivated, focused, and willing to complete all the items on your to do list for the day to the best of your ability. Everything could be going exactly to your plan. Then, you just start thinking about how Game of Thrones should have ended. Check out Oren Frank interview on Youtube

And that’s your pitfall right there.

You could lose your motivation, your focus, and your drive to clear out all the daily tasks you have on hand. From one possible ending to another, you start thinking and speculating about how your beloved characters in the fantastical series deserved better.

Whether they did or not is a whole other discussion that you could ideally save for your night out with your friends. But what deserves better in the moment is your work.

Sadly, that realization doesn’t come to mind when it should due to the bothersome nature of these thoughts, which just cannot be helped until you have probably wasted your day away after them. And even then, they are ready to strike back with all their surreptitious nature when you least expect them to do so. Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talkspace

Jason Hope Stands Up For Anti-Aging Technology.

Jason Hope is excited about the way that technology is changing the world. Can you blame him? Hope has been working in the tech sector for decades. Throughout that time, Hope has continued to push the boundaries that are intrinsic to both his industry and that of mankind, in general. Hope is a futurist, an entrepreneur, and a philanthropist. He has managed to blend all of his traits into one focused mission, to support technology that will change the world. Today, we are going to be talking about Hope’s thoughts on anti-aging technology, the work being done at the SENS Foundation, and how our perception of aging will be changing forever.

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First, Jason Hope has taken up the belief that humans don’t have to age in the way that they do. Of course, Hope isn’t arguing for immortality, nor is he suggesting some sort of futuristic, sci-fi inspired revolution. Hope is essentially arguing that we have taken the side-effects of aging for granted. We accept that our bodies will break down as we grow older. We accept that we will run into issues with Parkinson’s, dementia, arthritis, and other diseases of the same caliber. Jason Hope doesn’t believe that we have to content ourselves with this suffering and that has led him to support the SENS Research Foundation by way of a $500,000 donation.

The SENS Research Foundation is a non-profit facility located in California. Focused on providing solutions to common age-related problems, the SENS Foundation has been in operation since 2009. Established by Mike Kope and Aubrey De Grey, the SENS Foundation has quickly gained a following thanks to the revolutionary work that they are doing. Hope came across the SENS Foundation after extensively researching the anti-aging industry. Along the way, Jason Hope was introduced to CSO Dr. Aubrey De Grey. The two quickly hit it off and Hope was soon to donate to their cause.

Hope’s donation to the SENS Foundation will go directly toward researching solutions to arteriosclerosis. Arteriosclerosis is just another way to talk about hardened arteries. Hardened arteries are a tremendous problem in the elderly community. If Hop’s donation can go toward helping to cure this issue, we could see a dramatically different late-life experience for people all over the world. Visit: https://medium.com/@jasonhope

JHSF CEO José Auriemo Neto Continues to Build His Brand

One real estate firm that you can trust in Brazil with eyes closed is JHSF Inc, which was founded by Fabio Auriemo and his brother in the year 1972. The company had gone through a massive transformation over the years, especially when it was taken over by Zeco Auriemo as its CEO in the year 2003. The leadership of Zeco Auriemo has helped the company to become one of the leading names in the field of real estate and develop many profitable projects across the country and abroad as well. JHSF Inc is active in not only commercial and residential real estate development but also develops commercial airports, hotels and resorts, shopping malls, and more.

Zeco Auriemo Neto has also been active in the fashion retail sector, which is the ancillary business of the company due to the management of the shopping malls that it has constructed and overseen. In order to make the shopping malls more attractive to the customers, he has been able to rope in some of the biggest fashion brands from abroad to Brazil and have them open their flagship stores in his shopping malls. Zeco Auriemo believes that it is necessary for the companies to continually improve and provide the customers with something to look forward to. It is the reason why all of his realestate projects are years ahead in planning and execution. He has been able to set high standards in the industry for others to match. He wants people with varied taste to like his real estate projects and move ahead in the competition.

Zeco Auriemo Neto studied business management from FAAP and joined his father’s company right after it. Zeco Auriemo is regarded as a celebrity businessman in Brazil due to his good looks, charming personality, and the overwhelming success he has achieved in the last few years. He is well known for the risks that he took in the business and how he succeed even though there were people who were not fully supportive of the idea. But, he proved everyone wrong, and today, he is known for his success.

Career achievements of Bernardo Chua

With the high number of businesses being launched today, every entrepreneur ought to be creative. Competition continues to increase over time due to the many people starting similar businesses. Bernardo Chua has brought innovation to a different level through his company. As the founder and chief executive of the well-known Organo Gold venture, he helps people maintain their good health. The natural products that the firm manufactures have taken care of every common disease that an individual could suffer. The way that Bernardo Chua thinks is one of the significant issues that has enabled him to achieve excellent results in his ventures. Check out Bernardo Chua at oldcurmudgeoncomics.com

The investor has learned to always think of great things and successes in the industry. He never lets negative thoughts overtake his positive ones. This spirit has seen him emerge as a successful entrepreneur that knows when it is right to launch his firms and bring new ideas for its success. Besides, he also knows to handle and address his employees, he puts his customers first and he also works harder to ensure that his employees deliver exceptional results in the best time. He is untouchable when it comes to the manufacture of natural health products that take care of peoples health.

Besides, Bernardo Chua has always striven to decide on the goals that are valid and those that are not. He always takes time to analyze every situation that he goes through in his entrepreneur. This has given him a chance to eliminate the issues that could lead his business to its death bed. Besides, he is also cautious on the way he handles his clients. He always addresses his employees to enable them to stay alert on the things they could do to see the firm grow more prominent. He also never stops learning and his concerns and focus have seen him acquire great ideas.  Learn more: http://www.zoominfo.com/p/Bernardo-Chua/676218748

Isabel dos Santos: A Bright Future for Africa

Africa is a beautiful and stunning country. The people are very friendly, the food is great, and they have tons of dramatic and breathtaking landscapes. A successful entrepreneur in Africa popularly known as Isabel dos Santos has greatly influenced their country and its agriculture. She was able to state facts and pieces of advice about the current economic and agricultural state of Africa during the summit that was arranged by a political group known as the European Reformists and Conservatives. She spoke about their current and future plans that they are planning to implement across the country. Africa has been thriving, yet they need to be aware of technological advancements in order to flourish all the more. She would want to educate the population regarding technology so that they will all use it to gather more ideas and to innovate more solutions. Read more about Isabel Dos Santos at plataformamedia.com

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Na Unitel, todos os dias trabalhamos para uma Angola desenvolvida, para darmos um futuro promissor às novas gerações. As pessoas são a nossa prioridade. Começamos agora uma parceria com a Huawei e vamos levar 10 estudantes de universidades angolanas para uma formação intensa e experiência cultural na China. Estamos a abrir as portas do mundo aos nossos jovens 🌏A atravessar fronteiras, a crescer. Neste programa, Huawei Seeds for the Future, os estudantes vão trabalhar nos laboratórios mais avançados da Huawei, expondo-se às mais recentes tecnologias. Queremos que os nossos jovens tenham os melhores conhecimentos e que possam implementa-los no nosso país. Acreditamos que a tecnologia é o futuro e os jovens são os nossos futuros líderes #SharingbyIsabeldosSantos #Unitel #formação #oportunidades #Huawei #FuturosLíderes #Tecnologia At Unitel, we work every day for a developed Angola, to give a promising future to our new generations. People are our priority. We have now started a partnership with Huawei and we will offer 10 students from Angolan universities the opportunity to go an on intensive training and cultural experience in China. We are opening the doors of the world to our young people🌏 Crossing borders, growing. In this program, Huawei Seeds for the Future, students will work in the most advanced laboratories of Huawei, exposing themselves to the latest technologies. We want our young people to have the best knowledge and may they implement it in our country. We believe that technology is the future and young people are our future leaders.

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Isabel dos Santos is very much aware of how telecommunications work and how the industry of technology works since she owns her own company called Unitel. As an Angolan businesswoman, she felt the need to revolutionize Africa digitally and to enable the people to engage in e-commerce aside from traditional stores. Isabel dos Santos strives to solve the technological challenges of Africa and other possible obstacles that might come their way. Most African cities still have unresolved issues particularly on how to apply technology in improving the country. She is very positive that technology will improve the quality of life of Africans and help them save more money and monthly costs.

