Toyo Setal

Toyo Setal broke into the intricate world of gas and oil, electrical and engineering, chemical and energy, and related operations in 2012.

This Brazil company conducts business globally and locally and accomplished much since their inception. In the process, they have received recognition for their work. View more on facebook to learn more about Toyo-Setal.

Awards Won

This corporation received honors at the AVEVA Awards Summit 2014. The “Innovations in Engineering Project Integration” award given encompasses all that Toyo Setal does to integrate reliable technology and sustainability. Every project they take on sets the standard for data sharing, safety, productivity and other aspects of business that affect wildlife and nature.

This describes only a portion of what Toyo Setal does to integrate its technology, engineering and construction — among other disciplines — with environmental conservation and business operations.

Efforts Toward Sustainability

Controlling environmental impact remains a priority. They have a sustainability department that monitors use of natural resources. Programs they develop focus on creating programs that reduce waste and conserving animal habitats.

Projects include fish, turtle, snakes, frogs and other animal rescue and relocation. They also fight to save endangered tree species and fund planting projects. In addition, they test and monitor water quality and gas emissions.

They also carefully watch and control dredging operations. Part if this involves regular water temperature, salinity and stream velocity readings plus turbidity and suspended solids evaluations.

Market Experience

Toyo Setal meets demands within its local jurisdiction and across the globe. To accomplish this, they combine a complex array of technology, construction, engineering procurement and more. They also provide maintenance and operational staff training as well as help to startup companies.

Each expertise they have adheres to the social responsibility of preserving the environment. Their innovations implemented help them carry out their marketing plan.

Company Innovations

Toyo Setal uses a multitude of technologies to manage their company and provide customer service. They accomplish much of their projects using the EPC portal, which includes productivity and management software that contributes to operations efficiency.

The EPC portal includes engineering, procurement and construction technologies. It runs on a single platform to speed up all processes.



The Rise of Agera Energy

Energy solutions giant Agera Energy has frequent customers from all over the world with most of its customers from the U.S. For the past few years many U.S. states have been deregulating the energy industry for the first time and thus giving the option to U.S. homeowners for the first time. The solutions AE provides are entirely based on what individual customers need and their budget.

AE first started rising for the definite better for Agera Energy in 2015 when Agera Holdings, its parent company, purchased and absorbed Lumens Energy Holdings LLC. In addition, AE also purchased and absorbed Glacial Energy retail suppliers.

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Obsidian Energy, a Canadian Oil and Gas Producer, Seeks Modest Growth in the Next Three Years

Obsidian Energy is a notable producer of both oil and gas that is based in Canada. Impressively, Obsidian Energy’s daily production average is just about 30,000 boe per day. When compared to other gas and oil producers in Canada, Obsidian Energy’s portfolio is significantly more balanced and versatile, which also being inclusive of a number of great quality assets.


Back in the summer of 2017, the company was undergoing some massive adjustments. These adjustments prompted the organization to recruit its shareholders for an important vote, which would eventually result in the changing of the company’s name. Before this vote, in which 92 percent of the company’s shareholders voted for a new brand name, the organization was conducting its business operations under its original name, Penn West Petroleum Ltd.


After Penn West Petroleum Ltd. finally became Obsidian Energy Ltd. in June 2017, the brand’s CEO, David L. French, announced that he was seeking to pursue modest growth for the company during the course of the next three years.


After the aforementioned changes took place within Obsidian Energy’s organization, Obsidian is now operating at a stronger, more capable and more efficient point than it ever has in its history. The management team at Obsidian Energy is convinced that a relentless entrepreneurial spirit and a willingness to constantly adapt will ensure Obsidian’s future success within the energy industry. This will be no small feat, as the energy industry is one of the most quickly changing industries in the modern era, and it shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.


Accountability is at the heart of Obsidian Energy‘s core principles. The management team, however, isn’t just committed to being accountable to its shareholders. Obsidian Energy’s management team also prides itself on remaining wholly accountable to other groups and individuals, such as the other companies it works with and the regional communities that it has facilities in. Read This Article for more information.


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