JD.com Prepares For The Future Of Industrial IoT


IoT known today connects robots to systems in the retail, industrial, and warehouse industries. The way a supply chain works is through optimizing manufacturing, inventory management, and fulfillment.

JD.com (Jingdong) and its subsidiary, JD Logistics are preparing for an efficient industrial internet of things (IIoT) as the 5G cellular networks emerge. Jingdong already has an effective operating system that rapidly get products to Chinese consumers, but the IIoT will increase that speed dramatically. Their supply chain will become more sustainable, convenient, and efficient to handle a higher ratio of orders.

JD Logistics CEO, Zhenhui Wang believes 5G will power the Industrial IoT and enable a larger scale of continuous connectivity. A 2018 Business Insider Intelligence Report showed that approximately 10 billion devices in the internet of things market. It also made a prediction that investments will reach $15 trillion by 2025. When IIoT hits future markets, robots will communicate with one another with fewer interactions with employees. It increases the reliability and dependability of the supply chain.

Jingdong expects IIoT to handle bigger data using warehouse robots. It will bring remarkable benefits including reduced expenses, supply chain efficiency, and smart dispatching. Industries will operate their businesses safer with low risks to the environment. To prepare for the emerging 5G and IIoT, JD Logistics is partnering with cellular providers in China. Zhenhui Wang oversees JD Logistics and developed the e-commerce retailer’s technology and infrastructure.

Jingdong JD Logistics began offering its technology and infrastructure services to other businesses, shipment companies, and industries. The subsidiary makes it possible for consumers in China to receive their orders on the same day or the next day. Last month, logistics processed the delivery of over $29 billion in products throughout China.

In 2018, JD.com launched the “Institute of Urban Smart Logistics” to develop, create and design hubs, data, and cloud. The mission of the collaboration is to build an underground network delivery in urban areas of China. JD Logistics accomplished the development of robot deliveries and automated logistics center warehouses. The emergence of industrial internet of things will make Jingdong’s warehouses safer, faster, and efficient.


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The RealReal Has The Real Stuff



The RealReal online marketplace was established back in 2011 by an entrepreneur by the name of Julie Wainwright.

RealReal Inc. is one of the world’s top marketplace for luxury consignment. What is a luxury consignment? Luxury consignment is when people have high-end fashion items and decide that they don’t want those items anymore.

Some of the items have been used but the best thing about luxury consignment is that some of the items may still have the tag on them; which means that they are practically still new. Julie Wainwright founded this company because she felt that people that couldn’t afford to buy luxury items at retail deserves to treat themselves to something nice in life even if it’s considered high-end.

The RealReal sells different items ranging from clothes, watches, home décor, and other jewelry. The resale of stunning, like-new designer goods from Gucci and Cartier, at a smaller price, takes the “elite” of the brand out of the recipe for success.

Reports as of July 2018, it shows that the company has generated $288 million in capital funding and since then is constantly growing. Real has retail locations in New York City and the second location in Los Angeles, California.


New York Times Article

The article focuses on talks about the rise of the successful online marketplace that has recently gained momentum in the stock market world. On June 21, the RealReal took its first leap into stocks. The company announced that they would have a single share in the stock at $20.

Customers around the world of this company have already reported to have bought stocks within the RealReal. Success has already started to show where in Nasdaq the numbers are almost 40% which is pretty good. A lot of top designer brands aren’t happy about the rise of the company. Visit This Page for additional information.

They feel as though it is hurting their business because people aren’t buying the items from the retailers. Wainwright states that selling from consumer to consumer results in the economy booming for everyone.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong – Securing the Future of JD.com through Sustainable Business Development


Richard Liu Qiangdong has risen to prominence in the last decade and a half in the business world of China after his company, JD.com, has taken over the e-commerce market of the country by storm. In a short period of fewer than two decades, JD.com has become the second-largest e-commerce platform in the country in terms of net revenue. JD.com has also grown massively to become the biggest direct-selling company in China.

Richard Liu Qiangdong initialized the process of making JD.com a direct-selling company as he wanted to ensure that the products that reach the customers are authentic and original and that customers are provided value for money products. Hiring third-party couriers proved costly as there was a considerable amount of loss the company was suffering due to wear and tear, and the delivery time was also high.

Richard Liu Qiangdong believes that hard work can help people in achieving anything they want to. Even though he wasn’t from a wealthy family or much capital when he started his business, Richard Liu Qiangdong was able to achieve success with his retail business after years of trial and error in the business world.

During the time he was struggling with other business and job opportunities, Richard Liu learned a lot about the business practices and management. It helped him tremendously in avoiding the common mistakes that entrepreneurs make. Richard Liu also came to limelight when he spent lavishly to build one of the most extensive logistics infrastructure and network for JD.com. Today, the company has over 1, 50,000 employees, and it consists of nearly 65,000 delivery drivers.

Liu Qiangdong has also been recognized by the “Business of Fashion Top Performing Businessmen of 2018”. An award that is very well deserved by Richard Liu Qiangdong. It is a reflection of his consistency and excellence in his business.

JD.com boasts of offering one of the fastest delivery times in the e-commerce industry worldwide, and in most cases, the standard delivery time is within six to twenty hours. Richard Liu Qiangdong discussed his expansion plans in details in one of the interviews he gave, including expanding the company’s operations in parts of Europe and South Asia. Richard Liu Qiangdong says that the company has the potential and the customers across the seas would be more than willing to avail the services of the company, primarily due to the popularity of Chinese products worldwide.


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JD.com Breaks Records for June 18th Anniversary Sale


China’s leading retailer JD.com, also known as Jingdong, recently had a sale for the ages as they brought in a whopping $29.2 billion on June 18th, 2019 for their anniversary sale. JD.com used a combination of brand new products as well as many products consumers are already familiar with and have come to know and love in order to provide a sale every customer could not miss.

