Stream Cares: Stream Energy Puts Power Towards Helping the Needy

If you had a comfortable upbringing, it may be quite easy to forget that many others in the world are not as fortunate. Thankfully, a Dallas-based life services company called Stream Energy has taken serious efforts to help the needy with their recently-started philanthropy foundation, Stream Cares. Stream Energy sells nationwide life services by providing energy, wireless, and home plans for homes all over the country. However, with Stream Cares, their objective is not to sell to customers, but instead, share the company’s success for the benefit of those in need.

Partnered With Like-Minded Organizations

Following their mission to help those in need, Stream Cares cooperates with another organization based in Dallas called Hope Supply Company; which is an organization that assists homeless children. They organize a national event for children without homes called Splash For Hope. During this event, hundreds of children can enjoy a free day at the Hawaiian Falls Water Park. In addition, the children are treated to a lunch and a picnic and they are also given flip-flops and a free hat.

Attracting News Spotlights

Stream Energy has recently garnered the attention of Patch, an independent US news platform. The recent opening of Stream Cares has benefited people who were victims of Hurricane Harvey. This devastating storm caused at least $125 billion in damage and destruction in states such as Louisiana and Texas during September 2017.

Stream Energy has focused its efforts on helping neighborhoods affected by the hurricane. They were among the first organizations to provide financial assistance for the recovery of Harvey’s victims. The national spotlight is likely to get larger for Stream Cares in the future since this is only the beginning of Stream Energy’s official campaign for the disadvantaged.

An Ongoing Effort

Although Stream Cares may be their formal outlet for charity, Stream Energy has been providing their generosity to the poor and needy all over the US for more than a decade. Furthermore, the company shows no signs of wanting to stop. Stream Cares serves as a testament to their ongoing mission to do good in the world.

The Clean Mission of Stream Energy!

Headquartered in Dallas, TX Stream is an energy company that direct-sells energy through its independent associates, offering affordable electricity and natural gas supply options to residential consumers. Stream purchases its clean energy sources like solar, hydro, wind, and other renewable sources to give its customers an alternative energy choice.

In 2001, when Texas passed legislation that deregulated the state’s energy structure, it ushered in a new wave of energy options. The evolution to deregulate gave the energy market a more competitive industry that provided a much cheaper rate to its customers. Companies like Stream Energy found their niche in a new marketplace where they offered a cleaner and more environmentally safe alternative in the competitive world of energy. Providing more affordable and quality services at a lower rate has made them a major force in the industry (

Stream Energy saw a need and offered a more responsible resource in energy that could be afforded by all. The clean energy movement has been propelled by a need to protect the environment from harsh air pollutants that have been associated with energy sources that were previously the only option. These clean energy options are a far cry from the staple services that were provided by coal. Coal had been a major force that most industries relied, but it would later be shown that the affects were detrimental to the environment and health to those who encountered it. Coal contained sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and other heavy metals that produced smog, toxins, arsenic, and many other dangers that been linked to irreversible health and environmentally conditions.

From its founding in 2005, Stream Energy has made it its mission to provide clean energy services that maintain integrity for its customers and the environment. Servicing the Texas, Georgia, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Washington, D.C., Illinois, and New Jersey area, Stream’s reach is expanding to bring a better option to America.