According to Isabel dos Santos, one of her priorities is to focus on their agricultural sector. She has ideas that she will execute in order to make them more competitive. She aims to have a more competitive agricultural sector in the country, focus on establishing technology for their agriculture, and several developments that will help them save the costs of the country. She strongly believes that engaging in the digital world is crucial to motivate their people and the government. Africa will be a more stable and solid country by creating new concepts and by working together in unity.

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Career of Entrepreneur Serge Belamant

Serge Belamant is an entrepreneur and patent holder of blockchain technology. His career includes working in software and applications development. Over the course of his career, Serge has developed many different blockchain technologies. Belamant was responsible for creating numerous cryptocurrencies which became one of the more innovative currency systems in the world. This innovation allowed banks and government entities a way to complete withdrawals, deposits and to invest more quickly and efficiently. This new technology would allow him to gain recognition as an innovator in the financial sector.

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Belamant relocated to South Africa from France when he was a teenager. While he was a resident of South Africa, he learned English so that he could get more easily assimilate into the national culture. When he arrived in South Africa, Serge Belamant attended a top high school for boys. While attending the school, he was a standout athlete as well as a top student. When he attended school, he was awarded the designation of Head Perfect which was an award given to those who excel in both academics and athletics.

After he finished high school, Serge Belamant attended Witwatersrand University and the University of South Africa. At these universities, he studied a variety of subjects such as engineering, computer systems and information systems. He would later take courses in information systems at an educational institution known as UNISA.

Serge Belamant began his career by working at an engineering company called Matrix. While working at this engineering company, Belamant worked on IBM computers by using infinite element analysis. He developed numerous software applications to measure the level of dams in South Africa. After working for a number of other technology and engineering companies, Serge became a consultant at Bancorp as a research risk management analyst. He would eventually start up his own company called Net1 which specialized in creating chips in debit cards. The company grew to serve markets in other countries throughout Africa as well as Russian and Ghana. Serge also started up an entity called Zilch Technology Limited which develops blockchain technology. With this company, many people in the business world believe that he helped change the information technology industry for the better.

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How Shervin Pishevar Views Facebook

Shervin Pishevar created quite the storm on Twitter last year. 50 tweets were sent in the span of 21 hours, talking heavily about the state of the economy and the monopolies that the United States has allowed to grow in power. Facebook was identified as one of these monopolies.

Why is Facebook a monopoly?

Facebook, according to Shervin Pishevar, is one of the few companies in the United States that has access to more information and data than a sovereign nation. The recent news has highlighted that he’s not the only one to think that Facebook is a monopoly, either. Even the co-founder of Facebook is calling for it to be broken up because of all of the power.

Plenty of people, including Zuckerberg, however, believe it’s not a monopoly. They say that it’s a form of social media and an advertising platform. There are other social media platforms and other advertising platforms. It’s not a vital part of life. If it went away, no one would be too dramatically affected. It’s more of a convenient communication tool.

What are the other monopolies?

Shervin Pishevar talked openly about several of the monopolies in the United States. This includes Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet (the owners of Google and YouTube), and Amazon. It’s easy to see how many of these companies are, in fact, monopolies. If Alphabet were to simply go away, many people would be affected because of how dependent people are on Google.

Facebook definitely has access to too much information. Shervin Pishevar is right when he says that they have too much power. Especially with recent news, it’s clear that their business model is poorly built. With the information they have, who knows what they are capable of. Whether they’re a monopoly or not, something has to be done so that they are not allowed to grow and gather even more data.


Ashley Lightspeed, A New Digital Wave

After recently raising over 1.8 Billion USD in capital, Lightspeed Venture Partners decided to add to its team, new members. Stunning was that this addition was a progressive move by the company to have 50% of the new employees as female, among them, Ashley Lightspeed. Herself not a novice in this sector of venture capital firms, she plans to bring her expertise in consulting and digital media to boost the consumer investing practice at the firm.

Education and Experience

Prior to joining Lightspeed Venture Partners, Ashley had tremendous success at Thumbtack, an online platform bringing customers and professionals together. She ran the events and weddings section and saw it grow exponentially during her time as Category Manager.

After her work at Thumbtack, Ashley sought to further her education by going to graduate school, one of the best. She enrolled at Stanford University for her MBA. It was during this time that Ashley Lightspeed honed her skills, ready for the market.

Ashley attended Duke University for her undergraduate studies, BA, Visual and Media Studies. After graduation, she worked at a consulting firm, Bain and Company, as first an associate before later being promoted to Senior Associate. The Firm’s list of clients includes elite movers and shakers of all sectors of the economy. After her time there is when she joined Thumbtack, founded in 2008, to close the gap between experts and clients. View Ashley’s profile at Linkedin.

Personal Drive

At an early age, Ashley Lightspeed was fascinated by architecture, her father’s profession. This fascination led her to become one of the most meticulous and innovative people. Her work at Lightspeed Venture Partners includes working mostly with start-up companies and other companies at various stages of development. This way, she prides herself in the ability to build companies from scratch and to see them grow.

Ashley’s keynote to entrepreneurs is that their success is highly dependent on their flexibility.

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Riot Games Diversity and Inclusion

Riot Games is an online platform for playing games, and gamers use it all around the world. This online platform was created by Brandon Beck and Marc Merill back in 2007. Riot Games has millions of users all around the world, and this can be attested to their focus on the players when creating new online games. One game they have created that has taken the world by storm is League of the Legends. This game alone is played by sixty-seven million people in the world. The main headquarters of the riot games is in California.

Riot Games is especially known for their work culture, inclusion, and diversity. The Riot work culture at Riot Games enhances creativity and teamwork. All the staff members at the company are treated equally and included in all meetings. The work culture at the company also creates some of the best working environments because there is a zero tolerance policy for discrimination. Employees of all types and all walks of life are employed at the company which shows how diverse the workplace is.

If anyone is found with any acts of sexism, racism, transphobia, and bigotry, they are immediately fired. This culture of inclusion makes Riot Games one of the best and efficient places to work in. The company has created a safe space in which employees can work together in coming up with new creative ideas that are of help to the organization. This sense of teamwork is what has made Riot Games the success that it is currently in the gaming world.

Felipe Montoro Jens Explains How Brazil Is Privatizing Its Economy

Felipe Montoro Jens is a Sao Paulo, Brazil, executive in the financial industry. His specialty is providing advice on projects that involve Public Private Partnerships (PPP). Among the companies he has worked for are Enel Group, S.P.A., ArboreolandEmpreendimentosImobiliários, Concessionaria do Centro Administrativo, and Peru InversionesEnInfraestructura SA.

After completing secondary school he moved Eugene, Oregon, and became a student at Oregon University. He briefly studied at this school before transferring to UC Santa Barbara. He earned bachelor degrees in history and Spanish and then earned master’s degrees in health promotion and kinesiology. He also attended FundaoGetlio Vargas in Brazil and the American Garvin School where he acquired postgraduate degrees in business administration. Find out more at consultasocio.com to learn more.

Felipe Montoro Jens says that Brazil was moving towards privatizing many areas of the economy from the early 1900s until the 1980s. At that point, there was a huge debt crisis which halted this privatization process. In 2004, the Brazilian government turned to PPPs in order to privatize more parts of the economy. It was the telecommunications industry that was the first one to become privately controlled.

He says that Telebras had been the state-owned telecommunications company. It was split into 12 parts with each of these being auctioned off to private parties. Each part had to be independently owned, Felipe Montoro Jens says, as part of the goal was to prevent monopolies from occurring. Today the telecommunications industry is vastly better than it had been prior to 2004 when the government controlled everything.

Felipe Montoro Jens has now worked as a consultant for many private companies seeking to complete public works projects across Brazil. He does occasionally work for the government as an advisor as well. He strikes deals where the private companies build things such as schools and dams that are then operated by the government.

Read more: https://www.mundodomarketing.com.br/noticias-corporativas/conteudo/195210/conheca-com–felipe-montoro-jens-os-vencedores-do-premio-ppp-awards-2018-revelados-em-dezembro