Throughout the year, Jingdong has focused in on brand new products to get consumers excited. With JD.com’s new exclusive channel, it is now easier than ever to be made aware of these products immediately and quickly get your hands on them.

A notable trend with this year’s sale was the major growth in lower tier cities. Transaction volume growth was twice as high with lower tier cities than it was with Jingdong overall. This continues the trajectory that has been seen from lower tier city consumers in recent memory of “trading up” in order to get brands more consistent and prevalent in higher tier cities.

Jingdong employed several unique tactics to help their sale reach its full potential. A powerful marketing tool known as Consumer to Manufacturer (C2M) has been of great use to JD.com as they look for ways to improve their marketing and manufacturing. Another big move that caught the eyes of many was the “Birthday Red Envelope” campaign. which provided consumers with incentives for sharing about the sale on their favorite social media platforms. It was clear from the very beginning, JD.com was going to pull out all the stops for their massive, record-breaking sale.

Perhaps the most impressive part of the June 18th sale this year was all the outside brands looking to partner with Jingdong. Prada, one of the world’s premiere designer brands, launched on JD.com during this year’s sale. Not to mention, two sister brands under the Prada name, “Miu Miu” and “Car Shoe” launched for the sale too. The company Farfetch also got its chance to shine as it launched a store on JD.com for the duration of the sale. JD.com not only has all the consumers watching their every move, however now has other brands looking to partner with them in order to propel their businesses as well. Time can only tell where JD.com can possibly go from here. Many will tell you that even this level of success was never thought of as being possible.

In an article with TG Daily entitled “JD . com’s Liu Qiangdong Commits to Inclusive Business”, e-commerce juggernaut JD.com has recently re-committed its operational practices to include total transparency regarding sustainable practices and environmental care.


Additional reference: https://www.wsj.com/articles/chinese-retailer-jd-com-turning-its-logistics-network-into-broader-delivery-service-1539833400

Jingdong And Prada Are Now Partners


The rumors of a team-up between Prada and JD.com are true. JD.com, also known as Jingdong is the biggest Chinese retail website, who recently announced that they were officially going into business with the legendary Italian maker of luxury items. The partnership stands to benefit both companies.

JD.com is always looking to add top brands to their inventory. Therefore, a famous brand like Prada will be a very welcome addition indeed. Prada wants to get involved in the massive Chinese market. They feel that a partnership with Jingdong is the most effective way to do that. Prada will have a flagship store set up on the retail site.

People who visit the Prada flagship store on JD.com will be very impressed with what they find. A huge selection of their products will be available to customers worldwide. Prada executives said that one of the reasons that making a deal with Jingdong was so important to them was the fast shipping that is offered by the site. Prada wants their customers to get their purchases quickly without waiting for a very long time. The logistical network of JD makes shipping in a single day very easy. There are some places in China where orders can be received in half a day.

Prada wants to grab a hold of a large percentage of the Chinese luxury market. They are counting on Jingdong to help them accomplish this. The site attracts millions of people every day. Therefore, no other platform currently available in China is capable of giving Prada more exposure. For many years, Prada products were only available in brick and mortar stores. However, the company realizes that times are changing and they need to change with them. This is why they are making online sales of their products a priority. A desire to reach a broader online customer base necessitated the deal with JD.com. Go Here to learn more.

Foreign companies need to work hard to be a success in the Chinese market. Therefore, Prada knows that it needs to go the extra mile to let Chinese consumers know about all of the luxury items they have for sale. JD.com will help facilitate this.

Furthermore, in an article with TG Daily entitled “JD . com’s Liu Qiangdong Commits to Inclusive Business”, e-commerce juggernaut JD.com has recently re-committed its operational practices to include total transparency regarding sustainable practices and environmental care.


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How Adam Goldenberg is Inspiring Others in E-Commerce

E-commerce is turning over billions of dollars each year in various markets, but Adam Goldenberg is making waves with his company JustFab. You don’t see men hit it often too big in the fashion industry, but Goldenberg and his partner Don Ressler are changing the landscape by using e-commerce to grow their business. JustFab isn’t just an online storefront, but it’s also a membership site. This unique approach to fashion, best of all for shoes, is getting attention by fashion lovers the world over.

Adam Goldenberg had the itch for entrepreneurship from the age of 15. This is impressive, but what is most impressive is that he sold his first company, Gamers Alliance to Intermix Media in 1999. While the Gamers Alliance is an international gaming site, the focus was to find a fun way to bring people together and allow them to communicate from anywhere in the world. When 2006 came around, Goldenberg started another internet sensation, Intelligent Beauty. This online organization was designed to help entrepreneurs find ways to secure funding as well as to create unique technology with sound branding.

JustFab grew quickly within just four years time, and it was no surprise that his forecast for success in the future was imminent. Goldenberg and Ressler both brought a lot to the table with their innovative ideas as young entrepreneurs on Racked, but they continue to scale the company upward as technology and fashion both continue to evolve. Raising millions of dollars allowed them to purchase another popular company, Shoe Dazzle. Brands like Fabletics, are increasing the market share for Goldenberg and Ressler.

Goldenberg attributes his success to metrics. Most businesses fail to realize that if they properly track their marketing and the results they get, they are more likely to get the results they’ve been hoping for. The ability to adapt is nothing new for Goldenberg or Ressler, and they’ll continue to do great things with e-commerce as long as they continue to implement the strategies that they have been using so far. Evaluating their numbers and taking an honest look each day at the level of business they are doing is just one of the many reasons they are so successful. See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JustFab