How Adam Goldenberg is Inspiring Others in E-Commerce

E-commerce is turning over billions of dollars each year in various markets, but Adam Goldenberg is making waves with his company JustFab. You don’t see men hit it often too big in the fashion industry, but Goldenberg and his partner Don Ressler are changing the landscape by using e-commerce to grow their business. JustFab isn’t just an online storefront, but it’s also a membership site. This unique approach to fashion, best of all for shoes, is getting attention by fashion lovers the world over.

Adam Goldenberg had the itch for entrepreneurship from the age of 15. This is impressive, but what is most impressive is that he sold his first company, Gamers Alliance to Intermix Media in 1999. While the Gamers Alliance is an international gaming site, the focus was to find a fun way to bring people together and allow them to communicate from anywhere in the world. When 2006 came around, Goldenberg started another internet sensation, Intelligent Beauty. This online organization was designed to help entrepreneurs find ways to secure funding as well as to create unique technology with sound branding.

JustFab grew quickly within just four years time, and it was no surprise that his forecast for success in the future was imminent. Goldenberg and Ressler both brought a lot to the table with their innovative ideas as young entrepreneurs on Racked, but they continue to scale the company upward as technology and fashion both continue to evolve. Raising millions of dollars allowed them to purchase another popular company, Shoe Dazzle. Brands like Fabletics, are increasing the market share for Goldenberg and Ressler.

Goldenberg attributes his success to metrics. Most businesses fail to realize that if they properly track their marketing and the results they get, they are more likely to get the results they’ve been hoping for. The ability to adapt is nothing new for Goldenberg or Ressler, and they’ll continue to do great things with e-commerce as long as they continue to implement the strategies that they have been using so far. Evaluating their numbers and taking an honest look each day at the level of business they are doing is just one of the many reasons they are so successful. See: