Business and Life Tips for Entrepreneurs from Ashley Lightspeed

Ashley Lightspeed, a successful businesswoman with a wealth of experience in venture capital investment, finance, and tech, was formerly employed at Thumbtack before leaving the company to start at business school at Stanford. Ashley was employed previously by Bain, working with all-star companies, including several Fortune 500s.

Early experiences with prototyping and design, under the tutelage of her father, an architect, led Ashley to develop a creative approach to business consulting, which focuses on iterative prototyping and other unique approaches to product development.

During her time at Stanford, Ashley immersed herself in cognitively challenging academic work, applying what she learned at school to work on real-world problems at the same time, which was an approach to learning and personal development she’d sought for some number of years. After graduating from business school, she worked with companies like Fundbox and BetterUp to help them create effective growth strategies and long-term plans, focusing on future trends. See more on Ashley at

Ashley Lightspeed eventually moved on from consulting work to commit to a new full-time position as a partner of Lightspeed Venture Partners. Ashley’s typical day is spent with entrepreneurs where she either introduces herself to new entrepreneurs or consults with existing customers on the next step of their investment plan.

She highlights the importance of keeping a personal journal, which was a hobby she developed at Stanford as a meditative, self-reflective exercise. Journaling is a healthy habit which offers busy people a chance to clear their mind, improve mental hygiene, and organize thoughts while putting everything into context.

Ashley Lightspeed also talked about the importance of keeping in touch with people and never sacrificing personal time. Maintaining relationships is crucial. It is easy to let our lives get away from us as we focus on business, but Ashley agrees that it is important to keep in contact with friends outside of our workplace, especially those we knew in childhood.


Alastair Borthwick Shares The Beauty Of The Human Experience

At only 16 years of age, Alastair Borthwick began a career in journalism by leaving high school to start working for a small, local paper known as the Evening Times. While working for this paper, he held the position of copy taker before moving on to a slightly larger publication known as The Glasgow Weekly Herald. While working at the Glasgow Herald, he began writing for various columns and features of the paper but started to get a following for the pieces that he was writing for their column known as “Open Air”. Alastair Borthwick had discovered an interest in the sport of climbing. In particular, he enjoyed being able to climb the rolling hills of his home country of Scotland, but he also found himself traveling to other parts of Europe to find what the world would bring him.

While the sport of climbing was something that enthralled Alastair Borthwick until he passed away in 2003, he found himself enjoying the people that were part of the experience as well. In fact, it was the experiences that he had with the rest of the people hiking through the countryside that left the biggest impact on the beloved writer. The book Always a Little Further collected the different pieces that he had written for the “Open Air” column while working for The Glasgow Weekly Herald on the subject of climbing. Always a Little Further was first published in the year 1939 and is considered a classic of the genre.

Readers of today still enjoy the works of Alastair Borthwick which includes not just Always a Little Further, but also a work that was first released under the name Sans Peur. Sans Peur shared the experiences that Alastair Borthwick had while serving his country during World War II. While war is a horrifying experience, it also brings out the best in humanity as well. The friendships and brotherhood that forms during times of war is something that cannot be compared to anything else and he was able to share this with the world.

Wes Edens Is Diving Into The Freedom Gas Industry

While the Department of Energy is calling it Freedom Gas, shale gas has been changing the energy industry in the United States and one billionaire, Wes Edens, is confident in it as an investment. While his history of co-founding Fortress Investment Group and being the co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks basketball team may not indicate that he’d have much to do with Freedom Gas as an investment, but he is going strong in the industry on many different levels. Wes Edens has been providing super-chilled natural gas exports to regions like West Africa, Central America, and different parts of the Carribean. In addition to the efforts that the investor and entrepreneur is already making, he is also making plans to construct a terminal in Pennsylvania designed for exporting the cargo. Read more about Wes Edens at

The gas industry in the United States has been experiencing a considerable export boom and Wes Edens and others have found that there is a great deal of money to be made in the current market. As the shale revolution continues to transform the American gas industry, Trump has been encouraging this exportation effort. While the majority of the projects can take several years to complete, Wes Edens has been focusing on smaller facilities that will be able to function and start producing natural gas and oil much faster than some other companies’ projects. There are many countries that rely on imported oil to fuel their power plants and the shale oil exportation boom is providing them with more affordable options.

While about 99% of the energy used in the United States is supplied by oil, this isn’t the case in many developing countries across the globe according to Wes Edens. He began taking an interest in the gas industry after Fortress Investment Group purchased the Florida East Coast Railway and converted to using LNG instead of diesel fuel. Unfortunately, they could not find a suitable supplier to work with so they decided to try to handle the situation themselves in order to power its locomotives. They went on to build their own facility in Miami to produce LNG and it has grown since then. Read:

Richard Liu Qiangdong provides the best Quality Products for You


Richard Liu Qiangdong is the founder and CEO of the Chinese E-commerce giant also called Jingdong Mall. The company is the fourth largest e-commerce company in China and is growing at a fast pace. Liu lists high-quality products on his portal and makes sure that they are shipped across China in the shortest possible time. His aim is to make the first name among e-commerce companies in China.

Richard Liu Qiangdong was born and raised in Suqian, Jiangsu province in China. Liu Qiangdong graduated in 1996 with a degree in sociology from the People’s University of China in Beijing and graduated in business management from the China Europe International Business School. He first started a restaurant that failed and later a chain of 12 successful stores selling genuine magneto-optical products.

His staff could not attend the stores because of the SARS outbreak and Liu Qiangdong decided to sell products online. He founded in the year 2004. His new business model was successful and he closed his 12 stores and focused solely on selling genuine high-quality products over the internet. Get More Information Here.

Richard Liu Qiangdong is a self-made billionaire who runs one of the most successful e-commerce businesses at the young age of 44. The business has a turnover of about $ 60 billion and employs over 1,67,000 employees. He makes sure that lists genuine products and all orders in cities reach customers within six hours and in rural China within a day.

Products currently listed on the portal are fashion and food-related and consumer electronics. He makes sure that proper invoices are provided to customers. He is a family man and aims to be a good son to his parents, a good husband and, a good father. Qiangdong plans to expand the business and sell products by establishing across the world.

Richard Liu is a leader in the e-commerce business in China and across the world. He has received many awards recognizing his achievements in China and world-class forums. Despite his celebrity status, Liu is known for his humility and his concern for the welfare of his family, partners and his smallest employee.




Sharon Prince Makes The Earth Day Celebration An Annual Highlight At Grace Farms


Sharon Prince, the founder of the nonprofit Grace Farms Foundation, spent decades as a leader in the business community. Sharon was the president of 66° North USA for half a decade among her other executive positions. She established the Grace Farms Foundation so that she could develop a place where people can experience nature and learn about topics like social justice and the arts.

Grace Farms provides a place for everybody in Fairfield County to enjoy. It’s an 80-plus acre property that had once been home to a horse boarding business. The Grace Farms Foundation bought the property so that it could be restored. Sharon Prince and her team are restoring wetlands, meadows, and forests across the property.

Admission to Grace Farms is free. It is open Tuesday-Saturday from 10 am -6 pm and Sundays from 12 pm to 6 pm. Near New Canaan, CT, it can be reached from both Route 124 and 123. It is open year-round and offers programming during each season.

One of the highlights of the year is Earth Day festivities. There are many activities to do each year with the all-encompassing focus on nature. Some activities highlight wildlife protection and conservation. This family-friendly event encourages guests to interact with nature and learn how to enhance it in their day-to-day lives. This event is held in partnership with the New Canaan Land Trust, The Nature Conservancy, and the New Canaan Nature Center.

There is a community garden at Grace Farms that everyone can enjoy. Sharon Prince hired gardening expert Nick Mancini to lead this garden and the initiatives it supports. People who are interested in starting a home garden can learn tips and techniques about how to be successful with one. This includes fruit tree pruning tips, seed grafting and how to successfully plant in early spring.

In an article with Gazetteday entitled “Vast Natural Offerings At Grace Farms”, Prince shared that the foundation aspired to preserve this site as a gift of open space, a peaceful respite for the community to enjoy and to encourage people to draw inspiration from nature, pursue justice, encounter the arts, explore faith, and above all, collaborate for the common good.



A Glance on Electronic Medical Record Systems with Eric Lefkofsky

Cancer has emerged as a life threating disease. More cases have been reported in the recent past. Eric Lefkofsky is one of the people who is striving to come up with a solution to help cancer patients. He is a co-founder of Tempus a technology firm that aids physicians in providing tailor-made healthcare to cancer patients. The technology uses an interactive analytical and machine learning plan to analyze data.

Eric Lefkofsky developed the interest of starting a technology firm that digitizes the healthcare system. He developed the idea when his family member was being treated for breast cancer. It was a shock to him that doctors didn’t have access to a technology that had transformed many industries. The experience made him build a technology firm that would help physicians access cancer patients data.

Eric Lefkofsky brainstormed to come up with a solution, and this led to the birth of Tempus. He has honing skills in setting and managing corporations. He is a co-founder of several businesses such as Groupon where he serves as the chairman, Mediaocean – a media procurement firm and Echo Global Logistics. He is also involved in charity work and co-chairs the Lefkofsky family foundation with his wife. The foundation helps in raising funds to finance cancer-based research’s.

What work does Tempus do?

Tempus analyzes a patient’s data to be used by doctors in cancer treatment. It does this by collecting, structuring and analyzing patient’s data and organize it in electronic medical record systems. The company makes it easier for doctors to refer to patient’s medical records. Genomic data is generated by sequencing a patient’s DNA and other relevant information in the lab. This leads to physicians having informed choices on how to treat patients.

The data helps physician’s in coming up with treatment best for an individual patient. Based on the electronic data, a doctor may discover that a patient may respond to therapy better than the others. According to Eric Lefkofsky, Tempus is focusing on applying the technology to other areas of medicine such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and neurological disorders.

Ted Bauman Teaches Beginner Investors How To Protect Their Wealth

Ted Bauman is a financial expert who uses his writing skills to reach regular investors who are wanting to know more about the world of investing. He studied at the University of Cape Town in South Africa and received a pair of postgraduate degrees in history and economics while there. Bauman focuses a lot of his energy on helping people to better understand how to protect their wealth. He also helps people to make low-risk investments that can pay off in the long run. Instead of making huge promises he can’t keep, he speaks the truth when writing to his loyal readers, and this has earned him the respect of many people.

Read full interview of Ted Bauman at

Ted Bauman recently penned an article where he suggested that people keep some of their wealth safe by placing it in safety deposit boxes or other kinds of vaults. While many people believe it is best to keep their wealth inside of their own home, he has laid out why this is a bad idea. People’s homes are vulnerable to fires, floods, or other natural disasters, and they can also be broken into on occasion. Bauman has recommended that people consider tucking their wealth away in a safety deposit box that is located in the United States. He has gone a step further by advising people to consider using a safety deposit box in a foreign bank so they can avoid their wealth being seized in case of a civil or criminal investigation.

Ted Bauman was born in the United States, and he is currently an editor who works with Banyan Hill Publishing. He is known for the trio of newsletters he writes including The Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Alert, and Plan B Club. Earlier in his life, he traveled to South Africa where he worked for many years. While there, he served as a funds manager with various nonprofit organizations, and one of these was Slum Dwellers International. His work with this organization helped millions of people from many different parts of the world. Ted Bauman continues to help people today by sharing his knowledge and experience in dealing with the financial world.

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Victories of Nitin Khanna

Successes in business bring more customers and resources. Many firm owners know the right time to induce their plans in the company to attain achievements. Nitin Khanna has brought his venture into its accomplishments through the goals he sets to follow as his plan for his breakthrough. Through MergerTech, he has enabled other companies to connect with their ideal mergers. Firms that have shown an interest in acquiring other ventures have successfully through the facts services that the entrepreneur offers in his venture.

