Kids Gain A Better Chance At Education With Betsy DeVos

A lot of people say they like to help others. However, it is rare for people to truly know what would help them. For one thing, people only think about the short term when they help someone. At the same time, a lot of people don’t seem to have the time or the space to be able to make an investment into the long term success of an individual. Fortunately, there is someone who is available to help children make better decisions and improve their community. She is Betsy DeVos. She is working to change the lives of children through education.

One of the ways she is trying to do this is by bringing forth the school choice initiative. This makes it possible for children to choose the type of schools they can go to without thinking about the district they are in. Traditionally, children were assigned schools according to the district they lived in. The problem with that is that some of the districts were in communities that were low in income. As a result, children were more vulnerable to less than favorable circumstances. The quality of education also suffered. Therefore, someone had to be there to address this issue.

Betsy DeVos is the one person who has addressed this issue. She has held offices in government with the purpose of bringing the needed changes to education so that students can have a better shot at getting schooling in the right environment. Betsy has managed to make such a huge difference in the lives of people because she was inspired. She has always been able to put her children in schools that are in better neighborhoods. However, she has also seen parents struggle in order to get good schooling for their children. She has started with one family and then has decided to make sure that it is available for more families.

Betsy DeVos is actually a hero for children. A lot of the children that would’ve had lower quality schooling were given a chance to get higher quality education in schools that are in safer neighborhoods. Therefore, they can more easily learn the necessary skills for making a good career. Follow Betsy on Twitter.

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Students Building Digital Portfolios: Class Dojo


ClassDojo has been transforming the classroom into a community like atmosphere. School story and class story are already available features where the teacher can share the work or classroom experiences with the parents. Now, ClassDojo has added yet another cool feature, Student Story. This features acts like an online portfolio for students, allowing them to catalog and share their work. The ultimate goal is to allow them to reflect on the success and need for improvement within their own work.

Student story intends to build confidence within the students by sharing their work with their parents and taking pride on improvement. ClassDojo is a widely used app, where it is used in 2 of 3 classes, and has helped to build change from the ground up. Using individual mobile devices, student can access Dojo with just a QR code to post or capture moments during a lesson. Teachers remain moderators, so they have to approve the posts. Students enjoy taking part in documenting the classroom experience, and parents are thrilled to be so connected to their child’s education. It has given parents a sense of empowerment. Students are able to keep their precious projects without fear of losing them and track their progress.

Class Dojo is a free mobile app that can be used on lap tops, mobile devices, and desktops. They have a web site connected to the app, so those who do not have a mobile device can access it. It is easy to use and free for teacher and parents. All the teachers need to do is type in student names and customize the behaviors. If the teacher wants to focus on preparedness, then they may create more behaviors about having materials or homework. Easy to use pre-made templates and features help to ease the burden off teachers and create a connection between the classroom and home.

This app creates a positive culture within the classroom, encouraging open dialogue between parents and teachers. It helps to eliminate surprises during those infrequent parent teacher conferences. Teachers are able to reach parents quickly with information and other matters, and parents can rest assure that they are receiving the information.


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