Nitin Khanna brings a lot of expertise in the investment industry. He uses his high knowledge to impact other companies by helping them turn out as the best. Besides, he is keen on the policies he implements in his venture as he is aware that every step that he partakes in its operations affect it in different ways that are at times unpredictable. He has served in other businesses through which he helped them continue achieving progress and proven to people as the best. He has transformed ventures into multimillion companies that have not only created high employment to people, but it has also brought higher achievements in transforming the economic status of various countries.

He believes in the impact of technology in the globe. The strong drive and passion he has towards the technology have driven him to invest in its use and this has facilitated the operations in her companies. Nitin Khanna uses a combination of skills to keep his enterprise on top. Innovation and dedication have always guided him in his work. He focuses on creativity to come up with new trends that enable him to avoid any delays that other ventures experience when they fail to pay attention to the issues that their clients point out.

Nitin Khanna is organized as a leader e puts his attention towards addressing the issues that he knows will bring a huge change in his venture before attending to the minor issues that may only bring a little impact in his company. His keenness as a leader has saved him from failures that could cause him more trouble in terms of expenditures.

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Oren Frank Is Helping Everyone Get Therapy With His Company Talkspace

The world of therapy is changing everyday. Not only available in person, therapy is now being offered online for many reasons. It is more affordable for people and is a great option for people who need to do it from their home. It does not matter whether they have the time or they are physically unable to leave their home, this new wave of therapy is a great solution. The co-founder and chief executive officer of Talkspace is helping people all over the place get the therapy they need from the comfort of their homes. Check out talkspace .com to learn more about Oren Frank’s presentation.

Oren Frank is based in New York City, New York. In April 2012, he co-founded Talkspace therapy. Licensed therapist have helped million of people so far get the help they need. Mr. Frank believes it is a moral right for everyone to receive psychotherapy if they so desire of if it is needed. That is how the company came to be, from a deep desire to help others. Previously to starting Talkspace, Oren Frank has had other jobs. This includes a job at McCann Erickson WorldWide as their chief executive officer at WorldGroup Israel.

A typical day for the entrepreneur consists of reading, exercise, talks and listens to people a lot. When it comes to reading, it is an essential part of his life. Mr. Frank believes taking in new information all the time keeps his mind sharp. He does not only focus on reading on his computer, but from actual physical books. Getting seven hours of sleep each night is the perfect amount for Oren. He believes this ties in heavily to his productivity. The successful entrepreneur brings his ideas to life by working out the plans and taking the steps. Anyone can come up with a good idea. Not everyone does the work to bring those ideas to life. For more information of Oren Frank, visit at

Richard Liu Qiangdong – The Man Who Built from Scratch

In the e-commerce sector of China, there are very few e-commerce companies that can boast the sales and the revenue figures such as, a company that has been growing in double digits since its inception. Richard Liu is the executive chairman, CEO, and founder of, which has grown to become one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world today.

Richard Liu Qiangdong believes that people who are interested in joining or starting the e-commerce business must always look at the company’s products and services from the customers’ point of view. It is what would help the company owner and the management to find the difficulties that the customers are facing, and would be able to remedy it immediately.

It is this eagerness to improve the customer experience of over the years, which has helped the company to gain over 300 million active users of sales figure of has been touching the roof, and the regular offers and promotions that the company offers to the customers continue to help boost the revenue further. Richard Liu Qiangdong had had some experience in the retail sector before he entered into the e-commerce sector as he used to sell products himself to the customers at his small shop in Beijing.

It is this sales and customer-engagement experience that he has provides him with the ideas and strategies that he knows would convert. The net worth of Richard Liu Qiangdong is growing at a rapid pace, and he is named by Forbes as one of China’s wealthiest, and his company is also listed on the Fortune 500 Global.

Richard Liu Qiangdong knows that to survive in the growing and competitive e-commerce market, it is important to adopt new technology to offer the best service to their customers. The modern consumers have evolved and expect the best products and the best service. Thus, e-commerce companies, including, have to keep the needs of the customers a priority. People today are also become environmentally conscious, so that too needs to be kept in mind when creating long term strategies to increase profits.

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